2017 BMW M5 Review

There are two things that were confirmed with the announcement of the latest 2017 BMW M5 models. First of all, the Bavarian automaker has finally announced a all-wheel drive variant of their sports sedan model which is a part of their next-generation revamp but we are also going to get a xDrive model which is currently in its prototype stage and will arise in the future but it is still there. With this new release BMW is trying to reinvent themselves and have set their marks to an all-wheel drive even though a rear-wheel variant was somewhat of a trademark for them for over years now. Changes are sometimes good but in this case we think of it as very good.

2017 BMW M5 front view

Till the mid 2000s, this change was perhaps unthinkable to happen, but as it pans out the emergence of the  turbochargers on every single engine demand that all  the automakers make a certain change which is going to keep them competitive in a  longer run. The M5 is making a great choice by including this as the M brand vehicles from BMW have been moving a bit slower in development compared to some other ones on the market. The first change that they made was to switch from a naturally aspired powertrain to a twin-turbocharged V-8. This has led to the old-school BMW models to almost disappear but they are reinventing themselves in the best possible way and the choice to add an AWD for the 2017 M5 is a bull’s-eye move.

2017 BMW M5 rear view

The xDrive drivetrain is actually not going to be ready any time soon and we might expect to see till the end of next year as we have only seen some prototype models and BMW also says that they are in their testing phase still. The most impressive are the photos which show the car doing runs at the Arctic Circle as these were the first spy photos to emerge in the market. Nevertheless, we have a great looking car in front of us in the making which are review will also confirm. Here are some specs and latest news about the potential release date and the pricing for the car.


The new version of the 2017 BMW M5 is going to feature a change which is going to see the majority of the car revamped. The entire 5 Series lineup is going to features a revamp which is going to introduce a new design language for the carmaker. This is something that has been in the making for a long time and they were saving the new design language specially for the release of these vehicles. It is going to feature some changes which introduce and completely new front end of the car. As we were able to see, the car is going to add new headlights which are going to start at the very tips of the famed double kidney grille which is still a standard part of the design for any BMW car. The front bumper is also going to go through a change and it is going to be similar as the ones seen in the M3 and the current M4 models.

2017 BMW M5 exterior

There are also some returning features, for instance the classic M side gills and there is going to be a lightweight wheel design with the wheels amounting to at least 20 inches. which are actually going to accommodate a larger and beefier breaking system. The rear end has a  four-exit exhaust system which flans the  aerodynamic diffuser and the already known  L-shaped taillights are also expected to make a return. Finally, a small lip spoiler is going to be fitted to the back and is what completes the newest BME M5 2017 design.


There have not been many pictures features of the interior of the 2017 BMW M5 model. But there are a lot of rumors and assumptions on what the end product is acutely going to look. In fact, if they are continuing the same type of a design that was seen in the latest M-badged vehicles, you will see numerous additions which M variants model have as standard. These are going to be the same for the AWD and RWD models equally and an impressive inside is something to be expected.

2017 BMW M5 interior

Already expected features are the  Merino leather upholstery, which comes as standard, while the Individual semi-aniline leather  is offered as optional for this BMW. It was also announced that the wheelbase is going to be slightly longer compared to before which also amounts to more interior spacing. Making things much more comfortable is the overall larger interior volume which the 5 Series models have never lagged with but now will feature a bit more added spacing.

Engine specs

An impressive offer is already set under the hood of the 2017 BMW M5 model. The expected engine choice comes down to the twin-turbocharged V-8 engine which delivers more than 600 horsepower. The model is also going to feature much better acceleration specs which are thanks to better traction ability. The six-speed manual will remain optional is going to still be an optional offer for the US buyers, but it may not be offered along the AWD system. That is why the the seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission is a much better choice camped to the current  ZF-sourced, eight-speed automatic and it is going to be replaced by it.

2017 BMW M5 engine

Release date and price

The starting price of the 2017 BMW M5 is going to go beyond $100,000, being that the latest version had a base MSRP of $93,600. Packed with all new additions and equipment, the newest 2017 version is certainly going to go beyond this price and we see it as money well spent in fact as this new model brings us so many new things. The release date is something that all the people are expecting but according to the latest reports, the 2017 M5 is going to come out next year but more accurately in the later part of the year, tipping it a little bit too close for the end part, but who knows we may still be in for a surprise and get a mid-year release.





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