Honda Accord

Times are definitely changing, everyone.

The Coupes:


Today has been interesting for me.  I wrote about the BMW 6 Series coupe going out of production, Polestar making a super coupe, and now finally Honda killing the Accord coupe.

The market is head-over-heels for SUV’s and crossovers, which means the four door sedan market is just being forgotten.

If the four-door market can’t keep up, just imagine where that leaves the two door market. Left out to dry.

Trends in the market (especially in ‘Merica) come and go very quickly.  So usually, I wouldn’t be too worried.  The coupe will definitely come back.

One of the hottest markets out there was the sports coupe.  Nearly all manufactures had some sort of offering to appeal to these people (me and probably you) and now, it’s totally bare.

Years ago before I could drive, younger people wanted these cars.  They lusted after fun-to-drive two doors with personality.  People generally liked to drive.

To me, this is a world I would love to live in.  Now things are a bit more dull if that’s the right word.  Everyone wants SUV’s and no one really cares for the little sports car.

The savage market also killed off the Mercedes SLC.  One of my personal favorites.

Since 2008, the sports car market has plummeted quite a bit.  It’s horribly sad for people like me and possibly you.

So the latest coupe in the graveyard is the 2018 Honda Accord coupe.  It was never the most popular, but it was a member of the small club of coupes in the world.


What really boggles my mind here is that Honda used to really dominate here.  The S2000 pops into mind right away.

Beyond the S2000, Honda had the Civic two-door, the Prelude, the Integra, and others. Jalopnik points to the fact that the Honda Element came out when they killed off the Integra.  And apparently the market wanted it.

Even Mitsubishi, which is a brand that just hurts me to think about where they were to where they are. They went from the 3000GT, Lancer Evo and Eclipse to…The Eclipse Cross.

Back to Honda, they used to carve out their own little markets within markets.  With fun cars.

Even Acura had great cars with the NSX and Integra.  Versus the ILX they have now.  On top of that, Honda used to have the fun hatch back called the CRX, but now they have the CR-Z.  It’s not that Honda is bad now, as they do a lot of things very well.  They’re just not great.

All Honda needs is something to compete with the Subaru BRZ / Toyota 86.  That’s all.  But, they recently made a move to get rid of yet another coupe.  The Honda Accord Coupe is gone.

Honda kind of combined the Accord sedan and coupe, as we see from other manufactures. This creates the whole “four door coupe” or something like that.

The new Accord also offers a manual transmission which is interesting and undeniably cool.  A return to form?

The V6 Is Gone, Too:

Maybe, but they also killed the V6 engine option for the Accord as well.

We’ve seen manufactures kill off V6 engines left and right in favor for the sensible four cylinder engine with a turbo strapped to it.  It makes perfect sense for people who go for economy rather than performance.

For people who prefer things the other way around, we’re at a loss.

But, the four cylinder that is apparently replacing it is the 2.0 L four cylinder turbo that pumps out 306 horsepower which is absolutely plenty.  Enough power to make you forget about the V6.

This downsizing is another effect of everyone in America not buying sedans like they used to.

back to the Honda Accord Coupe, Honda is answering a lot of peoples prayers by offering the manual.  Honda offers a good chunk of enthusiast cars now which, like I said before may be a return to form. The Civic Coupe may be the last two door fun car the brand offers.

As for styling of the new fastback looking thing that isn’t really a fastback, I’m not too impressed.

The old Honda Accord was a surprisingly nice looking affair.  It had an upscale charm to it that I don’t think anyone would immediately suspect from Honda.

For the new car, that charm seems to have dissipated a bit.

The car does look upmarket, but not like an evolution of the last car.  The ouside of the new Honda Accord isn’t offensive, but it looks more invisible to me.

Honda’s new Accord has a nice sloped roof line, but that’s about it.  Past that, the car is pretty unassuming and already looks like something I can see on pre-owned lots.

This day in age it seems like designers are just staying in the box and not trying new things on most cars.  There are obviously exceptions out there, but so many cars and manufactures release a new car and it just fits into the common mold like every other car.

And just to add in:  The tail lights make no sense.


Having a look inside the new Honda Accord fastback that isn’t actually a fastback shows a nicely appointed room.

However on the automatic models, Honda did the thing with the shifter.  They replaced the traditional one with buttons.  Which is odd since the buttons take up just as much space as the traditional shifter.  Yes I am confused.

Past that, the interior has a lot of modern Honda going on and is actually well equipped which is surprising.

As with any car today, you get a tablet screen on the dashboard for infotainment which again furthers my complaint about this car being like everyone else in the room.

Final Thoughts:

I do miss a lot of cool, fun sports coupes and I did think that the Accord was headed in that direction in some cases.

But, the market prevails as always and the coupe has passed in favor of a sedan that wants to be a fastback but isn’t really a fastback.  Enjoy.










  1. I’ve had 3 Honda coupe cars and am so disappointed they have been discontinued. I may just have to go to Toyota.


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