2018 Ford Flex Review

The 2018 Ford Flex is a vehicle that you will simply not be able to miss on the road. It provides us with a style of its own, unique to its name, which is very easy to recognize and see everywhere you go. But besides that it does offer a very spacious and very comfortable interior which will enable you to drive and move anybody you like. Perhaps the only part which does not favor the Flex is its fuel economy, but even that can be overpassed if we just concentrate on the good things about the model.

The Flex was introduced to the market almost a decade ago and its strange shape and angles were immediately something that many people did not see as belonging to the current lineup of contemporary cars which came with creased and modernistic design. Flex actually took a different step and did not want to follow the same formula other models were taking and went with its own idea. After all this time, we see how great the idea actually worked. Flex does not provide a style that one would call exquisite or handsome, but does fulfil its purpose of being unique and at the same time offering a functional setup.

But we are still not sure how long will the Ford Flex manage to keep these things up. The update that we are going to get for the 2018 models year will see many of its established parts transferred, without any significant or dramatic changes. We are not sure whether they could keep up with offering the same thing for so long. The model will still be offered in SE, SEL, and Limited trims and you can see in this review what are the changes that have been made.

Exterior Styling

The exterior design of the 2018 Ford Flex keeps the old swagger of the original model. In fact, the Flex still does not look like anything else you have ever seen on the road before. It brings us a staple design that you will recognize anywhere and although the look of the Flex was considered to be fresh and interesting at its inception back in 2008, it is starting to wear off.

The new type of design keeps the majority of its established marks and manages to squeeze in some new details here and there. You can recognize some parts used and transferred from other vehicles, like a little bit of a Range Rover or a Mini Cooper on the sides and also some parts taken from the Ford Fairlane and Country Squire in the wagon.

During the years the Ford Flex has become less of a Ford car and we see that they even decided to use less “Ford” badging on the exterior. We only see the “Flex” sign on the front with only a blue-oval badge on the lower right corner of the hatch. Perhaps the only welcomed and new addition for this version are the added colors which give us more versatility from this models. All in all, we think that the update has not been made in an entirely positive fashion and think that if they do not decide to discontinue it, they should put much more effort for the next-generation model.

Inside Appearance

The inside of the 2018 Ford Flex stays relatively the same. This is something that people could have guessed on their own since the interior of the Ford Flex has not been changed since the vehicle’s introduction in 2008. Design wise the model has always been more or less the same with the enormous windows making the inside extremely light and keeping the inside of the car very refreshing looking. The only improvement that we got along the years were the changes made in terms of material and certain innovations in technology. Everything else looks like it has frozen in time and the 2018 version will not do more than that.

The instrument panel is positioned low with a round analog clock on the dash of the navigation. There is enough room on the center stack for the large SYNC3 touchscreen interface and it also comes with capacitive touch controls used for the climate control and audio beneath it.

The spacing is what the Ford Flex is all about, the front-seat passenger has plenty of openings and is treated to a larger and proportionated spacing for the front, but the people behind get the most out of the offer which the Flex has. It gives us class leading headroom and legroom specs with a lot of emphasis on the rear passenger comfort. The third row does not offer the same comforts, but it is good enough for a quick drive.

Powertrain Ability and Specs

Owing to some very clever engineering, the 2018 Ford Flex manages to get a powertrain setup which makes it really fun to drive. The car will use a base 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is capable of making 287 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque and it actually gives better mileage than the V-6 turbo version. This option is paired with a 6-speed autobox. This engine is actually the one borrowed from the Taurus version and like the same car it also gives us a turbocharged version of its engine. Thus the Flex can be equipped to use a turbocharged V-6 which enhances the output to 365 hp.

But the base version of the engine is going to provide better fuel economy as it comes to 16 mpg city, 23 highway, 19 combined, or 16/22/18 mpg with the AWD. The optional turbocharged version of the engine is able to make an EPA rating of 15/21/17 mpg only.

Release Date and Price

The release date for the newest 2018 Ford Flex is set to be made for the end of this year. The updated version is going to be made available a little bit earlier and the latter part of the year is the best time for this model to become available. As far as prices go, it will not change so much compared to the outgoing model as the appearance and the setup have not changed as well. The starting price is 30,025 dollars as base MSRP, the SEL costs 33,730 dollars and the Limited is priced 38,230 dollars.




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