2016 Toyota Hilux Release Date, Engine, Specs, Price – The long wait is finally over, with the Japanese automaker set to unleashing the new 2016 Toyota Hilux. This pick-up truck is immensely popular and has sold millions of units across the globe.

The upcoming truck will be released as the 2016 year model and is said to carry all the rugged reliability features that are unique to the Hilux model. The changes made to this 18th generation model will be characterised by sophistication and sheer quality.

2016 Toyota Hilux
2016 Toyota Hilux

This generation model will certainly have an attractive exterior design that even surpass that of the 7th generation one. Plenty of changes will be manifested through redesigns of chrome accents, more cohesive design and LED encrusted headlights.

Under its hood will also come with changes which are meant to boost its overall performance. Despite the updated comfort specs and redesigns, the automaker still insists that the auto comes as same old rugged Hilux that will be able to withstand any terrain and environmental conditions.

2016 Toyota Hilux exterior

The new 2016 Toyota Hilux will continue with the age old tradition of offering high riding and utilitarian pick up. It will certainly come with a superb approach and departure angles as well thanks to its short overhangs and long wheelbase as evidenced by the images we have of the car.

2016 Toyota Hilux front
2016 Toyota Hilux front

It is quite obvious that the pick-up truck will come in different trim levels, bed lengths and cab configurations. In the U.S, the Sr5 Double Cab will come with a shorter box configuration. Just like before, the new 2016 Toyota Hilux will also come with a chrome roll bar at the anterior end of the bed, but unfortunately it will only be for appearance.

2016 Toyota Hilux back
2016 Toyota Hilux back

Optionally available in the concept will be the big block of TOYOTA lettering embedded on its tailgate.

2016 Toyota Hilux interior

As much as the exterior has received some facelifts, the interior will be among those parts that will overwhelmingly receive desired changes, which you can also see on the spy shots we have. The first change would be on the dashboard which seems remotely related to that of the Toyota Corolla, which has a thin and a horizontal shape.

2016 Toyota Hilux interior
2016 Toyota Hilux interior

Another change would be observed on the black cabin which is now brightened by the brushed aluminium trim and unique seat cushion stitching. The steering wheel will also come donning plenty of control buttons for driver’s convenience.

Another interesting feature would be the swanky infotainment screen that has haptic feedback buttons. In addition, it will come with plenty of entertainment features that will be a darling to so many people who are looking forward to owning a 2016 Toyota Hilux.

2016 Toyota Hilux engine

The brand new 2016 Toyota Hilux will come with a total of four engine options under its hood. There will be two turbodiesel and two naturally aspirated petrol ones. The first engine will be the 2.8L turbodiesel that will be able to generate 174 hp and 331 pounds of torque.

For those wishing for a smaller engine, there will be a 2.4L turbodiesel one that will make up to 160 hp and 295 pounds of torque.

The gasoline engine will be composed of two engines which will include the 2.7L four-cylinder and 4L V6 engines. The first gasoline engine will be able to generate up to 164 hp while the other bigger engine will produce 278 hp.

Playing second fiddle to the engines are the transmission systems. The base version of the new 2016 Toyota Hilux will be a 6-speed manual transmission system, which for the first time will come with the world’s first, truck based revo matching technology, and the Japanese automaker has branded the transmission system the i-MT.

Optionally available is the 0-speed transmission system as well. The automobile company now says the revitalised drivetrain now offer better fuel economy, driving range and performance, which is what customers were agitating for.

Other enhanced feature is the NVH which has been tweaked to enable it lower engine noise in the cabin of the brand new 2016 Toyota Hilux.

2016 Toyota Hilux price and release date

The Japanese automaker hasn’t announced any priced details as yet, but we expect the exact price tags soon. As for the release date, buyers should expect a showroom debut in the first quarter of next year (2016) when the vehicle will be made available locally including the Philippines, South Africa and Thailand.