2018 Lincoln MKZ Review

Lincoln felt that it was paramount for them to redesign their 2018 Lincoln MKZ brand. Lincoln has always been known as Ford’s luxury brand which was supposed to compete against other luxury models like the Mercedes and Lexus cars. Yet it did not manage to be much of a competition to the brands which are already so great looking already. As Lincoln has not still managed to get the following it sought even with their MK brands, the only possible solution was upgrading and updating them.

When people say redesign, it mostly means a readjustment or simply just shifting some pieces around to make the car more competitive. But the case with the MKZ model was completely different. They did much more than that and have based the entire car on the latest 2013 concept vehicle from which the MKZ draws most of its inspiration.

The announcement that came from Lincoln is that they plan to make their car so it manages to satisfy the three most necessary attributes of a luxury car. Technology, design and power, those are the most important parts when making a luxury line and they have elevated all three parts of the equation for the future MKZ model, making it a lot better than the last time.

The newest 2018 Lincoln MKZ will be expanded with a lot of new features. Some will include additions which means updating the power output and also addressing some comforts inside the very car. We expect to get some added interior packages as well which are going to provide a larger and more expanded offer here and upgrade everything to an even higher level.

Exterior Redesign

The front end of the newest 2018 Lincoln MKZ adds new adaptive LED headlights while the fog lights have been removed and replaced with LED lights also. Below the lights the corner vents are still present but are a bit taller than before. But either way the most noticeable difference is the addition of a single frame grille which comes with chrome accents around it and also around the fog lights and lower air vents. The hood has been completely transferred from the concept version of the car but adds some body lines which make it a bit more aggressive looking.

The side of the 2018 Lincoln MKZ is completely the same as the concept model. It keeps the body line which runs between the front and rear wheels on the bottom side of the doors. The MKZ also comes with a fully retractable panoramic glass roof, offered optionally. The rear end is also identical with the concept but just adds small LED taillights and an LED bar which goes along the deck between the lights.

Interior Design and Update

There are more improvements added on the inside of the 2018 Lincoln MKZ. One of them includes the improved switches, which are a lot smoother for use compared to the last version. It makes all the buttons more accessible an easier to operate. If you decide to go with the Drivers Package you get an Ebony interior with carbon fiber accents, aluminum pedal covers, and customizable multi-color seats. The seats are refined and very elegant and make the inside of the MKZ much more comfortable than it is.

Also added is a floating center console. This has become a commonly used features within contemporary cars, and it provides a lot more storage capacity than your regular one but also gives us a much more elegant look. They have added a push-button shifter and it does not only make things much more convenient, it also opens the cabin a bit more. The infotainment systems adds a touchscreen display with navigation and smartphone compatibility. The instrument cluster is also very sleek and looks pretty great and is located between the speedometer and the tachometer.

Powertrain Choices

There are going to be a few offers to choose from in terms of the engine for the 2018 Lincoln MKZ model. You can opt for the four-cylinder 2.0-liter GTDI EcoBoost, that makes 188 horsepower,  a 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle hybrid engine making 240 horsepower and the a 3.7-liter, 24-valve V-6 which raises the power all the way to 300 horsepower. But the newest member of the engine lineup for the MKZ is the 3.0-liter GTDI V-6 which will skyrocket the power to 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Your choices in terms of transmission include a six-speed automatic or an electronic CVT transmission.

Release Date and Price

The price rates for the 2018 Lincoln MKZ are already known. Depending on the trim level the prices will differ, but it all starts with the base Premier model which is going to be priced $35,010 as base MSRP. The most expensive purchase that you can make is the Lincoln MKZ Reserve 300A AWD which will be priced at $45,400 and is the top brand in the segment. Also it will depend a lot based on the type of package that you want to get as Lincoln will also make a slew of them available all given for a different price. The most lucrative ones are the Driver’s Package, priced $3,395 additionally, and the Technology Package which is worth $2,395.

The new 2018 Lincoln MKZ will already be available for sale in 2017 and its release date is stated to be for the end of the year. People can already start to make their orders.





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