The Jaguar I-PACE Concept isn’t the old run-of-the-mill concept car. Concepts are where manufacturers tease wonderful looking vehicles and well…concepts, only to release a car that looks like the concepts un-loved cousin.  This is a sad tradition that has spanned much of the lifetime of the automotive world itself. So, will this new electric SUV from Jaguar fall into the same concept car black hole?

No, no.  The Jaguar I-PACE is coming, and in all its lavish glory.  Jaguar plans to release this full electric 5-seater in the second half of 2018.  Joy to the World.

I-PACE’s Styling:

The electric Jag sports much of the company’s new design language.  The iPad…Oops, the I-PACE, while of large proportions looks as aggressive and sharp as the vehicles much more sporty friends in the brands line-up.  The athletic bulges over the wheels, sharp and menacing eyes in both the front and rear, aggressive roofline and distinctly Jag fascia prove that Jaguar’s electric SUV will cure any bad taste the words “electric cars” (*Cough*, Prius, *cough*) leave in your mouth.  Jaguar’s engineers worked extensively hard on lowering the center of gravity on the I-PACE which is very apparent when looking at the aforementioned roofline and the stance of the beast itself. In comparison to the F-PACE SUV, the I-PACE’s gravity center is 120MM lower.

There are many cues that seem to come from the XF, F-Type and F-PACE on the exterior of this new project, but the elements are blended together in a winning combination that looks incredibly balanced and edgy for a vehicle of this size; a welcome change to this segment.  The exterior styling of the I-PACE is very pretty to look at and seems Jaguar learned a lot from the F-PACE that has been released in recent years.  Jaguar’s brand identity is stronger than ever, and the I-PACE is a strong testament of how far the brand has come in such a short amount of time.

The Interior:

Visually appealing doesn’t do this justice-does it?  The interior of the I-PACE is a lovely place to be if you like modern furniture and architecture.  The inside of the vehicle features  two large screen displays for its occupants: one being used as the gauge cluster and one as the infotainment screen.  Based on images captured by onlookers, it seems the display in the gauge cluster is configurable to the drivers tastes.  Selecting drive, reverse and park are done by buttons located on the center console that protrudes right to the side of the driver.

The use of natural wood is also apparent on the dashboard and door paneling giving a lovely offset to the leather and soft-touch materials found elsewhere in the cabin.  On a design front, there is a very homely and open feel to the interior, with cool touches like that slide-out tray on the passenger side.  Also an interesting point about the electric Jaguar, is that the absence of a drivetrain means the floor the interior will be flat.  No more awkward middle-seat lump!

The rear seat view of the cabin of the I-PACE reveals some exquisite materials and designs.  As you can see, the shape of the front seats would be very hard to describe to someone without any pictures.   The carbon fiber contrast to the white cloth material is very tasteful.  This view also gives light to the conceptual sunroof at hand.  You can see a hexagonal pattern in the sunroof which opens speculation to some sort of active-dimming technology.

The Performance:

The I-PACE is a Jaguar.  The performance expectation bar is high, and rightfully so. Not to worry jungle cat fans! The I-PACE can pounce just as hard as you want it to.  Jaguar promises the vehicle will do a sprint from 0-60 MPH in around 4 seconds and pump out 400 HP accompanied by a brutally instant 516 Lb-Ft of torque. On a single charge, the I-PACE is expected to have 220 miles of range out of its battery packs which produce 90 kWh and can be charged 80% in 90 minutes.  Also, the I-PACE will share its suspension with the F-PACE SUV, which is known for its subtle but refined ride.  Jaguars engineers praise the I-PACE for its cornering capability, so it is nice to see that Jaguar doesn’t completely numb the driving experience when switching to a full electric power plant; this should help avoid the stigma usually associated with electric cars and their driving dynamics.  Impressive stuff, Jaguar.  Impressive stuff.

The Specs:

Vehicle Type:

Luxury SUV


Two electric motors, 90 kWh battery pack




400 HP (est.)


516 Lb-Ft.


184 Inches (4.67 Meters)


74.4 Inches (1.88 Meters)


61.4 Inches (1.55 Meters)

Top Speed:

160+ MPH (257.5+ KPH)




117.7 Inches (2.98 Meters)

0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH):

Est. 4 Seconds


220 Miles (354 KM)

Base Price (est):

$60,000-$100,000 (EST.)

To sum it up:

The Jaguar I-PACE is shaping up to be a real contender in this new E-SUV market along with the Tesla Model X and Audi Q8.  Its design while subjective, is very Jaguar and embodies what an electric Jaguar SUV should look like.  I think that we are all happy with the promised metrics of the vehicle that put it up to par with others in it’s class as well. We can expect to see the vehicle in late 2018, and given how optimistic and determined the company is with the I-PACE project the green future looks like fascinating place.





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