2017 Dodge Journey Review

We are in for yet another crossover SUV as the 2017 Dodge Journey is being released. But what makes this one so different than the others? Well besides being your ordinary SUV that offers you pretty much everything a regular SUV would it has a great value for your money as the price is perfectly aligned with the offers you get with this type of car. But it comes with a twist as at the same time kicks the technological side of the vehicle down to the curve.

If you are having trouble deciding between an SUV and a minivan the 2017 Dodge Journey can provide a perfect solution for you as it is both. This model splits the differences in a greater way than any other model currently available on the market and has been till now somewhat overlooked by shoppers. We regard it as a perfect family vehicle that can fulfill its duty well and give us a solid offer. One of the more important things is that it is fairly cheap compared to other models on the market.

2017 Dodge Journey rear angle

The fame that the Journey has accumulated during the years was enough to keep the car afloat as there were not many significant changes made when it comes to the difference between the older models. A lot of the parts were mostly carried over and it is still being done now as well. This time there are going to be some more updates added that are going to update the model a bit and present us with a new type of a car. Keep reading the review so you can find out more about the release date and the specs of the 2017 Dodge Journey model.


There are two sides of the 2017 Dodge Journey exterior design. One is that it is a perfect blend between an SUV and a minivan that has been determined perfectly but the other is that the model is neither here or there and does not have a clear image of what it is. There are a lot of good things but essentially a lot of them seem strange as the Journey may eventually decided on what it wants to be. But it does hold a strong hold in the crossover segment as it has clearly stated what brands it wants to mimic. The looks is pleasing to the eye and may come off as satisfactory when it comes to the design that is proposed here.

2017 Dodge Journey side view, alloy wheels

The exterior design is a bit slab sided and combines with some chiseled-sheetmetal and flared wheelwells and squared shoulders. As the current trend is that the models add curves to its looks, this newest design is a bit refreshing as it gives us a bit of a rest from all of that. Some would say that this actually makes it conservative and anonymous but perhaps that is the thing that makes it unique and gives it an advantage compared to the other ones. The majority of the features still remain unchanged but there is enough of new things added to make it a fresh model.


The inside of the 2017 Dodge Journey is quite toned down and pretty much down-to-earth looking. It looks very smooth and swoopy in fact but it has managed to miss on the organic and perhaps over-the-top look some largest Dodge models have been putting out on the market recently. Some other Dodge vehicle like the Durango, Dart and of course the Dodge Charger have this warmness and extravagance to them that you are not going to see here.

But in fact the Dodge Journey does not need anything like that for the simplest reason as it has a very simple layout already and combines it with some high-quality parts and materials. The materials are mostly dark, but there is enough brightwork to provide contrast and in that way provide a much more upscale look.

2017 Dodge Journey interior

There is a metallic trim added to the softly sculptured dashboard and combines with a countered center stack so even with a blocky steering wheel and cut-tube gauges we get a premium design and a well mannered look for the model. All in all, the 2017 Dodge Journey interior is handsome and attractive enough to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your ride.


The latest 2017 Dodge Journey is going to offer three different engine options which means a lot of versatility for the vehicle. So we get to choose between a four-cylinder engine with front-wheel drive, a V-6 with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. So the  2.4-liter inline-4  is the standard engine option but does not offer great fuel economy in its sense, yet it does have an output of  173-horsepower. The SXT, Crossroad, and Crossroad Plus are going to use the V-6 engine as a standard offer, but the 3.6-liter “Pentastar” V-6  is perhaps the most prominent choice with an output of 283 hp  and a 6-speed automatic shifter that provides better gear-changing ability for the vehicle.

2017 Dodge Journey engine

Release date and price

As mentioned, the greatest advantage of the 2017 Dodge Journey is its price and once we know that the price range starts with a base MSRP price of 20,995 for the base version , we see how much the car is really valued. You will get to have your fist chance to purchase the car next year, or actually at the start of next year as the car already becomes available in January for sale.





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