Perhaps to the younger crowd the name does not mean much, but the hard core fans the older ones will certainly get excited when they hear the news about a re-release of the 2017 GTO Judge. This is a model which has been produced at least half a century ago and was provided by Pontiac. The car made massive hits and was on the lips of every person and it appears that it may do that once again. The legendary vehicle is going to return once more and is going to introduce itself to the younger crowd once again. The ones who are nostalgic for the car to return will appreciate this release while the new crowd may get hooked on the new design and appearance of the car.

The car was introduced for the first time almost half a century ago and had two comebacks in its history. The first one was in 1974 while the other one was more recent in 2004, but it also lasted only for 3 years as the car was rescinded once more. This is the third return of the legendary brand which we are eager to see once more in the racing column among the top dogs in the automotive industry and we feel this is going to be a good release for this year.

2017 GTO Judge front view

The news emerged and became much clearer once the pictures of the concept model started to circle the net. At first it was something unbelievable but fortunately it is going to be something which is going to became a reality. The release date is still not firstly set but as they are addressing it as a 2017 model we expect it by then. Keep reading the review and find out all the necessary specs and stats about the car.

2017 GTO Judge engine performance

The most important part of an the vehicle is always an engine and it appears that the 2017 GTO Judge has something interesting cooking underneath its hood. The rumors are mostly concentrated on a 6.2 liter V-8 engine that might provide just enough juice for this legendary model. With an automatic all wheel drive transmission system this model can be perfect and we assume that it can make an output of 430 horsepower as it will make it very competitive in the market with that sort of specs.

2017 GTO Judge engine

2017 GTO Judge concept

What we may expect from the 2017 GTO Judge is a great design which will bring us something new but will certainly remind us about something old. We are excepting a reminiscence of the older versions often Judge on it as this is a legendary car that many people have learned to love, so it cannot just end there. The concept pictures that were released showcased something that we were expecting to see, we are still not sure whether this is going to be complete transferred to the production level car but we assume that most of it is going to make it. The model is going to be based on the drag racing Ford Mustang GT500 design which has a lot of aerodynamic features and can reach high performance and rates. Combining it with some legendary design cues that were seen on some elderly models for the Judge will do the trick and make the car great.

2017 GTO Judge intarior

As we have seen from the early pictures and some renderings of the car, the front part of the model is going to be dominated by a two part radiator grille with  double light under clear glass and large fog lamps. The back side adds a large shapely spoiler that large lights and exhaust tips protruding down below. This makes for a sporty appearance that we were expecting to get.

The interior is announced to be made with special leather which is going to allow even more comfort while seven interior colors are going to be provided as optional to pick. There are various details that are going to give you an enhanced feeling of driving this car and make you feel even better. The people who have already had the pleasure of during a  Judge before will know what we are talking about as you will get the same kind of feeling once inside the cabin of this car as you get to use an instrument Reviews with a red background and a short stroke sports shift transmission.

2017 GTO Judge rear view

Price and release date

This model is still in the making and the 2017 GTO Judge is finally out of the rumors stage and in its production level. But this leaves us with the question when the model is going to actually be available. Many people assume that it is going to hit the US market as soon as the beginning of next year, but we are a little bit more realistic and judging by he current state of thing the car is expected to appear by the end of 2017. This is still going to make it a 2017 year release but we do not have much to go on the price of the car. As we get closer to the end of production, more info about the price of the 2017 GTO Judge will appear.