2017 Porsche 960 Review

The newest 2017 Porsche 960 model is at our doorsteps the arrival of which we have been eagerly anticipating. The model has already shared some pictures which were released earlier beofr released and we have been able to see the car doing laps and getting ready for the release. It is all looking great but we are not going to get the car as soon as everybody expected as there is still a bit to go. But the mark is certainly next year.

2017 Porsche 960 front view

The newest 2017 Porsche 960 model is set to be remodeled a bit and it is going to resemble the latest Porsche Cayman in its style. The car is not going to be a reflection of the vehicle completely but it is going to be a suitable update for this new vehicle. With a new platform, the mid mounted engine car is also going to get a different kind of a weight distribution, as they are aiming and making this car as efficient and as light as possible.

The model is going to reduce weight significantly compared to before which also affects the fuel economy of the car. The the modular sports architecture which is devolved and implemented for the car also provides high strength for the model even with the lightweight platform and provides the specs and performance that you would expect from a 960 model.

2017 Porsche 960 rear view

We have managed to find out the newest updates about the care and have decided to present them in this review so you can see just what the newest model is going to represent.

Exterior design

The exterior design of the 2017 Porsche 960 is pretty interesting and looks great and we have not expected so much changes in fact. But the exterior is actually much more important if we take a look at its design characteristics that concert the weight and the performance of the car. Aesthetically wise, the model is going to resemble the latest Cayman model which is a good choice and they decided to add a new platform which is mainly made out of aluminum and carbon fiber and reduces to weight to be below 3.000 pounds in total.

2017 Porsche 960 exterior

The front and the back end of the car has beam made to bulge forward a bit while the middle part is narrow and has doors which open to the outward part. It is a two-door model as we have expected it to be with slim and stylishly shaped power side mirrors. The model will use the 19-inch wheels as standard which are going to come with performance tires and a low stance for the coupe version, which gives a sporty look to the car. The front end also has the trapezoidal headlights and fog lights which come with LED features as well and there is a massive meshed air vent placed to cool the engine. The roofline has a slight steep towards the rear part and also includes a  retractable spoiler with the xenon tail lights.

Interior aspects

The cabin and the interior of the 2017 Porsche 960 is going to be restyled slightly but generally it is going to be adapted for the new age design models. The latest car is going to have a nice cabin which fits two people inside it and will come with two very comfortable Recaro racing seats for the driver and the passenger. There is certainly enough legroom and also the seats are upholstered with some fine leather seats for added comfort.

2017 Porsche 960 interior

The cabin is going to be updated with certain gadgets and there is going to be a modern feel to the car owing to the added technology. The infotainment aspect is greatly updated and includes  gadgets like a touch-screen display, MP3 player, CD player, Bluetooth and USB ports for phone  charging and connectivity, AM/FM radio and many more. There is also going to be a four-zone automatic climate control system with added satellite navigation . There are many accessories around the cabin with cup holders and adjustable seats and headrests which are going to benefit the whole experience.

Engine performance and specs

There are actually going to be two engine options for the 2017 Porsche 960 given. The first one is the a 3.9 liter 8 cylinder engine with 4 turbochargers and 2 inter-coolers which is the base option. It goes well beyond 600 hp and comes with an all-wheel drive as standard. This one uses a seven-speed manual or automatic transmission option and has the capacity to speed up to 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds. The secondary option is an optional one and includes using a 4.6 liter V8 engine which combines with a seven-speed dual clutch computerized transmission. The specs say that it can make 570 hp and comes with either an all wheel drive or a front wheel one.

Release date and price

Do not expect to see the 2017 Porsche 960 this year as it will certainly not make it. The apparent release date and a much suitable one is for the next year when the car is going to be released. Mid-year is when you can expect it to happen. The price is somewhere between $200,000 to $250,000 pitting this car head to head with such rivals as  Ferrari 458 Italia, Audi R8, Lamborghini Gallardo and McLaren 12C.

2017 Porsche 960 side angle




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