2016 Toyota CH-R Release Date, Price, Specs, Engine – The news of the possible release of the new 2016 Toyota CH-R might be finally a dream come true for its die-hard fans since it’s unveiling at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year. The Japanese manufacturer has lined-up quite a number of vehicles that might be the ultimate answers buyers have been searching for.

2016 Toyota CH-R
2016 Toyota CH-R

The new concept that has been designed by Toyota will come in two options, either a supermini crossover or a high riding coupe. Once the vehicle hits production, it will have to ward off the strong rivalry imposed by Nissan Juke by putting in place designs and functionalities that will sway buyers to its side.

The exterior and interior design of the vehicle is simply mind-boggling, its curves and lines will be something to ponder about for the next five years or so. The Japanese manufacturer is associated with lots of other successful crossovers such as the RAV4.

The following review is intuitively designed to offer our readers the most comprehensive news about the new 2016 Toyota CH-R. Not much information has been given pertaining its abilities and functionality, but judging from the concept, we expect some interesting features and technologies.

2016 Toyota CH-R exterior

The complex graphics that the concept comes with will probably change. The result of the change will be shorter headlamps and bumper. The grille might remain intact and might go with singular motion.

2016 Toyota CH-R front
2016 Toyota CH-R front

The large wheels below the vehicle are amazing, but we should expect the production vehicle to don something different. Smaller wheels and side fenders are the most probable effect that the vehicle will come with.

The front fascia looks overly assertive and while the production design might incorporate some aggressiveness, we should not expect the production car to come with that kind of aggressiveness in the front fascia, let alone the exaggerated graphics.

2016 Toyota CH-R back
2016 Toyota CH-R back

Despite the large contours on the wheels, the Japanese automaker has already said that the new 2016 Toyota CH-R production vehicle will certainly come with revised wheels, but with greater traction.

At the back, buyers should expect floating taillights and tailgate design that will definitely be toned down.

2016 Toyota CH-R interior

Sadly, there is not much hype to talk about in the interior of the new 2016 Toyota CH-R, this is because no hint has been forthcoming from the manufacturer and what we can do know is do guess work.

It is expected just like in other modern cars that the CH-R designers will make use of contemporary materials that will be a combination of soft plastics and metallic accents. This will generally improve the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle while reducing the overall weight of the car.

2016 Toyota CH-R interior
2016 Toyota CH-Rinterior

The stability and driveability of a car especially at top speeds is dependent on the weight of the car. Reducing this weight will result in improved stability and better driveability. The dashboard design will come with curvy lines.

At the centre of the dashboard, you should also expect a large display screen that will be driver-centric. The safety features that will be provided will probably be completed with a low roof, blind spot monitors, high beltline, rear view camera, etc.

2016 Toyota CH-R engine

The details surrounding the expected capability of the new 2016 Toyota CH-R are scarce, however we will analyse the information we have from industry rumours. The CH-R will most certainly come with a turbocharged 2L inline four engine.

The engine will be able to generate 240 horsepower and 270 pounds of torque. The above mentioned engine will be combined to an electric motor since the powertrain ought to be a hybrid powertrain.

The all-electric range is bound for speculation until the automaker provides some hints which might be forthcoming in the coming weeks (or even months). However, we expect the new 2016 Toyota CH-R to come with a powerful engine that will result in exceptional performance.

2016 Toyota CH-R price and release date

Despite the choice of the powertrain the new 2016 Toyota CH-R will come with under its hood, the fuel economy ratings will certainly be something exciting. The price will probably be fair since it’s an entry level vehicle and it may cost roughly 20,000 USD.

2016 Toyota CH-R  release date
2016 Toyota CH-R release date

The brand new 2016 Toyota CH-R might be the spark the automobile giant might be needing, what remains as a puzzle is the design of the production car.