2017 BMW X6

A car manufacture as large and powerful as BMW is in no way perfect.  Even though the brand owns power houses like Rolls Royce and Mini, BMW has had some duds, without a doubt.

But BMW is also great for a multitude of more reasons than it is flawed.  From the amazing M division (that some would argue isn’t as good as it used to be) to the pure lap of luxury that all BMW’s surround their drivers and passengers in.

In the light of luxury car manufactures, each one does things differently.

BMW in this case, is a bit more of a reclusive and mature one.  The nature of a BMW shows you it is an upscale vehicle up close, but from a far it is more difficult to pick out a BMW 5 Series from a slew of other large sedans.  There’s just something about it.

BMW has done this for years, especially inside their cars.  Some say that the inside of BMW’s are too plain and just don’t do anything special versus any other luxury make.  The design is too plain and the technology gets outdated quickly.

I do have to agree to a small extent, but the design of a BMW is something you need to be in love with.

I can’t deny, though, that they are fantastic cars.

The Specs-2017 BMW X6:


Vehicle Type: Luxury “SAV”
Power Plant: 3.0 L I-6 / 4.4 L V8 (TT)
Gearbox: 8 speed automatic
Power: 302 – 567 HP
MPG: Up to 25 Highway/18 City
Torque: 300 Lb-ft – 480 lb-ft.
Length: 192 Inches
Width: 78 Inches
Height: 67 Inches
Wheelbase: 115.5 Inches
Top Speed: 155 MPH
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 5.8 Seconds – 3.7 Seconds
Base Price: $62,500 (est).



In the light of creating some vehicles that don’t really live up to BMW’s great product line, we have the BMW X6.

For years since the car came out, nearly everyone has called it the odd-ball of the brand, and really the automotive world.  Which is completely understandable.

The BMW X6 didn’t really fill a gap or need in the market, and still doesn’t.

The X6 is much too big to be really sporty, and is much too sporty to really be capable off-road.

First editions of the BMW X6 didn’t feature anything to make the ride off road better like in a comparable Range Rover, and the body was too big and swayed too much to have a really sporty drive.

In the end, the X6 is the answer to a question that no body asked.  Which means it was all the more confusing when the X6M came out.

Imagine the odd ball that is the X6, and add a performance version of it.  Like a twin-turbocharged V8 version.  Welcome to the world of BMW.

This is almost standard issue for these kinds of companies though.  BMW and Mercedes both have a sense of humor that I adore.

What I mean by that is they take massive machines like the GLC, GL and from BMW the X5 and X6 and put idiotic power in them. Almost for the fun of it.

It’s not like the SUV’s need that much power and performance.   It’s not like they need to be almost track weapons; They’re SUV’s for corns sake (always wanted to say that).

But because BMW and Mercedes are funny, and because they know that sliver of a percent of people will buy over powered SUV’s, they make them.

The BMW X6 has gradually found its way over the years, and contrary to what we say a lot of people have bought them and brought them home.  It always seems to work out that way.

Due to a number of updates and changes, the X6 grew into a more endearing vehicle that is it’s own.  I know that’s a confusing sentence but keep reading.

The Exterior-2017 BMW X6:

2017 BMW X6

The BMW X6 has only really been in the line up because of its very odd and almost revolutionary shape.

At first it was very peculiar,  but eventually even other manufactures caught on and started making these type of coupe like SUV’s. I guess you could say it worked?

The overall shape and styling of the X6 hasn’t changed very much since the model year it debuted, in 2012.

The front end had been big and in your face.  The kidney grilles stand tall and proud, and the air ducts and headlights are aggressively designed.

BMW’s X6 has an athletic style up front and shallow hood height.  This effectively hides the overall height and size of the car decently, but you can still tell it’s a big boy.

The 2012 design had the head lights detached from the grille, which is one of the more noticeable changes in the X6 of the most recent years.  BMW has changed design schemes and now all BMW’s feature headlights that connect to the grille.

2017’s X6 looks much the same otherwise.  Another similarity you get on the new version opposed to the first edition is the sloped roof line, which again is what the X6 is all about.

Coupe like roof lines on any car or SUV compromises rear seat space and head room, which the X6 and it’s little brother the X4 fall victim too.  These designs do look fantastic, and make the big car look more athletic and ton, but the usability is compromised.

The Appeal:

The appeal of the BMW X6 remains the same front to back since it came out.  I know of a gentleman who bought an M3, then found out his wife was going to welcome a baby into the world, so they returned the M3 and bought an X6M.  That must be what they’re all about.

I can’t deny that the X6 is a very pretty vehicle.  It might be big and a bit clunky and not the best off road, but it is pretty.

I think that the BMW X6 is due for an overhaul in the coming years, as it has had the same general design since 2012.

2017 BMW X6

BMW is evolving, and while they are pretty conservative in the design department, we’re seeing new cues on the 5 Series and 7 Series that were recently released.

The X6 is in an interesting place though.  Given the nature of the SUV’s style, it will be hard to completely redesign it and retain what has made it special for years, and have it make sense.  Balancing sport and utility is not an easy task.

The Interior-2017 BMW X6:

Another thing that lets me understand why the initial release of the BMW X6 received so much back lash is the styling of the interior.

The 2012 BMW X6’s interior had a lot of elements from the 5 Series of the time and 7 Series of the time had some very outdated and cheap looking elements for a car that cost what they did new.

2017 BMW X6

The small infotainment screen and black plastic just did not look good at all.  This added to the confusion of the BMW X6, as it seems BMW didn’t exactly try on the inside or the vehicle as a whole.

But BMW decided to heal the X6, to bring it up to speed with the rest of the manufacture.  That meant that the newer model years have so many more nice features it actually (slightly) justifies the price of the thing.

You can seat five adults comfortably in the BMW X6, but head room is less than perfect in the back.

The new BMW X6 has an absolutely beautiful interior.  Everything is just so much better and carefully crafted than in previous models, which is nice.

BMW’s standard steering wheel looks a lot less cool than the M sport one we see in the M series models and cars with the M sport add on’s.

2017 BMW X6

There is a new steering wheel in the works for standard BMW models, but without the M sport wheel, the interior of the 2017 BMW X6 looks less sophisticated.

The dashboard is fantastically laid out and very smooth.  It is essentially the same one we see on nearly every BMW, just a bit larger and bulkier.  Which seems to be the same relationship between the cars and SUV’s BMW makes.  Larger and bulkier.

BMW uses some lovely leather to construct the dashboard that looks even better with the M sport wheel and in white.  While white leather doesn’t really sell well since it is a bit less livable than black leather, it does look sexy.

The air conditioning unit and infotainment remain the same general concept as we’ve seen for years, but it works great inside the X6.  Some manufactures have switched to an all touch sensitive display, but BMW stuck with the classic buttons and knobs.

I like this layout much better, as buttons and knobs just seem to work better.

Overall, the interior of the BMW X6 is beautiful.  I applaud BMW for the work they’ve done.

The Performance-2017 BMW X6:

2017 BMW X6

The BMW X6 comes standard with the great 3.0 L straight six engine that is just phenomenal in every application.  And it sounds great.

Form the BMW X6 50 i to the X6M, BMW offers a few different engines.  Also some diesel ones we unfortunately don’t get in the United States.

As I said, the base engine is a 3.0 L I6, and you can upgrade to the 4.4 L V8 and in the X6M, the same 4.4 L V8 but with two turbo chargers.

Horsepower ranges from 302 horses for the I6 engine and up to 500+ for the fantastic 4.4 L twin turbo V8.  Amazing stuff.  BMW always has you covered for your ridiculous horsepower needs out of giant SUV’s.

BMW’s xDrive system is also at play here, which is a fantastic feature on its own.  The system regulates what well has the most grip on a slippery surface and sends power to it.  Just to keep the massive car SUV thing in check.

The xDrive system is also fantastic in snow, and you can really feel it working for you.

There are also a host of technology features available  for the X6 and X6M.  Some include advanced driver assists like damper control, blind spot warning, over head camera technology, radars, adaptive cruise control and more.  Everything to help you feel more in control of your driving experience.

For the X6M, BMW uses active stabilizers to help the SUV or SAV corner more sharply.  This also reduces under steer and body roll.  Two key issues with big vehicles like the X6M.

Everything that is different from the normal X6 and the X6M is in the name of performance.  From the transmission, engine and chassis the vehicle is more capable to be tossed around corners and get its immense power down.

In the light of the X6M, you’re looking at a price tag of around $104,000 to start.  This is a lot, but people who get them don’t really care I imagine.

The BMW X6M is able to do 0-60 miles per hour in a minuscule 4.0 seconds.

Sum It Up:

BMW has made some amazing feats in the years, which should go without saying.  The BMW X6 started its life as an awkward puppy that no one really loved, and grew into its own kind of genre.

Base X6’s start around $62,000 which is quite steep for most of us, and let’s not get started on the X6M which starts at $104,000.  Clearly for people with money to burn.

I do appreciate how far the BMW X6 has come since 2012, and I’m anxious to see where it goes.






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