2017 Volkswagen Jetta Review

The 2017 Volkswagen Jetta returns to us better than ever. The Jetta has always been a standout in being an affordable compact sedan vehicle with high safety standards and so will they continue with the newest 2017 model. They are truly planning to raise the bar with this one and are not just going to continue the path which was previously set by the forerunners, the model is going to pave a new way for the Jetta models.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta front view, grille

The Volkswagen Jetta is your typical compact sedan which is one of the top selling price friendly vehicles in the market. The car has already been awarded many prizes which concern their safety systems which are off the charts and have always been one of the top properties when designing a new Jetta. High quality safety is not the only thing they offer as the car comes with a multitude of amenities that further enhance the quality of the car.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta rear angle

The newest 2017 Jetta is going to build up on the base with more new equipment which comes set on the inside and outside as well. There are going to be new optional equipment available this time but the base Jetta is still a good offer to go for. The price is always favorable as it was as they still keep to offering one of the best setups for a compact car that money can buy. Enjoy the review and see what other changes have been made to the newest 2017 Volkswagen Jetta.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta exterior and interior changes

The new 2017 Volkswagen Jetta model is going to be offered in a few standard trim levels. You have the option of choosing between SE, SEL, Sport, Base, S, TDI, and GLI Model. There are a few changes that are going to appear on the new Jetta model which will not significantly change the appearance of the car but are going to affect the vehicle’s style in certain fashion. The front fascia goes through the most significant change as it now has a bit of an aggressive look than before. The front bumper has also changed a bit but it is the back bumper which has been revised more than the front one. The front side has some sharper lines to it while the back bumper adds the two exhaust pipes that are sticking out beneath the car which have chrome tips and a new diffuser as well.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta side view

The lights are also upgraded to some extended, with the taillights getting LED lighting and the headlights receiving some  bi-xenon headlight with adaptive  front lighting system  Other inclusions also add a fashionable sunroof as well but a better novel is the design of the new wheels. The  Mallory design aluminum-alloy wheels are going t be a perfect fit for the car and are going to come in 18-inch dimension.

Interior updates

From the stylistic point of view, the interior of the 2017 Volkswagen Jetta is going to remain the same. There was no need to update the inside and change the design very much as the setup was already good and could hold its own for a few more years. But we are going to get changes when it comes to the indie of the car and they are going to consider some high-tech features that are going to be added.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta interior

A new MIB 2 infotainment system is going to be one of the most appreciated change here keyless access with pushbutton start and automatic post-collision braking system are also useful, one for convenience and the other for safety of the driver particularly when we add that we also get the rearview camera option also. making the comfort much better are the six-way power driver’s seat  which have heaters and help the driver get in a perfect mood when driving this vehicle.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta engine news

There have been many talks about the powertrain of the new 2017 Volkswagen Jetta and it mostly concerned the car going green. Although this is something that will surely happen, it will not become a reality with this model. Plans have been made for a hybrid Jetta vehicle but for now it remains something that is going to be a reality in a few years time. The engine is going to remain the same and the car is going to continue to use the 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder  with some slight tweaks and updates that enhance its ability. The  expected output is measured at 210 horsepower  and the engine will combine with a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed DSG automatic. Suspension has been updated and there are also some other features that enhance the stability and the driving feel of the car all-together.

2017 Volkswagen Jetta engine

Price and release date

The news about the new 2017 Volkswagen Jetta have emerged only recently and although we have a lot of information about the vehicle already, the one that we are missing is the exact release date. The car is going to be a 2017 model but there are not news on when exactly it is going to appear. We assume that the beginning of the year is the best time as the vehicle is already a done deal. As for the pricing, the quote is estimated to around  $35.000.