2017 Honda Accord Review

The 2017 Honda Accord is coming out as a new mainstream midsize car in a sedan from. The best way to describe the car is go say that it is aggressively unaggressive, which may be hard to understand at first but it really seems so. The new Accord is going to be designed to be as enjoyable as possible and may push the boundaries in order to reach a greater mainstream appeal.

A coupe version of the Accord already exists, but Honda’s greatest challenger in that segment is the Toyota Camry which does not come with a coupe form, leaning the coupe version of the accord a lot of room on the market. The sedan version is not so lucky as the Camry has a sedan form so it might be harder for the 2017 Honda Accord to breach through and become a popular part of the market.

2017 Honda Accord rear view

What the makers of Honda decided to do then is to enhance the coupe version with added features and make it certain sell out. The 2017 version is going to receive a facelift which is going to staple the Accord’s supremacy in the market and make it much more widely available. The changes that were made mostly concerned the styling of the car. This was a welcoming fact as most people expected to see the changes happen here as the car seemed uneventful till now.

With a new kind of an appearance and a powermill of a 278-horsepower V-6 engine, the 2017 Honda Accord can certainly hold its own on the market and produce great sales numbers. Read our review for added information about the car and get to know all the details of the model’s release date.


The updated version of the 2017 Honda Accord sees an added and different look that was very much expected for the model. As the car seemed very dull and not that interesting for years now, it was due for a change and it was time for the model to receive some updates. The car thus adds its coupe version a sportier.

The added changes start from the new lighting design which sees some new headlight features which actually give off a look of a much more expensive design. The new Accord has some parts which you would see from an Acura model now than anything else.

2017 Honda Accord,side view

The aerodynamics of the car have been enhanced and the car is much more aggressive than before, which is particularly notices with the new hood design. But this is where all of the sporty details stop, as this is not a sports car so they realized that they have to tone it down a bit. But overall a great refresh for the newest Accord model.


The 2017 Honda Accord is actually a very roomy car on the inside for a coupe model. Even though the people in the back might perhaps do better with a four door version, it does not offer a bad setup this way as well. The front seats are actually the same both in the coupe version and the sedan as well, which we consider a good thing. The idea of the whole sedan is to make things accompanying and welcoming for the entire model’s interior. Accompanying the passengers on the inside is the Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay which you can get optionally with the infotainment system. Honda will include Honda Sensing in this model and also add some features which were not considered as standard before and make them as such this time.

2017 Honda Accord interior

The vehicle also includes a whole range of driver’s aids, like  Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Collision Mitigation Braking System with Forward Collision Warning and Road Departure Mitigation with Lane Departure Warning. This is going to be offered as a standalone option and the additional gadgets and equipment is going to help you make your car safer and keep your driving in check.


The 2017 Honda Accord leaves you with two possible options when it comes to the engine choices. The previous versions of the Accord have been using either a four-cylinder or a V-6 for a very long time already and it will continue for the 2017 year model. The first engine option is the 185-horsepower 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine while the second is the 278-horsepower 3.5-liter V-6 one. The second engine option is going to be available with a only a  CVT versions while a six-speed manual is available for the lower trim levels. This version is also capable of reaching the 0-60 mph mark in 5.6 seconds which is regarded as a very respectable mark.

2017 Honda Accord engine

Release date and price

As we mentioned, the 2017 Honda Accord is going to have a very appropriate price tag which is going to make it a desirable model and a very lucrative offer. The car is going to have a starting price of $23,775, for the base version, while the highest trim level car is going to be priced at $34,125 as base MSRP. The model’s release date is set for the upcoming year as the car is going to be available for sale in the first period of the year.

 2017 Honda Accord trunk




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