As recently announced, the 2017 Pontiac Firebird is a go. There have been many headlines before which titled that this legendary car was going to make a comeback soon, but we never really had and lucrative evidence to go on. Finally, the pictures and reviews that have started to emerge show us that the legendary vehicle is going to be a reality. The all new Firebird is expected to hit the market soon with some modern new features.

As it was made known, the 2017 Pontiac Firebird is going to be based on the recent Pontiac Trans Am concept which was revealed some time ago. This was a perfect starting point for redesigning this car. As the concept brought so many innovations already and a great modern new take on the Trams Am car, why not transfer it to the new Firebird. It appears that the car is taking a big turn both inside and outside and it will all be part of its new look and future design.

Pontiac was aiming for the comeback of the Firebird for some time. There are a lot of old hard core fans which will appreciate getting a car which reminds them on their youth and the way that the things were some time. But as it appears they also want to establish the car as a modern contender. The car is going to feature all new looks and design aspects which are more than welcomed for the car and which are going to attract more new audience to the label.


2017 Pontiac Firebird Exterior Reshaping

As they want to make the 2017 Pontiac Firebird both visually acceptable and modern enough for the current period, some alterations have been made for the exterior of it. The most important thing was to reshape the car and make it look modern. Some new design elements were used to keep the car look both fresh and keep the standard appeal of the past Firebird cars. But of course many advancements have been made in turns of making the car look acceptable to a wider audience base.

The most changes were added to the front and rear fascia. Although the 2017 Pontiac Firebird retains a lot of its familiar and well know food looks, the contemporary details manage to enhance them. The most design additions were also done to make the car as aerodynamic as possible. There is a new bumper in the front and some new LED lights have been added with restyled headlights as well. The grille design has been modified a bit but it still retains the same kind of shape that we are used to having.

The changes have been mad for the coupe and the convertible version as well. Having both is a tradition for the Firebird brand so an exception has not been made and the car will continue with the revamped design.


Interior Updates

The interior is also going to go through a lot of alternation for the 2017 Pontiac Firebird version. In fact they are going for a comfort enhancing look inside. The added features are mainly concentrating on improving the vehicle comfort rates and to help the passengers to be as relaxed as possible. Some comfortable new materials are going to be sued and they are placed not just on the seats but also around the cabin as well.

The dash takes a mild redesign as it resembles and pays homage to some older Firebird models. But they are keeping things also as modern as possible. The design is a good looking one but a very functional one. It incorporates new technological features which range from function features to infotainment features. The steering wheel has also been changed and features a contemporary design which allows you better handling of the car.


Powertrain Updates

Under the hood of the 2017 Pontiac Firebird, there are going to be two engine options available. The base one will be a transferred engine which comes out of the current Chevy Camaro car and is the 6.2L V8 engine which is good enough to make an output of 426 hp to 575 hp. But there is an even bigger engine option which sit the 5.0 liter V-8 cylinder engine which is supposed to make a staggering 700 hp output, but those figures are still not official. You can combine both of the engines using a regular 6 speed automatic,  or chose an optional Tremec 6-speed manual transmission which comes as a completely new choice for the car. It was also reported that the fuel economy for the base version is going to go to 15/31 mpg in the city/highway.


Release Date and Price

As far as the information about the release date for the 2017 Pontiac Firebird go, it is supposed to appear in 2017. The release is actually pushed back a bit and the car is due to make an appearance in the latter part of the year. We were hoping to see it by midyear but according to the rate of production we are expecting an end-year release.

The price is going to be a standard one for a car like the Firebird. According to the recent information the price bump has been made due to the added materials and especially because of the technological updates which the cars extends with. All in all, expect for a price between  $ 36 000 to $ 41 000.







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