2017 Infiniti QX70 Review

There is another 2017 Infiniti QX70 cooking and is being released really soon. The model which took over from the FX mark and continued there where the FX50 left off gives us another addition of the already famous brand that is updating its features and giving us the latest model crisp and ready. The brand is not new but the additions are and we are pretty much excited to see what the vehicle is going to provide for us this year.

The Infiniti QX70 was first introduced to use in 2003 as a sporty crossover car for five passengers. Its first major update and redesign cam in 2009 and till then not a lot has changed Of course there have been a few tweaks here and there but generally the car has always been a sporty model which is going to be its characteristic even with the 2017 one.

2017 Infiniti QX70 front angle, headlights and grille

The brand focuses on continuously improving and making and shaping things better for the model. They keep the original idea for the car but they greatly expand and build up on it by adding new features for the new model years. Nissan USA has improved almost everything that comes with their car, performance, interior and exterior and made a whole package entirely. This has all resulted in growing sales and the popularity of the brand has also jumped and expanded exponentially.

The 2017 Infiniti QX70 is going to try to be what it has always been, and that is an all in one car. It combines the characteristics and the ability of a sport luxury automobile with sedan, off-road features All in all it gives us a smooth and also very exhilarating drive which you can manage on different types of terrains.

The models is getting its release date finally and because of that we have devised a review backed up with some new and prime pictures about this model.


Actually, the exterior appearance of the 2017 Infiniti QX70 is heavily based on its Infiniti brethren as it combines the familiar Infiniti grille and front clip features into this new model. The grille flows into the hood in an impeccable way while the A-pillars go straight across the beltline. Looking at the profile of the car we can notice an extended hood and a pulled back greenhouse, which gives it a new kind of a look. The bulging fenders that emerge behind the steering wheel and the new updates and features made to the hood are all what makes the car sporty and gives it a wholesome feel.

2017 Infiniti QX70 rear angle, tailpipe and taillights

There are functional fuel extraction features placed behind the wheels as it keeps the underhood temperature in check and it also helps to reduce the front part lift. As standard equipment we get the bi-functional xenon headlights and fog lights. The car can offer us a stable ride which is largely due to the  platform architecture provided by Nissan which perfectly distributes the weight of the vehicle.


The interior of the 2017 Infiniti QX70 is arranged pretty well with some technical advancements being its number one part. The infotainment system now houses a slew of equipment which makes the exclusiveness of the car pretty high. It includes a Hard Drive Navigation System, NavWeathe, NavTraffic and the Infiniti’s  Around View Monitor which gives us an aerial view of the car.

This car also offers us another exclusive feature to its model. It is a automatic driving position system which moves the steering wheel and the exterior mirrors in order to adapt to the driver’s setup of the power seat. There is also an 11 speaker Bose audio system which has been acoustically brought to perfection and also USB connections, AM/FM/CD and Bluetooth as standard.

2017 Infiniti QX70 interior

To make the temperature and the comfort much easier is the  Infiniti’s Advanced Climate Control System which uses a Grape Polyphenol and Plasmacluster air purifier which reduces pollutants on the inside. So generally speaking, the 2017 Infiniti QX70 inside can perhaps be described as perfection of interior engineering.

Engine specs

The 2017 Infiniti QX70 is going to offer us two engine options. The initial and the base one is the  3.7-liter V-6  which makes 325 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque while the secondary one is the 5.0-liter V-8 one with an output of 390 horses and 369 pound-feet of torque. Both engines come with a Variable Valve Event & Lift control which helps to adjust valve timing. We also get the  Infiniti’s Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive system, which is rear-wheel biased, but works pretty well in this occasion.

2017 Infiniti QX70 engine

The EPA ratings gives us a performance of 17 city and 24 highway mpg for the V-6 model in its rear-wheel performance while the all-wheel one measures at 16 mpg city and 22 mpg highway The V-8 on the other hand has a 14 mpg city and 20 mpg highway with the AWD.

Release date and price

The model is being released finally next year. We are getting our 2017 Infiniti QX70 next year and at the release date there are going to be three trim levels available which actually depend on the engine option as well, so we are getting the QX70 3.7; QX70 3.7 AWD; QX70 5.0 AWD. The price of the base one is $45,750 base MSRP pricing, while the highest trim is going to cost about $73,000.






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