The 2017 Mercedes ML is the newest release that the popular German automaker of luxury vehicles is going to release. In fact this model will continue the trend of latest Mercedes arrivals and will include and incorporate some of the newest components and key features for the car. In fact this is the third-generation model of the ML-Class vehicles that Mercedes-Benz is releasing so they have updated it and added a slew of new features.

Interestingly enough the ML-Class is going to be sold in its respective markets under this name, the name which it had been known for all along, but the rest of the lesser known markets will have a GLE-Class model. The ML is going to go under the name of GLE in some lesser popular markets which they are expecting will give rise to the car with the third-gen choice. There were some possibilities that the entire lineup got renamed and stuck with the GLE-Class name for all of its markets, but Mercedes decided to keep the same kind of set as it had before.


The newest 2017 Mercedes-Benz ML-Class model is being offered next year as the information about the release date indicates, so it was fitting to prepare a review about it. The model will compete in the ever competitive luxury SUV segment which might stagger the model’s rise. The main issue that we have here is that they concentrated mostly on updating the features and the comfort rates of the car, which is a good thing, but the performance remained the same, which we were hoping to get an enhanced version of.

Exterior look and design

The newest model that is the 2017 Mercedes ML car has been updated and will features various changes around its exterior. But the fact is that we have not gotten the changes that we were hoping to see and there is a lot of the things that may need revision. But our mind is that the model could have used a bit more work done and that the changes made are not enough to bring the model the fandom and the popularity they have been planning to get.

The newest model is going to be a mixture of the old traditional pieces which the car had before and which become a staple of the ML-Class look and will combine them with some newly contemporary idiots. The include the SUV features which are borrowed from some other modern Mercedes-Benz vehicles which have made their debus recently.


Some actual new details that we do enjoy seeing on the latest 2017 Mercedes-Benz ML model are the add ions of various air ducts added to the front fascia which do not only have a functional purpose but bring an aesthetic appeal to the car. The air ducts and the newly styled fornt grille are positioned closer to the bumper and with a new setup to the front bring a completely new look to the ML-Class models now.

Interior updates and changes

The treatment that the 2017 Mercedes ML got on the inside was supposed to be enough to update the whole car and supposedly update the car’s comfort levels. We instead got a mediocre update which we do think could have been addressed much better. With the similar sort of a design witch just a few changes, the looks of the car remain mostly the same. There are some new hues introduced and a new trim level which is supposed to make the comfort of the car higher. We agree that the car feels comfortable but it is a shame as it does not look like a comfortable setting at all.


But they managed to do a great job with the infotainment update. The model received a completely new and larger touchscreen with automaker’s Command infotainment system at the helm. This update is going to be greatly appreciated and might attract the fans even more. The simplicity of use here is a key feature and we see it making better claims for the car. The controls that are added are easy to use and are compared tot eh V-Class model while the safety features have also been addressed and are borrowed from the G-Class one.

Engine update and specs

If not updating the power, they are still offering three engine choices of the 2017 Mercedes ML model. The first one is the 4-pot  2.1 liter BlueTEC diesel engine that generates 200 horsepower and 369 pounds per feet of torque and will be the base engine option for the model and will be offered for the ML250 trims.  Next we get the 3.5 liter V-6 power engine that has an output of 302 horsepower and 273 pounds per feet of torque which is available for the ML350 models. And finally all of you who get the ML400 model can benefit from its  twin turbo charged 3.0 liter power engine that generates up to 339 brake horsepower and 354 pounds per feet of torque. But there is the AMG variant of the line that has the  5.5 liter V-8  engine under its hood with a performance of 518 horsepower and 516 pounds per feet of torque.


Release date and price

The latest 2017 Mercedes ML model will make its debut next year with a release date coming in June of 2017. The mid-year release is expected to happen at its respected home markets and some other famous ones while the GLE dubbed one will have a debut at its respected markets a little bit later in the year. All in all, the bottom price tag for all of the given markets is going to be at around $61,000.





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