2018 Toyota Supra Review

The dream is finally a reality with the 2018 Toyota Supra being almost but true. Supra is a model which is on everyone’s lips when asked about greatest cars ever made. The Supra simply has to make it on the list if you are a genuine car enthusiast. But the car has been on hiatus for quite some time and we have only been teased with various pictures and news without a real car coming, at least till now. Finally we have some more solid evidence as after a number of years we have some reliable confirmations which came in the form of real spy photos of the car doing rounds.

The Toyota Supra is your sports two-door vehicle which was originally built as a response to the Z cars which were made by Datsun, the closest competitor at the time. Nobody would have predicted that this machine would grow from the setup that it had and reach a near cult-like status, but it had. The first Supra was built in 1978 but it was only in 1987 that the car came with its first turbocharged model and gave it the performance legacy that we all know about today. With the third-generation models they did not only focus on the engine but they also did something about the suspension as well. The story came to an end when the car was pulled in 1990 after which all of the fans have been in suspense for a comeback.

Toyota has launched its FT-1 concept vehicle in 2014 and it was the first thing which sparked the comeback of the Supra model. After it there came a slew of sporty prototypes which were spotted on the roads but with no real confirmation on whether the appearance of the new Supra was actually possible. But in 2016 there was a final batch of spy photos that made things a lot more palpable. Seeing this first model which is gearing closely to being finished also makes us confident that a production version is on its way and that the release date is not so far away.

Possible Exterior Design

Based on the current information, we have a pretty good idea how the next 2018 Toyota Supra might look. They are drawing heavy inspiration from the FT-1 concept model which was something that we could have guessed before. The front end will sport the modified version of the fancy Formula 1-style nose. Although it looks cool for the concept it is hard to use it for the production version. So the production car will have a toned-down split-intake with slender headlights on the front of the car.

The rear end will also diminish the design which the FT-1 concept took. A more toned down version of the car is expected to drop so the pop-up spoiler will be replaced with a smaller one and also a pair of skinny taillights will be used instead of the previous ones. The exhaust pipes are not going to be integrated into the bumper but are going to exit out of the big cutouts at each of the corners.

As the production model gets nearer, the future Supra will be using less and less parts from the FT-1 concept it started with. Although we feel reluctant and would rather see all of the sporty elements transferred from this car to the new Supra we will have to be happy with the parts that make it for the design of the car. The car will mostly incorporate elements form the GT 86 model but with a more aggressive stance and design language.

Interior Setup

There are many indications which say that we may get a unique interior for the 2018 Toyota Supra. But as the exterior has been toned down, do not expect the inside to be as extravagant as the concept version was. The mode will probably use more elements coming from other Toyota vehicles and adding them to the inside. There have been only few pictures of the inside taken so far and even they do not provide a good image of what is to come. There is a heavy coat of camouflage which prevents us seeing the real car. The instrument cluster and the steering wheel can be seen but it will no doubt be changed in favor of a more production savvy option.

This time they will probably concentrate more on luxury and convenience so all those racy and sporty features will be excluded. The Supra has to compete with the likes of the Acura NSX models so you need to expect a leather-clad inside with contrast stitching and aluminum trims which are supposed to dominate the inside. Also we expect to get some sports seats and pedals into the mix making this model more expensive that initially thought.

Powertrain Specs

The powertrain of the future 2018 Toyota Supra is the most mysterious part of the car. There have been lots of talks already about the possible drivetrain fitted underneath but the final product will perhaps only be available once Toyota establishes it fit to tell us. There were talks of a turbocharged four-cylinders and the V-10, the engine used for the Lexus LFA, to even a hybrid powertrain, but the closest that we got so far is that it might be using a V-6 hybrid system. If this becomes a reality we are looking at an output of around 400 horsepower. Finally, if we are to pick from a gasoline engine only choice, we are looking at four- and six-cylinder turbocharged engines that some of the German competitors are using.

Release Date and Price

There are two things that are sure for the 2018 Toyota Supra. One is that the release date is close and the other is that we are not getting this car cheap. The model might just make it for a release in 2018 as we are currently estimating it and the way this car looks it will be possibly production ready by then. As far as the price goes we are starting at $40,000, but it will probably go beyond that.




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