Lamborghini has an interesting place in the automotive world.  They’re loud, obnoxious and insane in every way.  The Terzo Millennio is looking to make that statement in a 22nd-Century type of way.

Ever since the Miura, Lamborghini has made something immensely special for the automotive world.  With the exception of some cars, the point of Lamborghini’s creations are to be the pinnacle poster car.  And they’ve done a fantastic job at keeping this standard.

Years and years have passed; and currently Lamborghini sits under the money-making umbrella that is Volkswagen.  And it shows.

Lamborghini has had to submit to the corporate structure of making cars. They have to make fiscal sense to the parent company.  For example, the Huracan and Urus.

I say the Huracan because it shares its platform directly with the Audi R8.  This stretches the potential profit for the platform.  This also dilutes the Huracan’s exclusivity.

For clarification, I think that both cars; Audi R8 and Lamborghini Huracan, are fantastic cars.  But they’d be more special on their own platforms.  Would that make sense monetarily for VW?  No, not at all.

Another issue with Lamborghini I find is the issue of the Urus.  It pains me that Lamborghini deemed it necessary to make an SUV. Especially one that is easily confused with an Audi.

Again, on a business view the Urus makes sense.  The SUV market is absolutely on fire these days and it makes sense for a car maker to jump into the cash grabbing frenzy.

But taking into account what makes a brand special, Lamborghini shouldn’t feel the need to take the plunge.

Companies like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Alfa Romeo and even Maserati can take that and retain their image no problem.  But Lamborghini is special for a very definitive reason; insane supercars.

That brings us to Lamborghini’s newest polarizing machine, The Terzo Millennio.

The Terzo Millennio is a sexy name as you’d expect from Lamborghini, but everything else about it is very un-Lamborghini.

The car is powered by conceptual electric motors and not a screaming engine as Lamborghini’s have been powered presently and in the past.


The Styling:

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

Lamborghini outsourced the styling of the Terzo Millennio to the skilled minds over at MIT.

The design process floored the Italian’s (or mostly German’s) at Lamborghini and they ended up with this new car.

It looks as you’d imagine a concept Lamborghini would.  Insane creases and a forward position that emulates a charging bull.  Something Lamborghini has been a fan of doing (which I love).

But, that’s where my fandom ends.  While the car is certainly crazy looking, it doesn’t do anything to say it’s a Lamborghini.

Power train aside, The car has no emotion in its styling.  You can tell it was styled by engineers rather than designers.

While the car isn’t meant to be in production (at least any time soon), the direction worries me.  Lamborghini’s should both look insane, but also beautiful.  The Terzo Millennio is not a beautiful car.

The car is pretty open design wise.  The aerodynamics of the car would be out of this world without a doubt.

Overall I’m just not a fan.  You have to be a certain kind of person to like what MIT has done here, and I’m certainly that person.


The Power Plant:

The real headliner for the Lamborghini Terzo Millennio is whats powering those oddly shaped wheels.

Lamborghini wants to produce super-capacitors for the car in the coming years of their partnership with MIT.  The technology would avoid the issue of power run-down that current battery technologies suffer from.

While the super-capacitors don’t provide a whole lot of power currently, that’s the whole point of development.

Lamborghini apparently also wants to make new technology to where the car can physically repair itself from small cracks.  I haven’t seen any info on how that would be possible, but it’s a concept so we can let it pass, I guess.


Sum It Up:

It’s most probable that the Terzo Millennio will not go into production.  At least any time soon unless something insane happens with technology development.

I don’t think this car is really a Lamborghini.  It makes me sad that Lamborghini is so interested in electric propulsion. Especially when Lambo’s are usually insanely loud V12 animals.

However, I do think this is the way the world is going and Lamborghini doesn’t want to be left behind.


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