2018 Ford Lightning Review

We have a yet another great-looking truck on our hands with the 2018 Ford Lightning coming out soon. This model will be a new version of the F-150 model, or actually its performance version which will make its debut along the new F-150 tuck which is slanted to come out in 2018. The newly made truck will be featured as a part of the Ford’s all new lineup which will be offered by the start of 2018.

With the revolution of using aluminum alloys and making their trucks lighter, Ford has really redefined how people think about trucks. Old school model were heavy pieces of machinery which often consumed more fuel and did not really fit everyone’s budge. But the hardworking people at Ford decided that it would be suitable if we get a car which is both strong and doesn’t have to consume so much fuel because of its weight. In comes the Ford F-150 model which started it all back in 2009.

But if a lighter version of a truck could be made why not make a F-150 with higher performance. In comes the 2018 Ford Lightning truck. This one will be an updated version of the previous model which was introduced once the F-150 brand has been established. It promise to reduce weight and bring even more power, with a few styling changes to go with it as well. The Lighting is one of the more expected products in the present market.


The exterior design of the 2018 Ford Lightning is going to be more contemporary. It will still resemble the previous one in many ways, but it will be only used as a basis to start everything. The model will incorporate the heritage elements and the modern ones and combine them well into one neat package. That said, the Lightning is still as blocky and massive as it has been before and with the new offer it will add some new wings, grids and also a few other features.

The initial result is that this car looks much more fun. The 2018 Ford Lightning is a serious car to operate but it does not give us the same impression on the outside that it does so. The model will bring us a fabulous new offer which we will probably enjoy.

Also, the car does manage to get even lighter than before. It does look brawny and massive, but thanks to the new aluminum additions and the new technology which the car will operate with, the model is very light on its feet. This was the initial ideal behind the new batch of Ford cars and the Lightning is going to start with its offer.


The inside of the 2018 Ford Lightning will be updated, to say the least. The interior does not feature so much changes and it is rare that we see that a pickup truck gets an enormous makeover on the inside. The car will resemble the original in so many ways and will have all the properties that it had before, but it will be a bit better in terms of usage. The layout on the dash is simple and resembles the F-150 one. The controls are massive and easy to use and it is what we have expected to get here.

The technological items have been updated. They have managed to squeeze in all the necessary pieces of equipment that were used before and also reported that they added some new ones. This will not affect the comfort in a large way as this is a truck so we did not expect to get a luxurious treatment either way. The Ford Lightning, on the other hand, does possess a very suitable offer for its interior and goes with the temper that the model proposes.

Possible Powertrain

The possible choice for the powertrain of the 2018 Ford Lightning is the same one seen in the recent Captor model. As the objective here is to impose better fuel economy, in line with this we come to this engine choice. The engine in question is of course the 3. 5-liter EcoBoost model which can provide enough power and also impose great fuel consumption specs for the previously mentioned vehicle. The output is potentially set at 365 horsepower at 5, 000 rpm as well as 420 lb-ft of torque at two, 500 rpm. We also expect a manual transmission option and a 10-speed automatic transmission which is the same kind of a setup seen in the recent Raptor model.

Release Date and Price

As we predicted, the 2018 Ford Lightning is going to be a bit on the pricy side. Although the car gets lighter, the price does not. We can hope for a starting rate of around 50,000 dollars which is a rate that might expand while the release date comes. But we are certain that it will be higher once some added equipment is confirmed for this vehicle. The release date is expected somewhere for the start of 2018, and even though there were some rumors of it arriving early they were debunked from by announcements coming from Ford which say that they will need more time for this one.





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