2017 Toyota Supra Review

The newest about the 2017 Toyota Supra is all but official as the latest confirmation and news are stating that the release date is right around the corner. The news about the Supra are being showcased almost everywhere and not just the pictures but also the news everywhere are sort of a confirming the vehicle being issued recently. The Toyota FT-1 was the first indication that a Supra was in works but it has been a long time since the concept was released and we are finally getting something more solid.

2017 Toyota Supra front view

If you would ask a car enthusiast what was its favorite car they would probably say that Toyota Supra makes the list. The model was originally made to combat the competing Z cars and the rival Datsun and the model grew and reached a cult like status today. Well since the car is getting closer and closer to being a reality, we have devised a review that can give you all the necessary information about it.

The story of the Supra vehicle starts in 1987. The first turbocharged Supra was announced which lasted between 86-92 season and started building the legacy of the car. The third-generation say something more than just a powerful engine under the hood it also added a better and adjusted suspension that carried the model to even greater heights.

2017 Toyota Supra rear view

As the model filled the showrooms during the 90s and was a vehicle that got much praise during this period, the popularity subsided and the model lost in its good looks and presentation. Making a comeback can be hard but we believe that the 2017 Toyota Supra will not have a problem. We give you the latest specs and price ranges for the car.


The exterior of the 2017 Toyota Supra is going to heavily rely on the Toyota FT-1 concept that was released some time before. The concept model does look a bit of the charts and there are some parts of it that were very good looking but were certainly not going to reach the production level. The vehicle looses the Formula 1 type of a nose to the front. It does look awesome but does not seem all that production friendly. Instead we are going to get a little bit toned down offer with a grille based on the GT86 model.

2017 Toyota Supra red color

The headlamps are replaced with some cover ones, as they also move to a more production friendly design. But there is something that is going to crossover to the production model from the concept. The car adopts the  blacked-out A-pillars and the side air intakes from the FT-1 but the greenhouse is different as it is raised slightly which in turn allows more interior space that was not the case before.


Well, it they decide to really heavily on the FT-1 concept of the exterior, there are certainly going to be a few things that make it to the production level of the 2017 Toyota Supra model. This actually means that the production car is not nor should it be as racy as the concept model. With some toned down features and a lot of additions, this is going to be a very nice looking inside of the Supra.

2017 Toyota Supra interior, steering wheel

At least one competitor in the segment has a very luxury setup, Acura NSX, thus the Supra needs to turn it up a notch and provide not just and equally but a better offer than the one we are getting here. With the luxurious additions and the new materials and surfaces the model is going to feature a more conventional center stack, a new type of an instrument cluster and a revised dashboard. The steering wheel was too wild and although this is the part we are sad to see go, we are also going to get a more conventional one here. Of course, the creators had to address the issue with the price as they needed to get rid of some unnecessary things and provide a more acceptable offer.


The information about the engine of the 2017 Toyota Supra is very scarce but there have been some reasonable information that have appeared recently. The engine is supposed to the most important feature of the car and thus the Lexus LFA is the most reliable vehicle to borrow the drivetrain from. A four cylinder V-10 engine is a possible option to the vehicle’s design and even a  V-6 hybrid system is in question but 5.0-liter V-8 puts things into more perspective as it delivers well beyond 400 horsepower and makes enough juice for the Supra model without affecting the price range that much.

2017 Toyota Supra engine

Release date and price

The 2017 Toyota Supra is as we said a very popular brand already and the shear fact that it is getting its release date soon is astounding. The vehicle is being offered for next year and the release date is going to be between the middle and the later part of the year. The car is not going to come cheap even with some adjustments to the setup so it is not going to be cheaper than $100,000.




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