2017 Ford Bronco Review

The release date for the 2017 Ford Bronco is getting closer and closer and is already a reality. The model is going to update an immense amount of features that have been problematic for the car and is going to build up on them by updating the majority of it. Ford has been updating a lot of its cars from its fleet so it is due time for another Bronco to be added to the mix as well.

The biggest news is that the 2017 Bronco is going to follow the same direction as the F-150 did. It will use the Atlas concept platform as its basis and will build up upon that. The design is going to be similar as in your average Bronco, with some extensive updates in terms of adding contemporary features and making the vehicle likable for today’s standards.

2017 Ford Bronco grille and headlights

Last year there was a large interest for the new truck to be released but the model was postponed for a year. They did not manage to make the necessary changes in order to make the model possible last year and thus we can expect the model that we were not able to see last year this year. You may expect as similar setup that was already announced before with slight changes and improvements. You can read all about it here in the review as we have managed to do the research regarding this new model.

2017 Ford Bronco rear view

2017 Ford Bronco design news

The design is going to be somewhat different compared to the one which was supposed to come out last year. The 2017 Ford Bronco is going to add a new perspective to the car which is going to have a modernistic note to it and a very fine looking setup. Ford is going to use the same design language that they have utilized for their latest SUVs that they have been producing in recent period and will continue here. Of course this design is going to be combined with the Atlas platform that already proved pretty useful for the Ford F-150 and will be utilized in the same way here.

The front side of the car is going to adopt a large grille which further emphasis the Bronco’s massive and robust character. The grille fits well with the entire concept of the car and combines well with the newly acclimated headlights that have been made here. There are going to be two rows of LED stripes added to the headlights also making it a bit extravagant compared to before. Finally, there are some radical fog lights placed on the front end of the car which help to enhance visibility in tough situations.

2017 Ford Bronco interior

The interior of the car was not showcased as much as the exterior of the 2017 Ford Bronco. Nevertheless, the inside changes are noticeable and are also a big part of the new model. The first thing that was made here was the addition of high-end materials that comprise a big part of the inside of the vehicle. The aesthetic part of the vehicle is going to be immensely bolstered and enhanced with the added changes making it much more comfortable and appropriate in various situations.

The cabin is pretty spacious and has enough room to hold 5 people, which is to top capacity of passengers for the Bronco. There is a high emphasis of passenger comfort which is going to be further enhanced with the added technological advancements. The infotainment system is going to hold the latest technology and will updated the ones previously used. Expect to get the standard setup for any Ford vehicle but a newer and updated version of it.

2017 Ford Bronco engine specs

There are three variants for the powerplant of the 2017 Ford Bronco. The base version is going to be 4.7 L, 6-cylinder engine that makes a total amount of output of 330 hp and 645 lb-ft of torque. This is already a great choice for the Bronco but for a basic kind of a setup that one needs, luckily for more there are two more engine variants. The second one that is offered is the  5.0 L, 8-cylinder Coyote engine which is stronger as it produces 420 hp. But the highest rated option is the one which will release the full potential of the 2017 Bronco and it is the 5.8 L, 8-cylinder that makes 662 hp and 632 lb-ft of torque. The base and the middle engine option are going to be combined with a 6R140, 6-speed automatic transmission system while the highest trim is being operated by a ZT-6 transmission or a 6-speed manual transmission system.

Price and release date

2017 Ford Bronco side view

There aren’t many information about the price or the release date offered for the 2017 Ford Bronco as off now, but we are fairly certain that the release date is going to be set next year and will be set in the first quarter of 2017. As they are basing it on the design which was already present and worked on it will not take much to develop the model entirely. The starting price may be around 28,900 dollars but it can easily jump up to 46,990 dollars for the highest and most powerful trim.