Lucid air price

Just like when the internet first became mainstream and a ton of websites and companies popped up, electric/autonomous car companies are springing up nearly everywhere.

In an earlier life, the electric car craze was fueled solely by Tesla.  But soon Silicon Valley started to bid in technology companies to help create electric car companies and push autonomous technology.

This craze for electric tech has spawned Lucid Motors.  Lucid has been all over the news in recent months for creating their first electric automobile that promises some serious performance and self-driving tech.

Lucid Motors promises to lead the way in luxury mobility in the electric car department.  The concept car famously under-performed at a convention recently, but this sort of technology is pretty new.  I know a lot of people instantly bashed the company, but let’s see what the dog can do before we put it in a cage.

The Lucid Air is said to have a price of $52,500 when it comes out, but that is a stretch.  Given the comparable Tesla Model S starts just around $65,000,  I can imagine the Lucid Air will spike a little before it’s ready for sale.

From Lucid’s website, there are already some intense shots being called out to the big German automakers.  For example, Lucid says that their user interface is better than any comparable BMW or Mercedes-Benz.  That is a strong statement to make, let alone the fact that they saw the Lucid Air will perform better.

So will the Lucid Air live up to these already strong allegations?

The Specs-Lucid Air Price:


Vehicle Type: Full Size Sedan
Power Plant: Electric motors
Gearbox: Not Available
Power: Up to 1,000 HP (claimed)
MPG: Up to 400 MPGe (claimed)
Torque: Not Available
Length: Not Available
Width: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Wheelbase: Not Available
Top Speed: Claimed 200+ MPH
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): Not Available
Base Price: $52,500 (est).


The Exterior-Lucid Air Price:

Lucid Air price

We see a ton of electric vehicle start ups making all sorts of super cars and super sedans for their first car, and that is apparent with the Lucid Air.

The Lucid Motors Air can be confused with that Faraday Future sedan thing.  Both are super electric sedans promising huge numbers, and I admittedly had them confused before writing this article.

The Lucid Air’s front end is a very simple layout but has a bit of muscle to back it up and make things look neat.

The head light assembly (that retracts) and center grille are all one strip across the front of the car.  Vertical accents are on the outside of the front bumper, and the lower grille blends in to make the whole thing look narrow and dynamic.

Overall the front end is a pretty plain affair but makes the whole electric sports sedan thing very apparent.  Very futuristic looking.

Lucid Air price side

The side view from the front to just about the rear fender is very attractive.  The Lucid Air is futuristic looking and looks like a concept car in production form which is great.

The lines are very clean and well formed, but the praise ends at the rear fender.

Lucid Air’s C-pillar is just awkward looking, and makes the whole roof line look incomplete.  However the rear of the car is nice.  The only issue is that odd C pillar.

The Interior-Lucid Air Price:

Lucid Air price interior

The inside of this new electric sedan is an interesting one.  It is just as technologically centered as the exterior.

The steering wheel is a two spoke design and compliments the rather modest dashboard nicely.  There are three screens in the Lucid Air price, one of which acts as the instrument cluster, one as the infotainment screen and one seemingly is the air conditioning control.

Everything is digital, which really makes me hope they never malfunction ever…

The layout of the interior is undeniably cool, and the rear seats recline like some sort of futuristic S-Class.  Even though everything is very advanced, it doesn’t look overly complicated inside the Lucid Air.

As for all the technology obviously apparent in this thing, information is pretty scarce.  But I’m sure it will be jaw dropping.

The interior does worry me though.  I get that there is massive power in the Lucid Air and it’s quick as ever, but does it have that connection we get from cars?  The inside and even the outside look like a scary trend here, these electric cars look more like appliances than cars people can connect to and feel character while driving.

The Performance-Lucid Air price: 

As I said before, the Lucid Air makes an astonishing 1,000 horsepower and can do some crazy numbers in a straight line.  Also, Lucid promises 400 miles of range from the batteries which is an almost crazier prediction.

As I said though, we cannot get wrapped up in strict numbers.  They only tell 1/3 of the story of the car.  Lucid makes big pushes to show how well their car performs, and even though it is luxurious as well, Lucid makes sure we know it can do insane numbers.

With that in mind, the real test of this silent striker will be if it has a soul.  You all know exactly what I mean by this.

A car with a soul will win anyone’s heart over a car that is, well, a refrigerator with wheels.

It doesn’t matter if the Lucid Air can do 0-60 in .5 seconds.  What matters to people in the car world is a car that talks to you, and has a personality.

If you ask me, part of the cars soul is in the rumbling engine, its transmission, how it feels at high rev’s.  Something that is nearly impossible for an electric car to replicate.

Sum It Up:

Maybe I’m being overly cynical here.  Maybe the Lucid Air will have the personality of a normal car?  We will have to wait and see.

The release date for the Lucid Air price will be known in a couple years.  Production is slated to start in 2019, but this could be pushed back.  Wait and see.




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