The recently announced 2017 Toyota Celica is going to bring back what some old school fans have been waiting for to see. The new model is going to refer back to the familiar brand that the Celica was and show us what it represented to the buyers before. Its performance and comfort features have always been one of the basis of the car and the new one is not going to be an exception.

The Toyota 86 model was supposed to be the spiritual successor of the car. But things did not work in the same manner as everybody was expected. Thus the time came to bring back the Celica brand in its original form. The model is certainly going to be an interesting new addition to the Toyota roster and will bring some more excitement to the segment as well. The fans of the brand are certainly going to be happy to see an old face return.

What the competition thinks about this is yet to be determined, it is certainly not a fun fact to see another competitor in the segment if you are a rivaling company. It might make certain shifts and on the other hand it might not. All of this still needs to be proven and we are in for an interesting new period. This is the main reason why we have compiled our review and have mainly based it on the released pictures and currently available information about the 2017 Toyota Celica.


Exterior Appearance

The exterior of the 2017 Toyota Celica is going to differ compared to the previous models. The idea is to make the car more contemporary looking and to adapt it to the current market as best as possible. But at the same time they still plan to keep the legendary and hallmark details that the car has had. The most obvious part is the redesigned bumper to the front end of the car which is going to add new footlights which are going to be an integrated part of it now.

You can expect to see the car surrounded by HID reflector-beam headlights, and it is also going to be packed with standard LED daytime running lights and automatic high beam as well. The car also wants to make the performance for the car better and allow more breathing room for the engine. They are planning to do that by adding some more air intakes for the car. The hood design is going to be a bit different as well and will add far less changes compared to other parts of the car.

The rear end of the car is going to add LED taillights and will also feature a large spoiler as well. Also, one of the most important parts is the materials that are going to be used. In this case they are opting for far lighter materials which all the rivaling models are already using. This will add better fuel consumption rates and also make the performance of the car a lot better.


Interior Design

The inside of the 2017 Toyota Celica is supposed to go through a number of changes as well. These are also going to be aesthetic and comfort enhancing. The car is mainly going to take a big departure from the design that we have seen before and witnessed so far. The materials which are going to be added inside are top notch and exemplify a very comfortable and luxury like feel for the Celica now. Metal inserts and chrome accents are providing contrast features and make everything look sharper and far more luxurious looking.

As all the other new Toyota cars, so will the 2017 Celica come with some gadgets and impotents. Expect to get the heated seats and also Wireless and USB slots. The updated infotainment system is supposed to provide you with fun and will enable the ride to go a lot smoother than it naturally would. It also comes with a touchscreen which allows you to operate the car in the maximum setting.


Engine and Performance

Under the hood of the 2017 Toyota Celica is going to be a advanced 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder tube engine. This model is enough to provide you with power and maneuvering capability that the car is used to having. the model will benefit a lot from the given model and will allow for a great and quality car. The estimated output for the model is now 235 HP to 258 HP which is going to allow it to be head to head with some of the competing vehicles in the market. The EPA ratings for this model are calculated at  27 mpg in the town and 30 mpg on road and are owed mostly to the use of 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic CVT transmission with paddle shifters on steering wheel.


Release Date and Price

The car has been slotted for a 2017 release and we can expect to see the 2017 Toyota Celica by middle of the year. Although, the major of specs for the engine are already available and the car has received all the necessary treatments and details we cannot expect to get the car sooner than that. The car makes its debut early in the year by being showcased at certain auto shows but the release date is officially somewhere in the middle of the year when it is available for sale as well.

The price for the car starts at around 20,000 USD which is also a competitive one being right in the contention with the rivaling cars in the market.






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