2017 Volkswagen CC Review

The newest 2017 Volkswagen CC is going to be presented really soon. The model has already been established and will receive its release this year as the car is going to make the initial appearance in the home country of Germany and be first available to the European crowd. The release date for the US market is going to be a little bit later, in fact it comes out next year as the VW CC comes available in the USA then.

2017 Volkswagen CC front view

The importance of the vehicle making to the US market is very bit for the German automaker. This model is perhaps aimed at overtaking the foreign market and producing a car that is going to provide all the essential details needed for this market. Well in fact the 2017 VW CC is going to have a lot of competition as it is going to battle against Toyota Camry and Honda Accord vehicle in its respective segment. These two are already established and well known vehicle in this market so it may be hard to achieve that as well.

In fact, the plan of Volkswagen is to establish itself in the US market by 2018 and the introduction is going to be made by this car. What better way to introduce yourself than making an impactful entrance and that is what this model is trying and certainly achieving. We predict a good future for this model and see it being a worthy contender to the aforementioned vehicles.

2017 Volkswagen CC rear view

With the all new production crew which was hired to make the presence of Volkswagen available in America, this model has been highly upgraded. There are a lot of things to be excited about when it comes to a model of this magnitude. It is being built based on the latest Jetta update and is going to have similar features. For all of the information about this newest 2017 Volkswagen CC check out the entire review.


The vehicle has gone through a lot of updates and is going to be essentially different that the current model. The 2017 Volkswagen CC is being made for the US market and it shows that the features are made in order to produce the best type of a car which manages to produce the best possible comfort. As the competition in this segment is great and this is supposed to be an introductory vehicle they have planned to do the best possible job in order to make an impact immediately. What we have here is a model that uses the remodeling done in the latest Jetta car but one which builds up upon the made changes and adapts them for this kind of a market.

2017 Volkswagen CC side view

The dimensions of the vehicle have changed compared to the previous one and the overall dimensions are going to be longer as well as the wheelbase of the car. The car is going to be 191.6 inches in length and  the wheelbase is 118.8 inches. This is going to allow much more room on the inside and is going to benefit the passengers in a grand way. The model is being fitted with some extra comfort this way which is something that the car needed. The roofline is also made shorter in the back compared to the front side, which also allows more headroom as well. The features combine some of the old and recognizable ones from the older VW CC models but it makes them more contemporary and fashionable .


Thanks to the changes made to the dimensions of the vehicle the 2017 Volkswagen CC is going to have the segment-leading interior spacing. The initial idea was to make the comfort as best as possible and by making the dimensions of the car greater it was easy to introduce the needed spacing on the inside. We are looking at a much larger car now and this results in 10 inches more of interior spacing. The car is going to be much comfortable now and the passengers are going to feel it as well. Also the changes made to the roofline are going to give us more headroom which was not the case with the previous model.

2017 Volkswagen CC interior

The seating is also going to be updated giving us the added comfort also. Making the car spacious is not the only thing necessary here as it needs some comfy materials in it to make it a better car. What we hope to see here is are also some new gadgets and there are many useful now added here. The thing is making the car as contemporary as it gets thus the ones placed inside are going to help the driver getting a better control of the car and the passengers getting more entertainment out of it as well.


The 2017 Volkswagen CC is being influenced by some sports cars and features an updated powertrain that is going to help it match those type of vehicle. In fact we are getting a much more powerful car now which was what we all have been expecting to get. There were some talks about hybrid usage but for now no confirmation has been made about that sort of option. The model is going to use a 2nd- gen 3.0 L V6 engine which is going to be supported by two electric engines that provide additional power. It results in a total output of 374 horsepower which is the most the VW CC has gotten as of late.

2017 Volkswagen CC engine

Release date and price

The 2017 Volkswagen CC is being released this year in the home market and is going to start retail in Europe by mid-year. So in fact it leaves it a lot of time to get to the US. The official statements have not been made but we have been given a scoop which places the US release date in the first quarter of 2017. Since the US prices are not set yet the European ones are and the car is going to start at a price of £24,000  in Europe and we assume it is not going to be a great difference once we transfer this price into dollars.





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