2017 BMW 750i xDrive Review

It took almost a year for the sixth-generation of BMW 7 Series vehicles to be confirmed. Topping the range is the 2017 BMW 750i xDrive model that is rumored to be the best luxury sedan that the German automaker has ever produced. It is certainly a serious looking sedan and is something that we have expected from BMW, but actually we have been given a whole lot more that was not apparent at first.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive exterior, white color

What is perhaps the biggest innovation for the 750i xDrive is the material that has been used to make the body of the car. By incorporating a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and high-tensile steel alloy the car has managed to reduce a lot of weigh. It weighs 190 pounds less than before despite being the largest sedan offered in the BMW lineup. The door skins and trunk lid are all made from aluminum which reduces the curb weight of the vehicle enabling it with a perfect 50:50 weight distribution measurement.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive front view, headlights and grille

The car has been officially announced at the Frankfurt Auto Show but before that there were a lot of talks, rumors and spy photos circling the media. These are solid information which puts the vehicle release date somewhere next year. With an updated interior package and a lot of things done to the outside of the vehicle we are in for a treat, about which you can read in the rest of the review so you get yourself acquainted with this stellar looking car.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive exterior

What is most important about the exterior styling of the 2017 BMW 750i xDrive is that it has taken a natural course of development. The car was not drastically changed although it features a lot of displacement when it comes to its exterior look. The car has gone through a natural procures which has seen the previous vehicle upgraded to this 2017 model that we have in front of us. It was not done coarsely or harshly but in a more human and natural way and we can see the results in front of us.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive front angle, grille and headlights

On the front side of the vehicle we see a fully ne kidney shaped grille which is flanked with some narrower and headlights. The front fascia is much more aggressive than it was and the profile has remained the same for the most part, except the added chrome accent line down below. We emphasize the rear of the car being updated the most as it includes a lot of changes that start with sportier taillights, an integrated exhaust outlet and decklids.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive exterior, alloy wheels

The vehicle now has a much more corporate look with a very serious tone to it. It is a vehicle for proper occasions and is something that can be used only in the most high-end occasions. With its posh look it really takes the top spot among seriously sedan vehicles of the year.


2017 BMW 750i xDrive leather seats and gear shift knob

Perhaps the interior is always the most important part of a luxury sedan, the case is the same with the 2017 BMW 750i xDrive vehicle. Its interior has been updated to provide the best amount of comfort possible. With the length of the wheelbase being 126.4 Inches, there is more than enough room on the inside to make all the passengers feel comfortable. The passengers riding at the back will enjoy this car the most as besides the interior spacing there is a lot more to look forward to. By using the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package it will enhance the passengers’’ infotainment capabilities and make it even more comfortable for them that way. The car uses a panoramic roof which is a standard option but you can order the Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof as optional one if you need it.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive interior, back seats

The car features a lot of tech inside it which makes life a lot easier and makes this vehicle a suitable one as well. The iDrive 5.0 with touch display and Gesture Control is perhaps the coolest addition the vehicle has received. Using a 3D sensor the system tracks the hand gestures of the users which you can use to control various aspects and control options of the vehicle. Besides this there is also the Touch Command Tablet with a a removable 7-inch tablet that the passengers at the back can use to access the HVAC temps to infotainment. There is also a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system with 1,400 watts and 16 speakers added as well.

2017 BMW 750i xDrive steering wheel and gear shift knob


2017 BMW 750i xDrive engine

The engine is always an interesting part and so will it be for the 2017 BMW 750i xDrive. It will be an all-wheel drive vehicle which will be using  BMW’s 4.4-liter V-8 engine. This will enable the car to gain an output of 445 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. This engine setup is enhanced with the added TwinScroll turbochargers, an intake manifold partially integrated into the cylinder head and higher compression. This all amounts to a 0-60 mph performance of 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 130 mph.

Price and release date

2017 BMW 750i xDrive gray color, alloy wheels

Although the release date of the 2017 BMW 750i xDrive  is not officially confirmed year, we have already gotten the pricing rates for the car. Expect to spend about $97,400 as base MSRP for this vehicle. The release date is going to be available next year and we expect to see the car by the end of it.

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2017 BMW 750i xDrive side view, headlights and alloy wheels

2017 BMW 750i xDrive side angle, black color

2017 BMW 750i xDrive exterior