The segment is going to be richer with the addition of the 2017 Lincoln MKT vehicle. The updated car is here to bring us joy and we see it as a great comeback car which adds a fairly good updated that we can be happy with. This kind of model has been on the market for some time now and deserves some changes to be made. The car will likely adopt some modern features so the competitiveness is addressed as well.

Looking at the MKT design perhaps does not offers us anything spectacular. The car is a bit polarizing and it does not show what it is actually capable of. But the inside brings lots of comfort and is very spacious and under the hood we have a very powerful an muscular V-6 engine that makes a whole lot of difference.


The MKT brand has perhaps originated from a different era and comes from a period when other things were important. But keeping up with the style and the trend is what a good vehicles does. They have managed to do this and has reinvented the brand a few times to keep the style and particularly the performance fresh. Now we have a fully capable  three-row crossover utility vehicle which will continue to provide comfort and a lively family hauler with its 2017 incarnation.

Exterior Design for the 2017 Lincoln MKT

The style of the 2017 Lincoln MKT is quite peculiar in a sense. It draws from both the old vehicles and also tries to bring some new elements on board as well. It looks daring even by today’s standards. This design was introduced at least seven years ago and it still manages to hold on and remain attractive and will also appeal to different tastes as that is how the design was made. It does look polarizing in some sense but manages to bring you everything what you are looking from a sort of car like this one.


Lincoln has showcased that even a large crossover vehicle like the MKT does not need to be defined in a rigid way. The MKT falls back on some symbolic additions that date back to the 60s when Lincoln vehicles looked liked yachts. Although it is hard to spot the elements for the untrained eye, underneath all of it you can see the Ford Flex like design. The most peculiar, and some would say controversial, elements for the car is the unfinished look of the tail which adds a thin ribbon of taillights and badging. Also a noticeable difference is that the silhouette of the vehicle is a bit  hearse-like.

Interior Updates and Changes

Generally speaking, when you enter the inside of the 2017 Lincoln MKT we noticed that it has a dark look. The technology on the other hand is a big advantage for the car as it manages to add a new Sync 3 infotainment system which is perched on the front center part of the dash and is coupled with capacitive-touch audio and climate controls. The use of conventional knobs and switches has been disposed here. The  instrument panel cluster is very nicely configured and it manages to show you all the necessary information in a nice layout that is easy to understand and enjoy.


The car is also very spacious and comfortable. Both the first and second row of seats have very uncommon support and a lot of spacing for the people occupying the area. The front seats are actually so comfortable that can account for the driver conventions long distances and doing a lot of driving and not fill stiff or tired. There is also the option of using the steering wheel adjustment to help you chose the best driving position. The back end has a lot of leg room offered and also provides better door entrances. The third row is in fact cozy and does have a lot of space there but it is still hard to enter and exit from it. All in all, there is enough coziness and space for seven people inside the 2017 Lincoln MKT.

Engine Choices and Power


The base version of the 2017 Lincoln MKT is offering us the 3.7-liter V-6 engine with front-wheel drive. The secondary option is a 3.5-liter turbocharged V-6,  that also comes with all-wheel drive. With the starting option, the model is capable of making  303 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque, while the secondary can make 365 hp and 350 lb-ft of torque. The base version is surprisingly strong and can provide a good pull as it uses a  6-speed automatic transmission. But with the stronger option the power delivery is smoother and willing which kind of a happens more naturally. All in all, it accounts for some good driving characteristics for the car in any sort of a sense.

Release Date and Price


The 2017 Lincoln MKT model is already and expected release. The car has been announced for the beginning of the year and high expectations are made for it already. The car looks good and there is certainly going to be a high demand once they start selling the car. It will have its release date in the start of March. The given price for the car is 43,530 dollars for the base version given as a base MSRP price but if you want the AWD Elite option you will have to pay a sum of 49,025 dollars for the stronger version.




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