2017 Chrysler Imperial Review

The 2017 Chrysler Imperial is nearing its completion. The model has been rumored for a number of times now and no real evidence came out which would lead us to consider that the model is going to happen. The sole things that we have gained are mock drafts of the car and early renderings without any solid evidence of an actual car happening soon. This time the Canadian based Brampton facility has made us all happy as they issued early picture of the car which is almost production ready.

The early showings of the Imperial look pretty impressive and we see a model which has all the makings of a luxury and generally great looking model. In fact it is no wonder all of us have been so excited on getting this model. As the release date is finally nearing we take look at this car form a closer inspection through our review which shows you all the specs and details of the car.

2017 Chrysler Imperial rear view

The pictures do look good but it is not enough to bring you a direct picture of the car that the hardcore fans want to see. Chrysler has perhaps managed to outdo itself with the production of this vehicle as it promises to incorporate the brand new design language that Chrysler is imposing on all of their contemporary models. In fact this one takes it a little bit further as it adds more luxury.


Well it is perhaps little to say that the exterior design of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial has a regal and for lack of a better word imperial design, but it is also just that. The model takes up a really nice luxury look with a pinch of future added there as well. There are a lot of elements which have been borrowed from Chrysler’s imperial lineup hand which have been incorporated here perfectly to fit this car pretty well. The very attractive and actually royal looking framework is its greatest advantage and brings the future of Chrysler vehicles here and now.

2017 Chrysler Imperial exterior

Car enthusiasts will immediately notice that the initial design of the Imperial is directly taken by the legend of regal cars, the Rolls Royce Phantom. This car uses the design well and wears it like a crown as it truly should. The doors have a suicidal design to them while the front fascia is near perfect. The headlights are perfectly aligned while the taillights have a more imaginative design to them with a variation on the whole concept. The lights are all run using LED light technology and there are better halogen lamps used this time. All in all, the shape of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial is the best thing about this new car which we are really loving right now.


The inside of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial is a great match for the overall look of the car. The polishing that has been done to the outside is good enough to match the car on the inside as they continued the premium arrangement there as well. The model has truly top grade content and prime materials added to the inside which makes it more than capable of adding the any formal and typically luxurious situation.

2017 Chrysler Imperial interior

The materials on the inside are exasperating and makes the cabin breathtaking. The model uses a kind of a regal design to bring everything together here and incorporates it pretty well. The vehicle is thus brought to the highest level possible and the design does not only match the materials but also the way the cabin has been made as it is a flash of excellence. There are still more details to be announced and some further additions that are going to be made as the makers did not release detailed pictures of the vehicle’s interior.


There were a lot of talks and speculations being made about the engine of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial. There are a lot of talks that relate to the model and its powertrain setup and a lot of them were actually made in the last years when the vehicle was rumored. Some initial assumptions included a 2.4 liter, a 3.2 liter or a 3.6 liter V6. But in fact the 2017 model Imperial is going to carry a 1.4 liter or a 1.8 liter turbo engine with direct fuel injection. For a better variety of selection a 2.0 liter turbocharged engine is also given as optional that we can select. All of the engines are going to combine with a nine pace ZF automated gearbox which makes for excellent fuel economy, but unfortunately no official specs have been released.

Release date and price

2017 Chrysler Imperial side view

Fortunately, we do have some indications on when the release date of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial is going to happen. The model is near completion and the production version will be ready by the start of next year, placing it as available for sale by mid-year or later part of the year. The price has not been disclosed by this date and will be issued in accordance when all the major plot holes have been filled about the model.





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