2018 Ford Expedition

SUV’s aren’t going away anytime soon, especially in regards to the full-size versions. The 2018 Ford Expedition carries on the tradition and functions of the larger cousin of standard sport utility vehicles. You get a massive SUV, huge storage space, lots of conveniences for short and long drives, and the engine to power it all down the road.

Ford’s Expedition was the company’s answer to The Chevy Suburban back in 1997, and things have remained largely the same ever since, aside from a few body changes. The 2018 edition changes things a bit. To use a cliche’, the 2018 Ford Expedition is literally bigger and better than ever.

The company has seen it fit to expand the capabilities of the Expedition, and also its size. The result is the most versatile and powerful Expedition yet, with a few key upgrades and a much more attractive look.

This all goes into making the 2018 Ford Expedition one of the best family vehicles on the road, offering a huge amount of different uses, lots of hauling space, and much in the way of safety and security.

The Exterior — 2018 Ford Expedition

The new Ford Expedition applies the newer look that Ford has been using for its SUV and truck lineups for the last few years, with some changes to the detailing. Keeping with the new Ford trucks, the 2018 Expedition now uses aluminum for the body instead, creating plenty of weight savings.Ford Expedition 2018 Exterior on Road

The front end displays a perfect evolution from the very first Expedition’s look, with a modernized finish. The front headlights are integrated seamlessly into the grill, which can make it all look like one big assembly when you’re at a small distance.

A prominent and shiny Ford logo in the center ties everything together, and bolsters the intimidating, battering ram-like appearance of the front.  Fog lights are integrated below, and are well-placed along side air intake vents. Ford Expedition 2018 Exterior with Camping

The rear end has a futuristic look to it, and even has a sort of sporty feel, making a big upgrade from the old Expeditions, where the tail just seemed like more of an afterthought. The tail lights themselves have a wrap-around aesthetic to them, and a more angular design overall.

A small spoiler is placed just above the rear window, and also houses a thin brake light for both safety and style reasons. The usual roof rack is present, and has an aerodynamic shapes that won’t cause excessive wind noise or slow you down on the highway. A chiseled shape marks the sides of the Expedition, along with paint-matching side mirrors and your choice of 18, 20, or 22-inch wheels.

The Interior — 2018 Ford Expedition

The cabin of the 2018 Ford Expedition seems to be where the company placed most of its emphasis. It accommodates up to 8 people, and makes sure that everyone gets relatively the same conveniences and entertainment features.Ford Expedition 2018 Interior Size With Seats

The front console and dash have a very simplistic, contemporary look, and Ford has swapped out the standard shifter design with a rotary shift dial instead, creating a little more space, and giving the SUV a modern feel.

Storage, conveniences and entertainment options abound. The 2018 Expedition contains double the cubby space of the previous model, a large center storage bin, two glove boxes, and 17 cupholders. Yes, 17.

In-vehicle Wi-Fi supports up to 10 devices, with a signal that stretches up to 50 feet. Occupants can charge devices at all seating positions. There are four 12-volt power outlets, six USB ports, a 110-volt outlet, and even wireless charging. Sync 3 and is compatible with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. There is also Sync Connect that allows the mobile FordPass app to start, lock, or locate your Expedition.Interor of the Ford Expedition 2018

Mounted screens on the front-seat headrests viewing for second row passengers. Back row occupants can use their own devices, or watch live television on Sling thanks to a partnership between the cord-cutting service and Ford.

And this is just a small part of the Expedition’s features.

The Performance — 2018 Ford Expedition

The Expedition has never been about sheer interior comforts and a large body — performance matters as well, not just for speed, but for towing and hauling when needed. The 2018 Expedition has best-in-class towing and a very strong 3.5L EcoBoost® engine that offers 375 horsepower and 470 lb.-ft. of torque.

The Expedition Platinum edition has even more, delivering 400 horsepower and 480 lb.-ft. of torque. The FX4 Package on the XLT enhances off-road capabilities, With 18-inch cast aluminum wheels, premium off‐road front and rear shocks, skid plates, and an electronic limited‐slip differential.Engine of the Ford Expedition 2018

This all comes in addition to improved handling and suspension, and an available system with seven drive modes that are optimized for scenarios such as snow, mud, and rain. The electronic-locking limited-slip rear differential improves traction for all driving environments as well. Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go actively controls throttle and braking based on your set speed, as well as the preset distance and speed of the vehicle in front of you. The Stop-and-Go feature can actually let you follow that vehicle to a stop and even accelerate when it resumes driving.

To Sum it Up

The new 2018 Ford Expedition signifies a major step up, without entirely repackaging everything into a new style or approach. It is great for families both large and small, and is the perfect travel SUV for most any kind of trip.

Its modern entertainment features, ample storage, and expanded interior room make it more versatile and comfortable than ever, with all the power needed for driving, towing, and hauling on any road. The new changes place the 2018 Expedition right at the top of the pack of full-sized SUV’s.

The new 2018 Expedition goes on sale in the fall and will be offered in XLT, Limited, and Platinum trim levels, along with the extended Expedition Max version, which is about 12 inches longer, with an additional 16.9 cubic feet of space inside. Pricing starts around $52,000.


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