2017 Mustang Cobra Review

Drag racing fans will be happy to know that a 2017 Mustang Cobra model is being released. This is going to be an extension and a redesign of the last racing model which was released in 2013 as this one has been enhanced in so many ways. The introduction of Ford Mustang vehicles to drag tips was first done the 1960s and eve since then has remained a model which much so defines the aspect of racing. Immediately after its introduction and after it made its debut the car managed to win the NHRA Winternationals, held in Pomona, California, in the 1968 season.

2017 Mustang Cobra Jet side view

After this immediately success that the car had , the Mustang models have been a familiar presence at the NHRA, NMCA, NMRA or IHRA competitions. The Cobra is one of the most anticipated racing vehicles which has been awaited for some time as the success of the last version can only be followed by an even better one.

2017 Mustang Cobra king Cobra

The new model was recently unveiled at the SEMA show in Las Vegas when it was showcased for the first time and when it was revealed that the car is going to be remodeled and rebuilt for yet another season. This brought joy to the hearts of many racing fans and made everybody feel excited. The news about the release date followed suit and it brings us to our review today. Ford’s commitment to the racing sport is much appreciated and will certainly follow with the future Mustang Cobra vehicles.


What the new 2017 Ford Cobra has going for it in terms of its exterior appearance is the combination of the old model and a lot of things borrowed from the road Mustang version. As Ford has managed to release its latest Ford Mustang vehicle it was no wonder that they have been preparing to release the Cobra model soon after it. Keeping some of the important parts of the previous car and combing it with the newest design and characteristics of the current road model, the car has grown and been given a very unique type of a look which is going to be very much appreciated in the racing circles.

2017 Mustang Cobra front view

The front of the car has the slim tires and the hood pines which are a standard feature for race vehicles. The front end looks pretty much the same as the road going Mustang and the difference here is that it removes the for lights from its front. There is also a wheelie bar  added which you can get in two main colors. You can get it either in Deep Impact Blue and Oxford White and you can get it depending on the type of package that you decide to choose.


The interior of the 2017 Mustang Cobra has all the inclusions of the latest Ford Mustang model. It features all the characteristics that have been added to the road vehicles and adopts a lot of them and combines with the necessary racing features and parts that made it to the list here.

The parts that were transferred from the road vehicle include the dashboard, the center console and the door panels which are identical to the aforementioned Mustang model. Of course, this would not be a racing car if it would not feature the needed racing parts so we do get a  NHRA certified 8.50-second roll cage.

2017 Mustang Cobra interior

The stats have been upgraded and now get the  Corbeau FIA seats which do have 5-point harnesses  a race-spec shifter and additional dashboard gauges.


The model is going to have a very powerful engine which is going to enable the 2017 Mustang Cobra to achieve great success at the racing track. The Cobra is going to use the  5.0 L V8 engine along with a Whipple supercharger which is also going to help it attain an output of 707 hp. It is particularly amazing to know that it can reach the  0-60 mph mark in 8 seconds which actually takes he Dodge Challenger Hellcat SRT to achieve in 11.2 seconds, a great nod for the Mustang Cobra this time. These are perhaps only the first and initial specs and releases as they have reported an output of 1000 hp and beyond, which might become available with the inclusion of a potential engine which has yet to be disclosed.

2017 Mustang Cobra engine

Release date and price

As the 2017 Ford Cobra has already been shown, there are still some details that are going to be known only after it gets to be released for sale. Luckily the release date has already been set at the model is going to be available in the start of next year. The price is going to be set at $ 103,980, which is an immense increase compared to the  $ 99,990 the previous model used to have.

2017 Mustang Cobra rear view





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