2017 Tesla P90D Review

The Tesla models are become a very popular presence on today’s market recently and this wil certainly go the same for the 2017 Tesla P90D model that has been announced for the upcoming period. With the update to the Model S brand and the recent release of the P85D, comes the next step in the Tesla’s roster which is the P90D vehicle. This is going to be the third year that Tesla produces their models and they are getting technologically advanced and better with each new entry.

2017 Tesla P90D exterior, silver color

What the P90D has added to it is a very modern and a very futuristic software update that gets us even closer to the autonomously driving car. The added upgrade enables the vehicle to have better navigation and perform autonomous driving feats that was never seen before. If this is not the reason why one should get excited about this new Tesla vehicle we do not know what it is then.

2017 Tesla P90D red color, front view, grille

What makes the new vehicle so exciting as well is the performance capabilities it manages to exemplify with its latest upgrades. The engine capacity of the car is great and can be measured to Lamborghini Huracan and the McLaren 650 vehicles. It uses an electric motor that can enable you to run for 300 miles and requires absolutely no maintenance at all. If you are interested in what you have read so far keep reading the review and get yourself acquainted with this stellar new vehicle and learn more about its specs and upgrades.

2017 Tesla P90D exterior

2017 Tesla P90D side view, red color, alloy wheels

The design of the 2017 Tesla P90D is as crisp as ever. The vehicle does not get an enormous update as you would have expected at first as the car retains its look that it had the past three years. With the announcement of the first Tesla model we got the opinion that the vehicle was a bit conservative but fairly good. We did expect a larger updated compared from the first one but actually fail to see any as they manage to keep the vehicle mostly the same for the past three years. So perhaps looking at the new Tesla vehicle you see an exterior design which might be a bit outdated for you. In fact the vehicle looks as handsome as ever. It retains the smooth lines and a contemporary look more than ever. So we can say that the initial design of the vehicle still manages to hold its self together and is a force to be reckoned with even at this stage.

2017 Tesla P90D taillights and tailpipe

The greatest downside of the design of the vehicle is that it is hard to tell them apart from any other Tesla model out there. Both the Tesla X and the Model S have similar properties that do not distinguish them between each other and any major way. There are some minor characteristics which are there to tell us which is which but for the most part the vehicles are just the same. If there were not for the badging the untrained eye might get confused with the looks of the car. We do expect them to change for the future though but for now the design still holds its own and is what makes this vehicle a handsome addition to the roster of Tesla cars.


2017 Tesla P90D interior, steering wheel and lcd screen

The design of the 2017 Tesla P90D’s interior is as luxurious and exclusive as it gets. It has been finished in a way that it does not only promises you with performance properties but also gives you a high sense of luxury and comfort. The interior of the P85D used a darker black leather interior but the P90D changes for a milder light beige trim. It is much easier on the eye and looks far better than anything that we have seen so far. The premium trim leather is very comfortable and leaves you with a very appropriate and highly luxurious feeling when riding inside it. Additionally, the P90D 2017 model also black Alcantara headliner and carbon fiber décor which makes things much more exclusive and interesting as well. As is the case with other Tesla vehicles so will this one include an all-glass panoramic roof and also add an ultra-high fidelity sound package as well.


2017 Tesla P90D engine

What has changed for the 2017 Tesla P90D is the powertrain properties which give the vehicle more endurance and more range. The most apparent and noticeable change is the inclusion of a 90 kilowatt-hour battery pack which accounts for a 6% increase of range and launches the vehicle to new lengths, so to say. This engine also upgrades with the ability to speed up much quicker than before and it owes its performance upgrade to the added ‘ludicrous mode’ speed upgrade which gives the vehicle the ability to reach 0 to a 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. The battery pack can pull off a maximum output of 1500 Amps which is further translated to 773hp and torque.

Price and release date

2017 Tesla P90D exterior, front angle, black color

The new vehicle that is the 2017 Tesla P90D is preparing for its release date that comes next year. It is possible that the vehicle arrives early at the end of 2016 but it may also become only available for buyers at the beginning of 2016. The price is set at a level of €150.000 making it one of the more expensive cars, but if you consider its value and ability and what it actually means to the car industry you will not spare any amount that the industry demands.

Photos – Gallery

2017 Tesla P90D exterior, blue color

2017 Tesla P90D rear angle, tailpipe and taillights

2017 Tesla P90D leather seats, gear shift knob and lcd screen

2017 Tesla P90D side angle, black color

2017 Tesla P90D front angle, grille and headlights

2017 Tesla P90D interior, steering wheel and dashboard

2017 Tesla P90D exterior, side angle