2018 Ford Excursion Review

The 2018 Ford Excursion vehicle is one of the more expected projects which are pitted to come on the market for the upcoming year. This is supposed to be one of the more interesting comebacks that Ford is making. The last model was seen in 2005 the last time and because of lower sales numbers and in fact that nobody really needing an SUV this size, the car was discontinued. But the time has come to bring it back. The model has been attracting interest from new crowds and will more than likely reappear on the market with a slew of updates that will ultimately see it make a bigger impact.

The Ford Excursion is well known as being one of the biggest SUV cars ever produced. It is a model that was made to provide bigger spacing and at the same time give luxury for the people inside. The Excursion was even going against some minivans in terms of size and the offer it provided. The car got so much acclaim with the latest stint of choices offered that it was pretty amazing how the offer panned out in the end. But finally, Ford has decided to relaunch it in another attempt of making the car great again.

What this car is expected to do is to bring back more popularity to the luxury SUV segment, but with bigger and better offers. The size is what is important about the Excursion and as things stand they are bringing it back in the same manner, shape and size that it was the last time we saw it. The car will also bring back some of the usefulness that other models are not capable to offer in the segment.

The pictures have emerged recently and it marked the start of all the hype about the car and since the release date is getting closer, the best way to represent the car is through a review.

Exterior Redesign

Although a lot of the 2018 Ford Excursion is still not clear and the only offered proof are the released photos and spy pictures of the car. It actually shows us a good looking model with some improvements made compared to the last time. The car will seem similar to before but will be a completely different car all together. In fact the exterior of the model will most likely be based on some of the current models coming from the Ford lineup.

What is interesting and also very much noticeable is that the car will borrow some elements from the F-150 model. The car will borrow some parts of the design from the Ford’s flagship model and it actually seems obvious that they might do that. Both the Excursion and the F-150 features a boxy shape and the similarities between them are mostly seen in the grille and the front fascia part.

Other elements are seen borrowed from the Expedition car which is the current flagship SUV of Ford and one of the more potent and better looking options that Ford is offering. The combination of the two will provide us with a great new look for the Excursion which will see it updated to contemporary standards and will also provide it with better elements altogether. One of the most important parts is that the car will have the same size as before. The dimensions are being completely transferred for the newest Excursion car and will be offered entirely for the car.

Inside Changes

The interior of the 2018 Ford Excursion will offer us a standard level of luxury and also a lot of space. At least that is the part that we know. Elements about the inside are still being kept under wraps and there are almost no pictures to showcase how the inside will look. What we are certain is that the model will transfer elements from the contemporary Ford cars. Of course, here is where the Expedition model comes into play. Borrowing the lines and the design from the Expedition will save production costs between these two models. It will at the same time enable better and more streamlined production.

The spacing is going to be enormous and the car will have a lot of comfort to enable it for the passengers. This is one of the advantages that the car provides and is one of the most important things about it. They plan to keep this part of the car the same and the usefulness level will rise that way. Expect to get a standard set of materials but an expanded technical offer which will make the car much more suitable compared to before.

Powertrain Ability

There are probably going to be two powertrain choices given for the 2018 Ford Excursion car. One of them is the 3.6 liter EcoBoost V-6 engine and the other one being the 5.0 liter V8 engine. Not a lot of info is available about these two engines and we are not really sure how well they might fare under the hood of the models. An estimated output comes to 365 horsepower and 420 pound feet of torque, which will be enough to help the Excursion move and function properly. The fuel economy may also come as a big factor for the Excursion and one of the things that we might get concerned about is the fuel consumption as the car is enormous. Some estimations say that it will be able to produce EPA rating of 16 mpg city drive and 23 mph highway for the RWD, while those numbers will come down to 15 mpg city and 21 mpg highway for the AWD models.

Release Date and Price

We are expecting that the information about their release date of the 2018 Ford Excursion be confirmed any day now. The model will probably be features by mid-2018 as there are reports which place it as available by then and also judging by the current level of design it seems entirely possible.

What the price ratings say is that the Excursion is going to be priced somewhere between 60,000 and 70,000 dollars. Based on the size of the car and the features that it will probably add, it is an expected rating.




  1. Lol….you might want to start my accepting the FACT ….THAT “THIS IS A TRUCK….NOT A CAR!!!” Hard to take this empty review serious with that alternative fact. ..lol

  2. I have a 2002 Excursion and a 2005 Excursion, both with V10 gas engines. How well do the new engines perform compared to the V10 or the Diesel? The old 5.4L V8 was not enough engine for the Excursion. How do the new engines’ performance compare with the large engines from before?


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