2017 Toyota Yaris Review

With the latest small size crossover prospect, the 2017 Toyota Yaris is bringing all the fandom to its side. The vehicle gets an update just at the right moment as they are both riding on the success with the previous model but also managing to run against the competition which have not rested in recent times. What we like about this new model is all the small nimbleness you get out of a small size vehicle and the value for money it brings compared to all the other bigger models. The latest Yaris is certainly a car to watch out for as it has all the prospects of beating some bigger cars and not just the ones within its own segment.

Driving inside the newest Yaris is a godsend to say the least. It is a car perfectly built for what it is aimed to do. It certainly gives you a run for your money and brings together all the modern elements quite neatly into one perspective. Whether you are hauling your family or going to a concert for the weekend, you will have a great ride and lots of comfort in both situations.

2017 Toyota Yaris rear view

The newest hatchback Toyota Yaris 2017 comes in two variants, the three -door version and a family friendly five-door one. We highly recommend the latter one as it comes with lots more conveniences. The model is also primed up with such new additions like 16-inch alloy wheels, projector-beam headlights, fog lights with chrome accents and many more things which make it an interesting and a good looking prospect. Study the review for your preference and get yourself informed as the release date is coming fast.


We see a no-nonsense type of a design inside the 2017 Toyota Yaris model. In terms of the design materials and versatility, it is perhaps unmatchable by the competition. The dashboard is simple and has a basic layout which we are happy about as they have decided not to experiment with all sort of crazy designs. The controls are easy to use and there are some storage places which all over it which are quite useful.

The ergonomics is pretty great for a car of this type, although it does leave some room for improvements which you could use during longer trips. For instance, we do not get a center armrest while the cup holders may be too small and even the infotainment system can be too clunky to operate. We also expect an upgrade as the slow response system could use a better and more powerful operation system, but let’s leave that for the next generation model.

2017 Toyota Yaris interior

But still, within the five-door hatchback version the rear end is done almost perfectly. There is enough room in the back and both headroom and legroom allow it to be as comfy as possible. The cargo area is already sizeable and once you fold down the seats you get even more comfort and a larger storage space in the back.

Also consider the fact that the car adds  power adjustable mirrors and power adjustable windows which may be the only electronically operated piece of equipment inside the car but the manually adjustable and foldable seats work just fine.


Generally speaking the 2017 Toyota Yaris looks pretty handsome. The small size vehicles attracts the most attention in its range toping SE trim, although other models and trim levels bring an equal sort of excitement. The car comes standard with some newly designed 16-inch alloy wheels which are very nice looking and appropriate for the car. The headlights are also new and go well with the grille which is designed so it carries over to the fender part. The greenhouse is large which also significantly emphases the large windows and windshield areas as well.

2017 Toyota Yaris front view

In the rear part of the car we get a centrally mounted  reverse light which actually accounts for a more sporty look for the car. The forward-slanting taillights design is also a new addition and brings a dose of sportiness as well. The approach and departure angels are also important here as they have been made very favorably so you will probably keep clear from various surfaces where you might damage your car.

Engine specs

The heart and soul of every car is its engine and the 2017 Toyota Yaris comes up with an appropriately modest choice under its hood. The car has been equipped with a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which is just enough for what the model needs and has to offer. It produces about 106 horsepower and 103 pound-feet of torque and comes with a standard five-speed manual or an optional four-speed automatic. There was some expectation of offering a CVT system, but it was pulled out and for now it is not going to be used. Perhaps the power output is not as big as you would want it to be but for a small size car is just what you want to get. A more important spec about the car is the fuel efficiently level which as the EPA rates say is going to be 30 mpg city, 36 mpg highway, and 32 mpg combined.

2017 Toyota Yaris engine

Release date and price

As we mentioned in the beginning, the release date for the 2017 Toyota Yaris is actually much closer than you would have expected it to be. In fact the car is going to be released a bit earlier than predicted at first as the announcement said that we are getting it by the end of this year, which is certainly happy news. The price on the other hand is a no brainer, as it is being sold for $15,945.in its base form, which is a small price increase compared to before while the SE trim is offered for $17,620 as base MSRP.





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