2017 Cadillac Fleetwood

The 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood has announced its arrival and will be featured soon on the market. The model is an unexpected release as there was not so much hype around it as you would expect it to be. Yet Cadillac has decided to make the model and update its features for the upcoming model year. It is not a full redesign as you would expect it to be but the model seems pretty new now.

What they have concentrated on making with the newest Fleetwood is a modern take on this popular brand. The quality of materials is one thing and there are going to be certain contemporary modifications that are going to affect the appearance of the car on the outside. Thus this car is build to be an attractive addition which is going to be pleasing for the old fans of teh Cadillac Fleetwood and will also attract new audiences.

2017 Cadillac Fleetwood rear view

With the advanced sales that Cadillac has been making in recent years, the push of releasing the 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood may have been to rash. But actually it will all depend on the final numbers which we are going to see later on. It is highly likely that this car proves to be a success and it most certainly will benefit form the latest design features that the new age Cadillac models are getting. Here is a little bit of news that we were able to pull just before the upcoming release date of the 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood model.

Exterior characteristics

The exterior look of the 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood car is going to follow the new characteristics of the latest Cadillac cars that were recently rereleased. But the modern Fleetwood is going to attain some of the features and characteristics that are a hallmark to the model and will be immediately recognizable on the street. This is an update and not a redesign even with the newly added features that the modern cars have. It makes the car a lot more attractive and gives it a certain edge and a bossy appearance compared to the riving models.

2017 Cadillac Fleetwood exterior

You will certainly feel like a boss driving in this car as the design is lively and uplifting but also gives a dose of seriousness that is necessary for this kind of a model to have. It is a Cadillac but a very serious and commanding one and you will get the corporate feel with this one that other Cadillac models do not posses. There are some updated lines to the car which are transferred from the latest Cadillac models which only enhance the basis of the car. It also gets some newly designed LEDs which is more than great for the model. Additionally, the car comes in a black hue as standard but you can optionally pick the while color which makes things even more exclusive.

Interior redesign

The inside of the 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood builds up on the same kind of a premise that the model has on the outside. We are going to get an interior which first the bill perfectly with the outside of the car. The updates are not only connected to comfort but also enable the easiness of use and allow the user of the model to manipulate the controls to its advantage ultimately having better control of the inside of the car. When we really like seeing here is the updated design which has been advanced here a little bit more and except of the old familiar design features we are seeing a lot of newly added additions.

2017 Cadillac Fleetwood interior

The dash has changed almost completely and has much more elegant lines than the last model. The interior is completely furnished with new upholstery and materials which include fine leather and contrastive colors to emphasize the exclusiveness and the luxury of the car. We get a two tone environment on the inside which updates the inside for all the luxury users so the driver and certainly the passengers can enjoy themselves.

Engine specifics

The greatest news about the 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood actually comes under the hood of it. The car is going to be fitted with a new engine and is the beauty and perhaps the reason of pushing the model to come out sooner than anybody thought it would be. The drivetrain is going to be the newly minted V6 engine mated to Voltec transmission which combined is able to offer an output of 370 horsepower and 400 lbs/ft of torque. There were some talks that the TTV8 engine which was used for the Elmiraj concept  was supposed to be utilized here but we thing that a performance of 500/500 is not necessary for this model. All in all, the 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood has certainly surprised us with perhaps the most fitting powertrain option it could get for itself.

2017 Cadillac Fleetwood engine

Release date and price

The latest rumors say that the new 2017 Cadillac Fleetwood will be offered for sale already next year. The release date is best set of the middle of 2017 and the starting price is at around $81,000, but in fact in all points that the price might rise and the assumptions fro the full package go as up as $135,000.


2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan

The newest minivan release, the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan, is an exceptional vehicle which is going to satisfy a lot of people out there. The minivan has a very high value for the money you spend on it and is in that way a perfect family vehicle. It has various sorts of equipment that are now added and offers a great ride as well. The only downfall is that it scores very low on crash tests which may be somewhat concerning for the model.

This is the most flexible type of a minivan offered on the market. Ever since Chrysler released it back in 1983 by simple calling it the Caravan, it proved to be an exceptional vehicle selling worldwide. It has an advanced seating arrangement which the rivals still cannot reach and is the thing that positions it in front of all the competition. The crash test should be better on the other hand, as if they have neglected that part of the car by trying to make the seating and comfort levels better each year.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan rear angle, taipipe and taillights

The new 2016 model is going to be an eight-passenger vehicle which offers entertainment and comfort during your ride. This has been a standard for this model and gives us a perfect hauler when transporting a larger group of people or simply as your perfect family vehicle. The Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna are similar big minivans with the same kind of hauling capacity but still need to reach the level of commitment the Dodge Grand Caravan is displaying. Read all about it in this review and see what are the updated specs for the newest model that is being released soon.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan exterior update

The 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan is going to stay true to its boxy minivan shape. This is a sort of a design that has held its own for the past nine years and will be retained for this year as well. The design does not hide anything as its appearance tells us that it is all about storage with this model. It does not incorporated the curved lines like some of the competitions does, instead it is pretty much straight forward and has a clean design which people are looking for.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan exterior, side view

The model has a very pragmatic and useful shape, something that does not distinguishes it that much from the Chrysler Town & Country model in fact. What sets it apart from its sibling is the crosshair grille that is a trademark look for this model and is something that they keep for this year as well. The headlights are also reworked and look a bit sporty and is something that has been borrowed from other Dodge offerings which have a sporty design to it.


The interior of the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan has some fine finishes set in it. The update that has been made in 2011 is still pretty much present here. The additions made then were functional and very fine looking so there was no need in changing them. Before the update there was a period when the car merely transferred the bad looking materials where they used some hard plastic and grainy parts which did not give a great appearance of the car. This time we see a more steady setup with the updates that are combined from before and the added ones that we get so see now.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan gear shift knob and lcd screen

The grainy plastic has been kept only for the second row of seats and the back. It works better there as it allows for scratching and any kind of mess your kinds that sit at the back can make. Those of you who want more attitude out of your Dodge Grand Caravan, the Blacktop package is still offered. This adds an all-black interior for the car giving it a bit if a mysterious look, while there are various additions on the outside as well, one of them being the 17-inch  silver-painted wheels with gloss-black pockets. You also get unique stitch cloths on the inside with silver stitching on the door panels and a  leather-wrapped steering wheel.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan powerplant

All of the 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan trims for this year are going to use only one available engine option. The engine option is a 3.6-liter V-6 unit which offers a class-leading performance of 283 horsepower. This engine is paired with a  six-speed automatic transmission which shifts the power to the front wheel drive. All wheel drive is not going to be available this year as it was excluded from the offer since 2007. This engine is a very suitable one as it offers you a well mannered ride and it also offers an abundance of strong low- and mid-range power, which may prove to be very apt for this type of a car.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan engine

Price and release date

The new 2016 Dodge Grand Caravan minivan is going to be available this year. The release date places the car available for sale since mid-year when you can contact your local dealer for information on how to purchase this vehicle. The starting price is a apt one for what you get out of this type of a vehicle with this kind of a setup and starts at 22,095 USD as a base MSRP offer.

2016 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan trunk

2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius Release Date, Mpg, Price, Specs -The current generation of the Toyota Prius in the market is more than six years old and considering the pace at which they replace their models, we should therefore expect them to release a new model before the close of the year.

2016 Toyota Prius
2016 Toyota Prius

Insofar as we know, there exist plans for a 2016 Toyota Prius which according to industry experts will not have any massive redesign over the previous model in terms of fuel consumption and styling.

The biggest change that prospecting buyers should look forward to is the new modular platform which the auto motor is also going to use on other upcoming models.

2016 Toyota Prius interior

The new platform to be used will go a long way in ensuring prices are brought down due to reduction in manufacturing costs. The interior of the new 2016 Toyota Prius will be developed to a premium one over the current small family hatchback.

2016 Toyota Prius interior
2016 Toyota Prius interior

Both the design and layout of the car are expected to give the new Prius an edge over its growing competition. For the first time in a Prius model, we are going to have a massive panoramic roof and ventilated seats.

2016 Toyota Prius exterior

The exterior of the new 2016 Toyota Prius is expected to change but we don’t know to what extent as yet. Bearing in mind their latest cars and the Mirai, buyers should expect a more assertive Prius.

Front view of 2016 Toyota Prius
Front view of 2016 Toyota Prius

Although it is going to receive much inspiration from the Mirai, the highly assertive lines are going to be redesigned in order to give the car a slightly more conservative design.

Rear view of 2016 Toyota Prius
Rear view of 2016 Toyota Prius

2016 Toyota Prius engine

Engine wise, we should expect the new 2016 Toyota Prius to have a similar 1.8L naturally aspirated inline 4 engine just as before. However, the engine will have a new type of cylinders lining which will result the Prius in using 5% less fuel.

Combining that fuel save and around 6-9% from the electric motor engine should easily give you 60 mpg on average which would be a first ever from a gasoline powertrain. Moreover, buyers should expect a new hybrid system which will use nickel made batteries for the plug-in motor.

That will enable a fuel economy of 55 mpg on average which is quite impressive.

2016 Toyota Prius price and release date

As aforementioned, the new 2016 Toyota Prius platform will change but the engine will remain mostly the same. Most changes from our spy photos indicate that the interior is the single most part that is expected to host major changes.

2016 Toyota Prius release date
2016 Toyota Prius release date

The price for the new 2016 Toyota Prius is likely to dip below 23,000 USD mark for the hybrid version while the released date will be towards the close of this year (2015). However the larger Prius V and the compact Prius C will have to wait until 2018 according to some rumours.

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