2017 Dodge Dakota Review

There are some fairly accurate announcements being made about the 2017 Dodge Dakota model. This is an already legendary mid-size pickup which has undergone three generations already throughout its existence of a total of 24 years. It has started off well and has brought us some spectacular models and designs that we have grown to appreciate, but sadly got shorthanded in the end.

2017 Dodge Dakota side view

The original Dakota was released in 1987, when the model began production and its long career. It brought us many wonderful things and innovations throughout the years and the Dakota was considered as a model which brought fame to the mid-size pickup truck segment. It managed to change often and went with the times as you can see by viewing the old three generations of models. Finally the car had been unfortunately discontinued in 2011 when the last model was produced and sold as the low sales ratings finally brought to its downfall.

2017 Dodge Dakota cargo space

The latest product from Dodge will be a revitalization of the old model and an attempt to bring it back to life. As they plan to offer an entirely new setup, design and fairly new characteristics for the Dodge Dakota we have a lot of things to look forward to. The 2017 Dodge Dakota is getting its release date soon and you can read all about it in the review.


The 2017 Dodge Dakota is going to have a completely different exterior design compared to the last model that was released a ling tine ago already. First of all, the Chrysler group determined that it was due time to incorporate a lot of new details and additions which are supposed to bring an original an entirely new model to the crowd. One o them is the inclusion of a unibody platform which is meant to make the car much stronger but also a bit heavier.

2017 Dodge Dakota front view

As the new pictures of the Dakota have been released we see that the model draws inspiration from the Honda Ridgeline model as it sees it as the perfect modern pickup truck with the characteristics that are necessary for the brand. It is also going to offer us new dimensions as the latest 2017 Dakota version is going to expand and be longer than the last one. Being a little bit on the heavy side might be something that modern vehicles strive not to be but it this case it is going to evoke stability for the vehicle and better maneuvering skills. The design also brings stability and enforces passenger’s safety.


What the interior of the 2017 Dodge Dakota is going to bring us is a spacious and greatly designed setting. The model draws inspiration from other contemporary vehicle and it will be greatly different from the model that has left us the last time. What the initial method of devising the car is going to be here is the usage of design cues from other current Dodge models. It is going to combine the style and bring some more modern equipment and styling to the car which is going to greatly benefit its popularity and bring the model to the desired level.

2017 Dodge Dakota interior

The new 2017 Dodge Dakota starts by using some all new and contemporary equipment. Everything is new on the inside and the technological offer is astounding as it brings us the perfect conditions that both the driver and the passengers will desire. The expanded proportions of the car also mean more interior space. The model is going to feature a lot of comfort which is one of the initial characteristics that they have planed while making this car.


Being that the information about the 2017 Dodge Dakota powertrain still have to be disclosed, there are many assumptions on which one we are going to initially end up with. But even with all the secrecy surrounding this it is all but apparent that the model is going to end up using a 3.7L V6 power unit as its base version while a 4.7l V8 engine is offered as a more powerful optional substitute. The base engine is able to bring us an output of 210 horsepower as it combines with a automatic transmission with five or manual with six speeds. It also manages to bring the consumption to a acceptable figure with an average of 30 mpg.

2017 Dodge Dakota engine

Release date and price

As the 2017 Dodge Dakota is going to battle against some fierce competition in the segment, it’s going to come at an acceptable price to keep it competitive in the field as well. Thus a price of $ 25,000 s more an appreciated. The model is still a long way of seeing the lights of day as it is scheduled for release end of 2017.





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