2017 Dodge Durango Review

The 2017 Dodge Durango is making a comeback for a new model year. The Durango is considered to be one of the top, American-mad SUVs in the world and has proven from time and time again. This is something that should grace the new brand and the model which is getting its release date this year. The model is going to be graced with a rugged exterior look, prime interior amenities and immense power for a great performance.

This time, they are concentrating on functionality and usefulness. The model is going to build up on adding many new features and parts of equipment which are going to make this possible. The car is being made fitted with all new and very useful entertainment features which is going to enhance the model’s overall usability.

2017 Dodge Durango side view, gray color

Furthermore, the 2017 Dodge Durango is going to be a very cost-effective model that is going to be its greatest advantage. Besides being able to enhance the model’s functionality a great news is that the car is going to give all of this to us and make it available for a very suitable price. Not so many models in the SUV segment can say that they are quite cheap but this one can surely be able to boast about this. Read all about the new 2017 Dodge Durango here in this review.


What the designers of the newest 2017 Dodge Durango have done was to make it much more aggressive, bigger and modern. The vehicle is being developed in a way that they have made the size of it bigger compared to the older models but have still given it all the characteristics of a modern SUV vehicle. The changes that have been made can first be noticed on the front as there is a big hexagonal grille placed to the front. The new grille design is accompanied by new headlights which are going to feature LED technology.

2017 Dodge Durango front view

The undercarriage is going to be protected by a skid plate which is also helpful in protecting the engine as it keeps it secure from small objects that might breach through and enter inside and possible damage the vital parts of the engine. The front bumper is positioned higher and in that case makes the clearance of the car higher while at the same time it is made from lighter materials and does not enhance the weight of the vehicle so much. But it is not the bumper as the only part which is made out of lightweight materials as the majority of the car incorporates some lighter parts that are going to fit in perfectly for the fuel saving mindset of the car now.

2017 Dodge Durango rear view


Compared to the older model the 2017 Dodge Durango is going to be immensely updated. The feeling is that the car is now much more masculine and serious looking. The car is still going to be able to fit seven people at the same time and will have the third row of seats as well, but keep in mind that the third row might not be that comfortable for fitting in adults so you can perhaps place your children there when driving a full load. But if you do not need to use the third row of seats you are then granted some extra cargo room. The cargo capacity of the car is pretty high and gives you all the opportunity and space to carry a well deserved load.

2017 Dodge Durango interior

All of the seats are covered with prime leather materials for added comfort. The model is going to be as comfortable as it always was and it is going to achieve that by adding the necessary comfort levels and that means soft touch materials on the inside and well paid attention to details. The technological side has also been expanded and besides upgrading the old equipment it also adds some new ones. The redesigned dashboard houses a new information screen and there is also the new stereo system that brings you a lot of fun as well.


The 2017 Dodge Durango is going to offer you two engine choices. A variety of engines that gets to be available allows you to chose a Durango which is going to be fit for some off-road duties as well. The first engine is the base one and uses a  V6, 3.6 liter option that can make 290 horsepower. The second one is a lot more powerful and makes 345 break horsepower, though the use of a  5.7 V8, Hemi engine. Both of the engine variants are combined with a automatic, five speed gearbox as it enables the fuel economy to be  15 to 18 mpg,  The front wheel drive is a standard form  for the car but an AWD is an optional choice.

2017 Dodge Durango engine

Release date and price

The new 2017 Dodge Durango is going to be released this year and the release date states that it comes out by the middle of next year. We may hope for an earlier release and see the car in the first quarter of the year. The price is an acceptable one as the model gets a high advantage compared to its rivals. With a base MSRP being at around $30,000 it is going to be a popular model that may exceed the Chevrolet Traverse, Toyota Sequoia, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition and Nissan Exterra, which are the rivals in the segment.







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