2017 Toyota Sienna Review

Toyota is getting ready to issue its newest 2017 Toyota Sienna model. This is a redesigned vehicle which was reshaped for a new market but it keeps things relatively standard in its makings. The model is actually going to battle all odds in terms of shaping a fabulous new car but still retaining its trademark looks and features.

2017 Toyota Sienna front view

Toyota is one of the largest, if not the biggest, car manufacturers in the world. They have already produced a number of legendary vehicles which many already see as legendary. Sienna is yet to reach this legendary status but it does not shy away from the potential of being one. The SUV vehicle is a known brand and is getting closer to the top models with each new release. The newest model is going to be one step closer to stardom and is going to change the shape of the Toyota Sienna brand.

2017 Toyota Sienna rear view

The 2017 Toyota Sienna is coming with some dramatic changes which are seen both on the inside and outside of the vehicle. The appurtenance on the outside is going to shape a new look for the car whilst the inside is going to add more contemporary features which was not the case with the current model. Everything that there is to know is available in this review where you can see the latest specs about the car and also some news about the release date.


The exterior look is not going to change dramatically for the 2017 Toyota Sienna in fact. The model is going to retain its trademark looks and features that we have been used to already. The vehicle is still your standard looking SUV model with a bulky shape but it will add some new and modern features which are going to keep it fresh and appealing for yet another period. The car may shape up to be a very welcoming addition to the market and although it does not look the part of your standout release it may still get to play the part of an important one for this year.

2017 Toyota Sienna exterior

Still there are some updates that are going to make the car much more appealing and which differentiate it from the previous model. The headlamps are different and they have new graphics and a new shape. Also this time we see the introduction of the fog lamps for the first time for this vehicle. The front bumper also gives us a new type of a design which adds some air ducts and extra vents which go directly inside the car. This will help the car streamline the air resistance much better and the curvy shape of the car with some extra lines is going to help the car be more aerodynamic and help it achieve its top speed much faster.


The least amount of information is actually available inside the 2017 Toyota Sienna. The recent pictures did not showcase a lot and Toyota has also been stingy about their news and releases when it comes to displaying what gets to make it inside the car. But judging from the rumors and the things that have been issued inside so far, we are in for a lot already. The model is shaping to be a very nice and very pleasant car, particularly on the inside. This means that some modern features and pieces of equipment have already been added and we are expecting so much more to happen as well.

2017 Toyota Sienna interior

As we were able to see the dashboard is changed a bit and has a new different, modern and much cleaner shape. The entertainment aspect has been enhanced and we are now getting a four speaker audio system which tramples the norm and issues us with a very high quality and very good option.  Besides the regular navigation system the car also comes with various connectivity devices and options. Additionally, the safety is also very high and the model does its best to gives a pretty safe and extraordinary car.


The latest indication is that the 2017 Toyota Sienna model is going to be offered with a  V6 3.5-liter engine as your standard choice. The power that this engine displays is measured at 300 horsepower and an output of 250 lb-ft of torque.  The output is great and it seems that this is a good choice for this vehicle as it manages to provide it just enough power for its standard usage and primary purpose. Additionally, the model is combined with a six-speed automatic transmission  which is going to send the power to the front wheels as a standard choice. The all wheel capacity is also going to be available but like so many other good things in life it comes as an optional part of equipment. Finally, the EPA ratings are not as bad as you would think and they amount to 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

2017 Toyota Sienna engine

Price and release date

Unfortunately we are not going to see the 2017 Toyota Sienna this year like many have expected to see it. But the model is going to come out by next year and is going to be features for sale in 2017 with a release date scheduled for March. The price is not clear yet but we do have information which say that it is going to range between $ 35,000 and $ 50,000, depending on the equipment that you order or the parts that you want to come with your car.





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