2018 Mitsubishi Triton Review

The Japanese automaker has been working on their latest 2018 Mitsubishi Triton model. It is the latest in line of vehicles that are supposed to be released under the Mitsubishi brand name. A classy and yet a very powerful model, it will be updated for the fifth generation and will also improve its performance and safety. Reliability is a big thing behind Triton models and we are counting on this one to be as capable as the other ones before it.

Although the past Triton models were regarded as cars which were both strong, useful and reliable they also offered a lot of mobility and utility. It is a car that you can completely rely on when it comes to various pieces that it needs to do. But the latest cars in the segment offer more than that. All of them have a modernistic approach which the segment and the market demands, thus the Triton has to follow the same formula. Although they do manage to keep all of the standout elements that your regularl Triton has, the car will add such features which will add more luxury, comfort and generally give us a hi-tech offer.

The release date of the newest 2018 Triton is getting closer and in fact we are looking at its release for the Asian market mostly. Unfortunately, this one will still be a staple car for the Asian market while the audiences in the US will still not be able to get it. The car comes just by the end of the year so we are inclined to devise our review about this model.

Exterior Redesign and Appearance

What the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton will bring to its design is reliability first. They plan to continue using the same kind of platform as before since it has proved as a reliable one so it can give a a great foundation for the model. The architecture of the Triton has been established already many years ago so this probably means that the car will have the same strengths and rigidity as before. It will be interesting to see how this platform will fare for the performance and the fuel economy of the car.

The style of the Mitsubishi Triton has not evolved as you would want it to be. They did add some changes to the appearance of the car but it essentially remains similar. But we do agree that it keeps the car fresh and appealing and it is the characteristic that the model will have in the future.

They did incorporate some swoopy lines and gave it a much improved aerodynamic shape. The car adopts a new bumper design, some lighting clusters and a completely new set of wheels. All of the given improvement will make the car seem much greater but we do not see it attracting additional audiences with this one.

Interior Reshaping

The interior of the 2018 Mitsubishi Triton has improved a lot and the car adds so much refinement inside that it will be capable of hanging with the big models in the big league. What we do see that they have improved are the material. As we mentioned the thing that they simply had to improve was the comfort and the luxury. What they did is to offer a lot nicer materials for the seats and some surfaces as well, and also a lot of the hard touch surfaces have been replaced with some softer ones.

The car has always had good visibility from the driving position. The seats are positioned in a way that it perhaps has the best one in the class in terms of providing a good specter and an outward view. And speaking of the seats, this time they will be additionally padded so you get to feel comfortable even when driving on different terrains.

We are also getting an upgraded infotainment system and this is a very good part about the car. There are going to be some added pieces of equipment which are going to be standard for this model and they also plan to improve the safety of the car. Advanced driver aids is something that is expected and we predict this being more than beneficial for the model.

Powertrain and Specs

The 2018 Mitsubishi Triton will continue to use the same kind of powertrain but with some updates. As the fifth-generation has already included the addition of better suspension and a new engine they probably did not want to change so much about it now. The Triton will use the 2.4 liter MIVEC four cylinder diesel engine and its power will amount to 176 horsepower but also an impressive kick in torque which rises to 430 Nm. You can pair your powertrain with a six-speed manual or a five gear automatic transmission and there is also a choice between a two-wheel drive version and a Super Select II all-wheel drive.

Release Date and Price

The 2018 Mitsubishi Triton will first hit the original home market of Japan and make its debut there. The release date is expected to be for the end of the year, while it will be released for other markets in Asia within 2018. The price for the newest Triton is going to amount to around 34,000 USD for starters.




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