The 2017 Lincoln Continental Black Label is a nice step up from the 2016 model. You can call it love at first sight when you lay your eyes on it’s sleek structure. Lincoln is a brand near and dear to Americans, being a source of luxurious driving experiences more and more. Today we’ll be learning about what you’re going to love about the brand new 2017 Lincoln Continental. This means you get an in-depth look at the pricing, specs, interior, and release dates.

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Before diving in a bit more, let’s take a brief look at the history of Lincoln car models. The Lincoln Motor Company is a brand branch of Ford Motor Company, based in the U.S. It was founded all the way back in 1917 by our very own Henry M. Leland, and in 1922, the Lincoln division was made. Like many models, the 2017 is quite reminiscent of it’s previous models. While the 2016 beholds a super futuristic body, you’ll notice the new Lincoln Continental has rounded out a few edges, and what is referred to as “Perfect Position Seats”. Believe it or not, these seats take inspiration from seating in private jets.

Looking on the Exterior

The main difference that you’ll see between the 2016 and 2017 Lincoln Continental models is that the newer model is a bit more “rounded”, making it more sleek and aerodynamic.

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior

Moving further along our 2017 Lincoln Continental Review, we will be looking into the interior details. Lincoln has always been known to have a luxury feel, as well as a lot of space compared to many other models. Lincoln tries to highlight their seating placement in their newest model. After all, it was inspired by the seating of private jets. The goal was to help the driver achieve a desirable spinal alignment to have the most comfortable driving experience yet.

Aside from the awesome seating, you’ll notice that you get a fully equipped, hi-tech set up where you can set up a GPS, play music, listen to the radio, and more. The 2017 Lincoln Continental is a complete driving experience. The only thing you might not like is that it may be a bit intimidating to you. Especially if you’re one to enjoy a more simple driving experience, all these new gadgets are not going to be all that.

When it all comes down to it, the Lincoln Continental has a stunning interior, featuring the classic wood grain that we all love so much.

2017 Lincoln Continental Specs

Now we’ll be taking a deeper look into the specs of the all new 2017 Lincoln Continental. It can comfortably seat up to 5 people. The vehicle is an all wheel drive, automatic, with 6-speed Select-shift. The vehicle itself weights 4,224 pounds, making the frame pretty lightweight when taking into account it’s a wide-set luxury ride. Dimensions of the 2017 Lincoln Continental are 201.4” in length, 58.5” height, and 82.3” width.

All of the 3 different models are equipped with V6 engines that average around 17 City/25 Highway miles per gallon. The fuel capacity is 18 gallons and horse power can vary from 305 to 400 depending on whether you have the 3.7L, 2.7L, or 3.0L model. The 2017 Lincoln Continental comes with LED lenses to give the driver a clear view of the road at night.

Take a look of the exterior of the car for yourself. There’s no denying it’s a good looker and you can tell it packs a smooth handle.


  • Wheelbase: 117.9 inches

  • Length: 201.4 inches

  • Height: 58.5 inches

  • Width (with mirrors): 82.3 inches

  • Max Speed: 130 MPH

  • 0-60 mph in seconds: 5.9 seconds

  • Passenger Capacity: 5 people

  • Base Curb Weight: 4,224

  • MPG: 19 miles per gallon, both highway and city

    2017 Lincoln Continental Release Date and Pricing

    The 2017 Lincoln Continental was released during the fall of 2016. As for pricing, it’s going to start at $50,000, being less than the Lincoln Navigator.

    The Final Say

    To say the least, the Lincoln Continental 2017 model is straight up luxurious. It does have quite the price tag, so it’s definitely not made for everyone. If you’re looking for one of the most comfortable rides of your life, this is the one to consider, simply because of the unique seating. What other car tried to ensure your spine is aligned properly while you drive? Either way, whoever sees you riding down the street in this whip will surely be jealous.




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