2017 Honda Fit Review

The new cool-looking 2017 Honda Fit has been announced and is going to hit the market pretty soon. The luxury compact segment can never get enough of candidates in the market and it is good to have yet another one as the update feels great. Honda Fit will start production this year but will only be available the next one when the release date is set.

The car coming from Japan is going to be the third-generation vehicle from its line and will make its debut in the North American market as well. It will be completely modernized as it is going to feature a new platform which is a perfect way to start the redesign and is also going to update the dimensions a bit. The car is going to be a bit shorter in the back side as it updates its appearance for a more useful and appropriate one.

2017 Honda Fit front angle

The versatility of the car is going to be great and the car also has a lot of new perspectives and abilities that come along with the newest update. It will revise the fuel efficiency, upgrade the car visibility from the inside and also upgrade the interior by adding a unique seating arrangement and a revised cargo area.

The 2017 Honda Fit is a perfect vehicle for various needs. It can be a family vehicle and it can be a car that helps you get the groceries back home from shopping. Additionally it is even good for short trips and will give you all the fun and comfort a bigger car would. Read the review and find out what updates the have been announced for the new 2017 model.

2017 Honda Fit redesign news

The newest 2017 Honda Fit has incorporated quite a few style changes when it comes to its exterior appearance. The hood has been shrunk down and is much smaller than it used to be and with the new edge design it look much more premier than it used to be. The front side of teh car improves the aerodynamic properties of the car by reshaping the bumper. The new bumper also has a stylistic side as the changes enhance the look of the vehicle in a great sense. There are some oval shaped fog lights added to the front side as well and a bunch of air intakes are also placed down below as well. The large radiator grille is also a fun new addition to the Fit and it adopts an aircraft wing design. The company logo is proudly displayed on the front as it is surrounded by some chrome strips on the very nose of the grille.

2017 Honda Fit exterior, alloy wheels

The roofline has been tampered a bit as well. It looks as smooth as ever and the added change adds a curve at the back side where it is lowered a bit. Because of the width of the vehicle the doorways have been reshaped a bit to enable better entrance to the car, so you do not struggle and slouch when you go in. The back side has a vertical tailgate now and with the taillight is the only change that has been made to the back of the vehicle.

2017 Honda Fit gear shift knob, lcd screen and leather seats

The inside of the 2017 Honda Fit is as comfortable as it gets. The model has adopted the high quality of comfort and standard inside the automobile and brings the users the versatile experience it promises. The multi-function passenger seats have remained and have been upgrade with new materials, so they are even comfortable than before. But the down side is that the luggage area has been decreased a little bit. This is due to the reshaping of the back part of the car and also making some extra room on the inside, so the cargo part took the fall. But if you really need to luggage space that much you can adjust the back seats or fold them for some extra space.

The dash has changed a little bit but not in a dramatic sense, yet there is still a large number of innovations and updates added there. There are various multi-function parts of the equipment added that The connectivity is a big part of the technology update and it works in the sense that it makes you connect various other devices to your car. Your kids are going to enjoy it and it is going to be pretty useful for you as well. The interior is made to be much more common in terms of comparing it to other models from the Honda brand. It is not that much different nor spectacular than the ones seen on the Accord or the Civic vehicles but the interior is completely different from those two. But, it is a very nice and a great looking setup placed on the inside of the car that is going to be very useful for you.

2017 Honda Fit back view, taillights and tailpipe

2017 Honda Fit engine changes

The newest 2017 Honda Fit will sport a hybrid powerplant and will that way be much easier on your budget. The model is going to use a 1.5 liter Atkinson cycle four cylinder engine as its base choice and will combined with a seven speed dual gear transmission. The car now makes 130 horsepower with 114lb-ft of torque and offers us a steady a performance and reliable driving experience. You also have the choice of choosing between a manual and an automatic gearshifter as well which is something most people are interested these days as well.  The second option of the Fit is the 1.3 liter Inline four engine which makes 130 horsepower with 100 lb-ft of torque, but the best news is of course the hybrid engine that has the capacity to make 150 horsepower.  It rivals all of the competition with its performance so it can even match the Mazda 2 or the Chevy Sonic as well.

2017 Honda Fit engine

Price and release date

What the great news about the release date of the 2017 Honda Fit is that it might come out earlier than expected. The model is already scheduled to appear in 2017 but it may happen that we might get to see it by the end of this year. Expect the car to arrive earlier and we perhaps get to try it out by the end of 2016. The price is going to be an affordable one and is going to retail between  $16.000-$21.000