Making an appearance this year is the 2017 Mitsubishi Evolution. This is already an established brand coming from Mitsubishi which is going to bring back some of the features which have made the car popular. The model has been in talks for a comeback and a lot of people have announced already for last year. But in fact the Evolution finally becomes available now and will get to be released come the start of the year.

The Mitsubishi Evolution brand was first issued in 1992 and after that came four generations of the model was also able to release ten different models. A lot of those models have not only won the hearts of fans over the years but it has also won a lot of awards which just shows how far has the car actually gone. What the main point of every Mitsubishi Evolution car is that every new model has improved upon the previous one with added features and refinements.

The newest 2017 version of the Evolution car is going to have a tough stance and come back with more power. We can actually say that it brings a physics defying performance and brings back a style which perhaps might be dated but still holds its own. But the refinements have still to be done, namely on the inside. The interior of the car still has some low quality materials which deserve to be upgraded and they should have spent some more time on the details of the car.


Exterior Redesign for the 2017 Mitsubishi Evolution

The 2017 Mitsubishi Evolution received a light update this time. The car brought back the look from the original model which has not evolved so much as the name said. When the original model was designed the front end or rather the nose of the car was modeled by a shark. Being an ultimate predator the same was intended for the Evolution car. But after a few generations and not changing anything about it the look has become a bit stale. They are still keeping this kind of look which is a hallmark for the brand and that is okay, but there are still a lot of elements which could have changed.

The car is only getting minor tweaks here and there for the exterior. The idea is to keep the car as aggressive as it is and maybe go even further. The car manages to retain these characteristics and adds some more. There are sharp corners and the car also looks wider which all adds to the aggressive style of the car. The look may be a bit stale but we can say that the car manages to keep it acceptable at least for a period of time.


Interior Changes and Updates

The car’s interior keeps the same formula as the outside of the 2017 Mitsubishi Evolution. The car makes its best to keep the old elements intact and just adds a few of the new ones which really do not bear enough weight. the model retains the hollow plastic materials and also uses the basic components from before which have not changed. That is the first mistake and we could have used a bit of carbon fiber additions and even perhaps some Alcantara to make the car seem at least more fashionable.

A good thing about the car is the addition of the Recaro seats which provide enough comfort for the driver. You get enough lateral support and the driver is going to feel great when driving this car. Added are the leather panels and harness straps which have contrast stitching which make it look better and more appealing. The steering is strapped in leather as well as the gearshifter with aluminum pedals as well and an overall driver-centric cabin. The rear bench also provides enough comfort and access to the back is pretty ample.


Power Enhancements and Engine

The power to the 2017 Mitsubishi Evolution is provided by a  2.0-litre turbocharged ‘4B11 engine. This is perhaps the best part of the car and certainly the part which is all business. The model is getting an enhancement and brings a power punch with its new specs and the engine. It is going to be combined with a five-speed manual gearbox which is much more purposeful and provides smoother transmissions compared to a 6-speed one and is the main reason why they decided to go for a 5-speed one instead of a 6-speed transmission. Thus the overall output of the car is now measured at 217 horsepower and 366 lb-ft of torque.


Release Date and Price

The model is finally coming and the 2017 Mitsubishi Evolution is going to be released this year. The release date has been postponed a few times and everybody was expecting the car to come earlier. But as they run into some production problems along the way, as it sometimes happens, and this time managed to stretch too long for the car to really be ready. Thus expect to see the at the start of the year when it becomes available for sale.

The starting price is going to be given at $38,805 given as a base MSRP rate and you can start ordering the car in advance soon as it is almost ready.






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