2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Review

The new 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser comes to us with added equipment and a larger price, which actually makes it the most equipped and the most expensive Land Cruiser ever made. The Land Cruiser is primarily a off-road vehicle but this one offers just enough on-road luxury that makes the car also applicable for any suburban lifestyle choice that you wish it for.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser side angle, alloy wheels

We consider the Toyota Land Cruiser as a niche vehicle that can enable you to tremble any path at your disposal and travel to anywhere that you desire to go. But if we would to transfer this vehicle on the streets we get a car which is very massive and has a great thirst and is a bit oversized. But nevertheless, it can pull it off and be used as a suburban family vehicle as well.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser rear view, taillights, tailpipe, alloy wheels, white color

The Land Cruiser has always been considered as an off-road standout vehicle but it is the enhanced luxury with the 2016 model that is going to get it even closer to being used as a standard SUV car. This change has been happening for some time now and the car has been getting some exclusive elements from year in and year out. But the most interesting aspect is that it has never lost its ability to venture away from the pavement and do some off-road journeys. This review is going to bring you all you need to know about the car and help you understand just how the new 2016 Land Cruiser has improved.

Release date and price

The 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is going to be one of the more expected vehicles on the season and a lot of people have already stated their interesting in owning one of them. So everyone will be even more excited when they learn that this model is actually coming very soon at your local dealerships. The car’s release date is scheduled for June and you can even preorder it as well.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser red color, exterior, headlights, grille

The price starts at around  $85,000, which makes it pretty expansive for certain tastes and some people. It is not an icon like the Land Rover Range Rover but it holds more luxury than it and that is why you get a 40 k price in increase, but believe us it is worth every penny.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser exterior news

You really cannot miss the new 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser on the road. Why, you may think. Well the answer is simple it is larger and beefier than anything that you have ever seen. Its proportions make it an imposing and large presence on any public road and will certainly dominate the driveway anywhere it goes. It looks capable of achieving anything that you can set your mind to and the only one that can rival it may be the Toyota Sequoia car.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser front angle, headlights and grille

The Land Cruiser has been equipped with the latest industry trend additions. The front end benefits form the newly added LED lighting and there is also a massive and beefy grille to the front side which goes with the demeanor of the vehicle very nicely. It still does not bring us the looks and luxury like the Lexus LX570 one has for example nor the Land Rover, but id does not have to be as the Land Cruiser is a vehicle in its own league and from that point of view the design is excellent.

Interior changes and updates

The interior of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is actually much more upgraded compared to the exterior. You may have not the same idea about the car looking at it from the outside, but once you venture inside the car you can see how great the car actually looks. It is as plush and luxury as the LX 570 in fact and has a lot of additions that account for this premise. Perhaps the materials are the only downfall and it is something that is needed to push it a little bit closer to an actual luxury standout, it manages to benefit from the chunky and upright styling that a lot of the Toyota trucks have benefited from and have received in the recent period.

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser interior, dashboard, steering wheel, gear shift knob, lcd screen

The Land Cruiser also has  a very technologically advanced interior setup with a navigation screen positioned on the top central position of the dash, while it is surrounded by audio and climate controls while the off-road controls are placed below. The interior setup and the bolstered technological equipment added actually make the car more of a vehicle that is going to be accepted in the gated communities than anywhere else.


2016 Toyota Land Cruiser engine

The new 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser is going to come with quite an adaptable engine for the design it has. The car is being powered with a 5.7  V-8 engine that is going to have a power output of 381-horsepower. If we add a four-wheel drive, the rugged suspension and a locking differential we get a pretty good setup for any off-road situation that you can put this vehicle through. It will combine with a new eight-speed automatic transmission which does not affect the fuel economy rates in a significant manner but actually keeps the engine in its power band linger than before. The 0-60 mph acceleration is also faster in a couple of tenths of a second as well.




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