2016 Toyota Celica review

The 2016 Toyota Celica is your ticket to a very good looking and more than capable sports car. When the news about the Celica making its return hit the market many fans were amazed and truly very happy with the opportunity of welcoming back one of the favorites. This is certainly a legendary vehicle that came out from Toyota and one which they did not hesitate on bringing back.

This year Toyota has decided to bring back some of its legendary vehicles. while everybody has been waiting for the FT-1 concept car to make an official appearance in the production level, it appears that Toyota has decided to give up on that idea for now and instead reintroduce us to some of the long time fan favorites which are going to generate an equal amount of hype. That is why the designers from Toyota have deiced to use some of the design techniques and language form the FT-1 model in bring it into the redesigned and brought back vehicles for this year.

2016 Toyota Celica rear view

Besides the 2016 Toyota Celica, Toyota is going to introduce a new Toyota Supra model which is another model which the people are craving for. The Celica will get its release date first while the Supra may come out some time later. What the Celica brings us is the already familiar concept and driving feel which is going to be enhanced with the aesthetic features of the FT-1 concept and the Toyota 86 models which are combined to make an ultimate mash here in this car. Read all about it in the review and see what the future holds for the Celica model.


The 2016 Toyota Celica will bring us back to a legendary look of the car that we were expected to get back again. The model brings back a lot of old features and looks to the model which were used for older model and the ones that we have seen before. The car is going to be a combination of some older features and is going to add some modernistic pieces which are going to be taken from the FT-1 concept model from Toyota and also the Toyota 86 car which are going to borrow the aesthetic specs for this model. This is going to result in an ultimate combination of old and new and will bring us a retro looking contemporary car which binds the best of both worlds.

2016 Toyota Celica front view

The 2016 Toyota Celica is still going to be a very handsome looking, athletic sports car which is going to bridge the gap between the traditional and modern. The new dynamic body style combines a new reshaped bumper and is going to add some new classy looking standardized wheels. The front end of the car is longer and the hood is going to be reshaped a bit as it will add some different kind of numbers and dimensions of the model. The grille is similar to before but actually very much different and will be change to benefit the car entirely.

2016 Toyota Celica exterior


The cabin of the 2016 Toyota Celica has been greatly updated as well. It has been modernized and fit to serve the purpose of a contemporary sports car. The car manages to add a lot of sporty elements and additions to make it a useful addition to the newest Toyota flock of revamped vehicles. The additions include adding a lot of chrome elements and some aluminum accents for a complete and premium look. The model is also going to combine some soft touch materials that are going to cover the multiple surfaces of the car.

2016 Toyota Celica interior

The friend cabin is very welcoming and appropriate for this type of a vehicle and manages to add all the important comfort enhancing additions that one needs. There are going to be some new sports seats added which are going to raise the comfort levels even more and this is not all as the technological upgrades are going to finish off the update entirely. The model adds a prime infotainment system which has satellite navigation and a large touchscreen display. Various connectivity features are available and a prime six speaker audio system as well.

Engine specs

The 2016 Toyota Celica is going to borrow the engine from the current Lexus NX 200t model. This means that the 4-cylinder turbocharged 2.0 liter engine is going to make its way under the hood of the Celica car. It is going to enable an output of 235 horsepower and 258 horsepower and produce greater specs of the car than before. The Supra has been announced with a possible hybrid powertrain, to enhance fuel economy, but there were no such mentions being made about the Celica for now. The transmission system choices fall to a 6-speed manual transmission or 6-speed automatic CVT transmission with paddle shifters on steering wheel.

Price and release date

2016 Toyota Celica side view

The latest 2016 Toyota Celica is due to make its official debut later this year. The release date is certainly going to be by the end of 2016 and we are going to see the car in action pretty soon. The starting price is going to be at around $20,000 but will increase due to the addition of some optional or added parts of equipment.





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