2017 Mercedes ML

The 2017 Mercedes ML is the newest release that the popular German automaker of luxury vehicles is going to release. In fact this model will continue the trend of latest Mercedes arrivals and will include and incorporate some of the newest components and key features for the car. In fact this is the third-generation model of the ML-Class vehicles that Mercedes-Benz is releasing so they have updated it and added a slew of new features.

Interestingly enough the ML-Class is going to be sold in its respective markets under this name, the name which it had been known for all along, but the rest of the lesser known markets will have a GLE-Class model. The ML is going to go under the name of GLE in some lesser popular markets which they are expecting will give rise to the car with the third-gen choice. There were some possibilities that the entire lineup got renamed and stuck with the GLE-Class name for all of its markets, but Mercedes decided to keep the same kind of set as it had before.


The newest 2017 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class model is being offered next year as the information about the release date indicates, so it was fitting to prepare a review about it. The model will compete in the ever competitive luxury SUV segment which might stagger the model’s rise. The main issue that we have here is that they concentrated mostly on updating the features and the comfort rates of the car, which is a good thing, but the performance remained the same, which we were hoping to get an enhanced version of.

Exterior look and design

The newest model that is the 2017 Mercedes ML car has been updated and will features various changes around its exterior. But the fact is that we have not gotten the changes that we were hoping to see and there is a lot of the things that may need revision. But our mind is that the model could have used a bit more work done and that the changes made are not enough to bring the model the fandom and the popularity they have been planning to get.

The newest model is going to be a mixture of the old traditional pieces which the car had before and which become a staple of the ML-Class look and will combine them with some newly contemporary idiots. The include the SUV features which are borrowed from some other modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles which have made their debus recently.


Some actual new details that we do enjoy seeing on the latest 2017 Mercedes-Benz ML model are the add ions of various air ducts added to the front fascia which do not only have a functional purpose but bring an aesthetic appeal to the car. The air ducts and the newly styled fornt grille are positioned closer to the bumper and with a new setup to the front bring a completely new look to the ML-Class models now.

Interior updates and changes

The treatment that the 2017 Mercedes ML got on the inside was supposed to be enough to update the whole car and supposedly update the car’s comfort levels. We instead got a mediocre update which we do think could have been addressed much better. With the similar sort of a design witch just a few changes, the looks of the car remain mostly the same. There are some new hues introduced and a new trim level which is supposed to make the comfort of the car higher. We agree that the car feels comfortable but it is a shame as it does not look like a comfortable setting at all.


But they managed to do a great job with the infotainment update. The model received a completely new and larger touchscreen with automaker’s Command infotainment system at the helm. This update is going to be greatly appreciated and might attract the fans even more. The simplicity of use here is a key feature and we see it making better claims for the car. The controls that are added are easy to use and are compared tot eh V-Class model while the safety features have also been addressed and are borrowed from the G-Class one.

Engine update and specs

If not updating the power, they are still offering three engine choices of the 2017 Mercedes ML model. The first one is the 4-pot  2.1 liter BlueTEC diesel engine that generates 200 horsepower and 369 pounds per feet of torque and will be the base engine option for the model and will be offered for the ML250 trims.  Next we get the 3.5 liter V-6 power engine that has an output of 302 horsepower and 273 pounds per feet of torque which is available for the ML350 models. And finally all of you who get the ML400 model can benefit from its  twin turbo charged 3.0 liter power engine that generates up to 339 brake horsepower and 354 pounds per feet of torque. But there is the AMG variant of the line that has the  5.5 liter V-8  engine under its hood with a performance of 518 horsepower and 516 pounds per feet of torque.


Release date and price

The latest 2017 Mercedes ML model will make its debut next year with a release date coming in June of 2017. The mid-year release is expected to happen at its respected home markets and some other famous ones while the GLE dubbed one will have a debut at its respected markets a little bit later in the year. All in all, the bottom price tag for all of the given markets is going to be at around $61,000.


2017 Chevrolet Express

The 2017 Chevrolet Express is looking to revive the market for the full-size van segment. You really do not get much of those in recent times and they certainly are a necessity and people are looking for these kinds of models as they are useful for various kinds of jobs. But it seems that in recent years they have managed to skip the amount of updates that cars like the Ford F-150 or Chevrolet Silverado have been getting, leaving such model as the Express down in the dirt.

The Express actually hold a 44% market share currently for this segment but with the rivals the likes of Mercedes Sprinter, Nissan NV and RAM CV getting their updates or announced to receive them, the Chevrolet company had no choice but to start remodeling their prize vehicle. Since there was not need to update or bring in innovations there were not many of them planned but now as the market is gearing up to them it is become a paramount obligation on their part.


Even with the pressure caused by the aforementioned vehicles in the segment and the much more pricier pickup truck, the Ford Transit Connect version, the Chevrolet Express managed to rack up a sale of 77.000 model last year. But they still want to maintain their hold and keep their van as the top seller in the field and thus comes the 2017 update.

The Chevrolet Express has been around for years and is considered a veteran and its usability and utility is only surpassed by its comforts. With the newest update we can get many new options and the car is going to allow many customizability, with the mechanical updates for the engines and the availability of them, cargo space setup, passengers positioning multiple wheelbase options and many more. Not to mention that the 2017 Chevrolet Express is pretty affordable and has a price which you will appreciate by far.

Exterior changes

The 2017 Chevrolet Express is going to get only a few updates for its exterior. In fact it is a pretty familiar setup with a design which has aged mostly well and looks still decent even for a much more modern market than it was originally built for. It adds flowing lines on the side body and there is a strong horizontal bulge running the length of the car. The taillights still have grey plastic shroud, but the updates are much more apparent on the LT models. There you will see the re-styled dual-composite headlamps shaping the front end of the car and LS model is going to use the sub-par single lamp squares that are offered as standard but should have used an update.


They also tampered a bit with the nose part which has perhaps all but ruined with the latest update. This kind of a fixed the problem but style-wise it could still use an upgrade and can be a lot better. The unlearns proportions almost ruined the car’s appearance before and this time they are a little bit better but they still push the engine all the way back just above the front axels but luckily they do not let it tamper with the interior spacing of the car.

Interior update

The interior of the 2017 Chevrolet Express has been extensively upgraded compared to the outside. They have concentrated mostly in revising the inside bringing in a much sound deadening environment with even more functionality inside. The Express offers standard wheelbase choices of  2-, 8- or 12-seat formats, and there is also the 3500  which can add 15 people all at once. The step-in height in the rear end of the car is still pretty high and allows you to move with ease Also there are interior back seat belt mounts within the seatback itself which allows them to be removed whenever you want resulting in much better movability and easier use.


The dashboard is made out of hard plastic and adds a lot storage spaces and cup holders for you to use. The seats are offered in two types as you can chose between vinyl or cloth upholsteries and you can have them in two offered colors,  Neutral and Medium Pewter. The power windows and doors are offered as standard and there are going to be two types of rear passenger doors as you can chose between sliding or swing-out doors on the passenger side of the van. To allow better passenger comfort the only available feature is the added A/C, which is going to be only available for the LT models. As for the cargo space, the standard offer is 216 cubic-feet, while the Extended 3500 model can extend to 253 cubic feet of space.



The big news about the 2017 Chevrolet Express is that the last base model engine is going to be replaced by a new one. This time the base version is going to be the 4.8-liter V-8 engine while the  6.0-liter gasoline V-8s is also available. The Express 3500 Extended Wheelbase version on the other hand is going to come with a  6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8 option while AWD comes with a 5.3-liter V-8 and four-speed automatic transmission. You get a standard ABS system as before and a Dynamic Rear Proportioning combined with it as well. Also the important factor for the 2017 Chevrolet Express is going to be its hauling ability and this time it could take in a load of  9,700 pounds max.


Release date and price

Maybe not the most flashy releases of the year, but the 2017 Chevrolet Express is going to be available next year. The release date is scheduled for the first quarter of the year and all the trim levels and added packages additions will become available instantly. The price for the standard version is $25,320 base MSRP while the highest offer stands at $46,970.



2017 Mazda CX-3

The release of the 2017 Mazda CX-3 is as clear as day as the reasons for this model being offered are more than obvious. Mazda has already managed to dip into the compact and midsize crossover segments with success so it was more than apparent that they would start looking for success somewhere else. The CX-3 is thus being released for the subcompact crossover segment and the update of this vehicle receives some nice and greatly expected features.

The newest 2017 Mazda CX-3 actually looks like an enlarged Mazda 3 model, but has 5 doors. It will incorporate the same kind of  KODO Soul of Motion design language that has already become famous of all current and past Mazda models and is a design language that we think that they should maintain for years to come as it has proven time and time again as useful. The interior also gets its tweaks and updates and looks more like some of the bigger models coming from Mazda but with a lot of technical advancements and new additions made.


Having the ability to seat five people and a 35 mph EPA rating is something that boasts well for any SUV model and we assume that this is going to be one of the favorable specs about the 2017 CX-3. It encompasses what many want about a modern SUV car and will add to the selling numbers for this season which is more than apparent. We comprised a review where you will be able to familiarize yourself about the major changes with the powertrain done and also where you will be able to learn about the release date in detail.

Exterior design update

Two words which describe the appearance of the 2017 Mazda CX-3 exterior are angular and swoopy. The new car will benefit from a combination of a KODO design and a seamless design which gives it a determined look. They have done a very attentive job in remodeling the headlights, the wide footprint, hunkered stance and the sloping roofline ultimately giving it a much more aggressive appearance. Looking at the car you will notice a likelihood towards models such as Lexus NX model for example.


The side view sees the rising skirt line go upwards from the front wheel part where there is a blacked-out trim piece placed which covers the covers the rear bumper’s bottom. The rear end has the twin exhaust pipes which protrude from the bottom side of the car which give the onlookers a sporty appearance when looking at the car. There is also a falling beltline that has been added to hood which runs in a downward way to teh side mirrors and end somewhere about the rear fender part. The back end features a small looking rear hatch with a large spoiler added as well.

Interior innovations and updates

The interior of the 2017 Mazda CX-3 is quote interestingly looking. Actually, it borrows a lot of elements from the new MX-5 Miata which looks great on both cars in fact. The car gets a  tablet-like infotainment screen with the added HVAC system  which has some round vents placed on it and a split dash. The driver’s gauge cluster is separated into three pods where the main pod has a large tachometer  and a small digital gauge.

With this care using a  six-speed automatic there is also going to be a manual shifter which is focused on the driver’s side with the hand-break doing the same as well and to the right of the break there is the rotary infotainment controller knob placed with a palm rest for added comfort included for the first time here.


You can control the HVAC system using three large knobs while the multifunction steering wheel has been loaded with the controls for  cruise control, radio and Bluetooth. The rear seat visibility has been enhanced with the stadium seating arrangement feature by placing the second row of seats a bit higher compared to the front end. The second row also goes a bit further inboard and that way making the line-of sight  much better for the people in the back.


Wonderful news for the 2017 Mazda CX-3 is that it is going to be powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter Skyactiv four-cylinder engine. As it was stated earlier from the ports, this model is going to be able to develop 155 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque, similarly performing like the Mazda 3 model in fact. This one is going to get to use a six-speed automatic transmission with manual shifting, and this is the only gearbox choice you can expect to see from this model, but you can easily chose between the FWD and AWD with the later being capable of utilizing the Active Torque Control coupling and a front wheel slip warning detection system.


Release date and price

The latest 2017 Mazda CX-3 is going to be available early and will even be offered for sales this year. Those of you who have expected to get the release date in 2017 will rejoice to know that the model is getting its release for the end of this year making an early addition to the Mazda 2017 lineup that way. The starting price for the car is $19,960, for the Sport version, while the Touring comes at $21,960 and the Grand Touring being offered at $24,990 respectively.