Ferrari 250 Monza

In this multi-part series, we will explore one of the most legendary names in the world of cars, and motor sport.  The Ferrari 250.

You can read Part One of this series right here.

This is part two, where we will focus on the first editions of the great Ferrari 250.  These include the 250 S, 250 MM and 250 Monza.  Each car had a bit off the first Ferrari race cars like the 166 up to the 212 and 225 Sport in the body styling.  This made Ferrari’s progression into the 250 smooth and beautiful.

Each car enjoyed great successes, and these were the variants that set up the future Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa.

250 S:

Ferrari 250 S

The Ferrari 250 S was based on the designs of Gioacchino Colombo developed Aurelio Lampredi.  The car featured coachwork by famous companies such as Touring and Vignale.

The 250 S was created in 1952 and won that years Mille Miglia in a tense battle with Mercedes and the 300 SL driven by Karl Kling.  The car was largely based on the 225 Sport and 212 Export  but with a larger 3.0 L V12 engine.

In August of 1952, the 250 S also won at the Pescara 12 Hour with the same man who piloted the car at MM, Giovanni Bracco.

The 250 S was truly the beginning of Ferrari’s most successful line of cars ever.

250 MM:

Ferrari 250 MM

In 1953, Ferrari created the 250 MM named after the famous Mille Miglia.

There were two versions, one a Pininfarina berlinetta and a barchetta by Vignale. The MM was an improved version of the 250 S that predated it.

New Houdaille shocks were fitted and there were substantial improvements to the engine and suspension.  Another key point of the V12 engine the MM had was that it would be used until the last 250, the GTO in 1964.

The car produced an impressive 240 horsepower in 1953.  That means the 250 MM was bale to do 0-60 in about 5.1 seconds which was astronomically fast back then.

Also in 1953, the cars price tag was around $12,000.  Versus today where the car sold for $7.2 million.

250 Monza:

Ferrari 250 Monza

The 1954 250 Monza utilized the same V12 engine as the 250 MM before it but with 260 HP instead of 240.  Also, the engine was mounted to the 750 Monza chassis.  It was an absolutely beautiful car.

To help weight distribution, the transmission was mounted in the rear.

Back in winning form, the 250 Monza debuted with a victory at the Hyeres 12 Hour race driven by Maurice Trintignant and Luigi Piotti.  The car also placed third at Monza Autodromo in 1954 driven by Franco Cornacchia and Guerino Gerini.

Four examples of the 250 Monza were ever made, two of which had Scaglietti bodies and two with Pininfarina designs. Of the four, chassis 0442 is the only car to retain is original bodywork.

That chassis 0442 sold in 2002 at Monterey Car Week (RM Auctions) for a clean $1.7 million.

Not to mention, the car sounds absolutely amazing.



The 250 Sport, 250 MM and 250 Monza slowly developed into the even more legendary lines of cars from Ferrari in the last 50’s and early 60’s.

This has been part two of the Tribute to Ferrari 250.  We hope you enjoyed the beauty and history with us so far, as we continue.








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