If you’re surprised that the Smart car is still around, that’s probably because you never drove one.  There was a week where I drove every BMW, Mercedes and Smart car (not as weird as it sounds) and I can honestly say with 100% certainty that the 2017 Smart Fortwo was the most fun I’ve had in a car.

Let me explain.  The 2017 Smart Fortwo is so tiny and minimal that it’s hilarious.  The cool part is, is it doesn’t even feel that tiny when you drive it.  You take up absolutely no space whatsoever, and people were glaring at me more than when I was in the M3.  The next best thing about my time in the Smart was its turning radius.  You could pull a full turn in a 2017 Smart Fortwo in a total of 22.8 feet.  It was nothing short of amazing.

There have been a few changes for the new model year though.  Smart has decided that the United States will only get the electric 2017 Smart Fortwo.

The Exterior:

2017 Smart Fortwo

The updated exterior is charming.  The friendly face of the 2017 Smart Fortwo is just as inviting as the tiny wheelbase of the…roadster (technically it’s called the cabrio, but I think roadster sounds a lot funnier).  The Smart Fortwo fits anywhere.  I can’t think of any other car that fits its purpose better than a Smart car.  If you live in a downtown area or tight city where you do most of your commuting, there is no other car that will treat you better.  Parallel parking is just as easy as pulling forward into a space, and you look cute doing it.

You can lease a Smart car for something like $150 a month and sometimes even less, which means if you get anything else if you live in a big city, there’s an issue.

The adorable city cruiser comes in Pure, Passion, Prime and Proxy trim levels.

2017 Smart Fortwo rear

There are few other cars I’d rather take to a fun day on the beach than a Smart Fortwo Spyder.  Feeling the light breeze in your hair, friend by your side and driving the cutest car known to mankind.

The Interior:

2017 Smart Fortwo


The interior is just as friendly as the exterior.  Obviously, there aren’t many true luxuries inside the Smart Fortwo.  That is absolutely fine too, since the cars whole charm is with being simple and only baring the necessities.  The small display screen for entertainment is bubbly and fun, and the air conditioning set up is easy to use.  One of the best traits in here is the steering wheel.  The ergonomics are pitch perfect, and that is due to the fact that Mercedes-Benz owns the company and can have that little influence here and there.

The dashboard has a small LCD screen and a speedometer that takes up the entirety of the gauge cluster.  Storage space is obviously small in here, but that’s part of the 2017 Smart Fortwo’s charm.

The Performance and Tech:

Obviously the 2017 Smart Fortwo is not going to fly past any decently powered car.  The max horsepower you can really achieve in a Smart is around 100 HP.  While that sounds like nearly nothing, you have to realize that the weight of a Smart Fortwo is around 2,090 pounds. For the United States, you can now only get your hands on the electric Smart Fortwo.  The decision only effects new 2017 models and will really pave the way for the future of Smart.

Smart was originally conceived as an electric car concept, so the ultimate switch does make a bit of historical sense.  The Smart Fotwo electric will be able to do 100 miles on a single charge in Europe, and around 80 miles in the United States thanks to the EPA.  Out of the small electric motor, you can expect 81 horse power and 118 pound feet of torque.  Little power for a little package.  While the 0-60 time of the 2017 Smart Fortwo is around 12 seconds, that is pretty irrelevant given that you’ll do most of your acceleration from zero to around 35 miles per hour, which is 4.9 seconds.  Much better sounding.

And the best news yet:  There are plans to make an Electric Drive Smart Fortwo Spyder!

2017 Smart Fortwo – Specs:

Vehicle Type: City Car
Power Plant: Electric Motor (USA) , 1.0 L 3 cyl (EU)
Gearbox: five-speed manual (est.)
Power: 80-100 HP (est.)
MPG: 39 Highway, 33 City (100 Miles on E Drive)
Torque: 100 Lb-Ft. (est.)
Length: 106 Inches (2.69 Meters) (est.)
Width: 65-75 Inches (1.65 – 1.9 Meters) (est.)
Height: 61 Inches (1.54 Meters) (est.)
Wheelbase: 73.74 Inches (1.87 Meters) (est.)
Top Speed: 95 MPH (152.8 KPH) (est.)
Seating: Two Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 11.5 – 10 seconds (est.)
Base Price: $21,000 (est.)


Sum It Up:

I love the 2017 Smart Fortwo.  It is so quirky and fun like a little lovable puppy.  Plus, it’s as practical as they come and can be slotted anywhere.  Now I think it makes more sense in the United States as an electric car since that’s what the original scheme called for.  Smart commented on pressure from competitors and they rightfully said that Smart customers don’t really drive more than 40 miles a day, and the range of the electric Smart is perfectly within the limits.

I love the 2017 Smart Fortwo, and should too.





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