2017 Lincoln Town Car Review

The next generation 2017 Lincoln Town Car is getting ready to hit the streets. The latest and newest addition to the Lincoln roster has been making some waves with the recent announcements and speculations about its released. The vehicle is something to cheer for and we are looking a design which is going to overshadow the previous one.

Lincoln has always been a car manufacturer that proposes luxury and high end vehicle and they are not stopping there. What they are ready to put out is a selection of new models that are going to expand the luxury of the models all-together. The Town Car is perhaps the first one which starts its change and will not only pioneer the brand’s new look, but will also be a fresh new start for its own mark.

2017 Lincoln Town Car side view

The car will make its premier in the American market next year as it was predicted to be a top seller particularly on the North American continent. We d agree that this sort of a car can make it big there and this is the reason for outputting this review. Yet the people in different kind of markets will also get to benefit the model in so many ways. You have probably seen the pictures of the latest 2017 Lincoln Town Car, now it is time to read the review.


The 2017 Lincoln Town Car remains to be a luxury item, which is particularly noticeable on the outside. The vehicle is getting a revamped exterior but not in your every day flashy way. Instead they are keeping most of it traditional and old-school and are keeping the look which the Town Car is famous for. That being said, Lincoln is not known for doing things over the top and they are making sure that they make a tasteful design rather than making it a rash one. The 2017 Lincoln Town Car is going to be similar to the car that we had before but it is still going to add some minor details that make a lot of difference.

2017 Lincoln Town Car exterior

The exterior is going to differ a lot as this version is going to sport a stylish yet elegant exterior. Some balanced and perspective shaping have been done on the front and rear end of the car. It seems that the model is picking things up with the sharper design and some harder cues and angels and is going to shape the model very nicely this way. All in all, we are pretty much excited about how the 2017 Town Car is going to look as it truly shapes things up and gives us a more stylish setup this time.


As a luxury car the 2017 Lincoln Town Car is going to model a very nice setup in terms of the added materials and equipment on the interior of the car. What we are hoping to get is an expansion on the previous model which is going to enhance the offer that we got with the previous model. Lincoln plans to provide a better design by adding all new and comfy materials. Mind you, the previous one was also exquisite but it comes to a more modern and comfortable offer with the recent update. We are hoping to see something completely different and we are going to be satisfied with the high-end inside that is shaping for us.

2017 Lincoln Town Car interior

The materials are not the only thing that shape the comfort of the car, it also provides us with some great equipment features which manage to add to the comfort levels as well. Generally speaking, Lincoln adds a lot of equipments to make the offer a grand one and it starts with the adjustable seats which are set both for the passengers and the driver. The dashboard is a little bit reshaped but in a way that it makes it much logical and easier to use. The cabin has certainly changed for the better and we are more than happy how the 2017 Lincoln Town Car is shaping to be.


As we are still waiting for the official confirmation about the powertrain of the 2017 Lincoln Town Car we have some unofficial confirmation which are certainly going to become reality very soon. Thus the car is going to be powered by the  Ford’s 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine which will combine with a  a 6-speed transmission and result in 365 horsepower of output. There is a secondary option available and it is more than certain that both are going to be a part of the newest design. The 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 engine makes 350 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque and is being paired with Ford’s new nine-speed gearbox. It also amounts to a top speed of 130 mph and an acceleration rate of 6 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

2017 Lincoln Town Car engine

Price and release date

The vehicle is going to be priced similarly as before. This is a new model but the 2017 Lincoln Town Car is getting a slight raise in the price which may come as unnoticeable. The model is being offered for a price between $33,000- $40,000 and the release date is next year when the car hits the American market.






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