2016 Toyota 4Runner Review

2016 Toyota 4Runner

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner is one of the few vehicles left that stick to a traditional type of a style old school body on frame design. There are quite a few SUVs still out there that follow the same formula and people still want to have some toughness and ruggedness about their vehicle. The 4Runner is just that, it is a truck with a lot of toughness but with just enough of modern ride-and-handling attributes to make it a contemporary ride.

2016 Toyota 4Runner side view, alloy wheels

If you are considering buying a Toyota vehicle and aim to take it on the streets and never in your life plan to use it on a different type of terrain than the pavement in front of your house, then you are better off using a RAV4 or the Highlander. But if you are an off-road enthusiast that wants to have some fun with its vehicle that the 2016 4Runner is the best possible solution for you to have.

2016 Toyota 4Runner rear view, taillights and tailpipe

With the FJ Cruiser out of the contention, the remaining true choice for all of the off-road fans is the 4Runner. And it is a great option to have actually not something that you can just be satisfied with. The model has been updated last time with a larger off-road kit and also saw the introduction of the TRD Pro Series model as well. The TRD models actually enhance everything that the 4Runner actually is and give even more toughness to the regular setup of the car.

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner is an authentic vehicle and may be regarded as a dinosaur by some but it’s one of the few remaining cars that bring that sort of toughness and the sort of a setup that is seen in this one. The beltline is high and the proportions are chunky and the vehicle has a perfect design both inside and out that is perfect for you to use. Check out the entire review to see all the specs and design updates about the car.

2016 Toyota 4Runner powertrain

2016 Toyota 4Runner engine

There is going to be only one engine option available for the 2016 Toyota 4Runner, but it is an ample one at best. Matted under the hood of the 4Runner is the 4.0-liter V-6 engine that is good to go 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. The engine is appropriate to provide great performance rates both on the road and off-road and is also applicable on highways. The added engine actually makes the car drive much better and helps it perform better than the previous model did. The estimated EPA rating for the rear-wheel drive is at  17/22 mpg while our-wheel-drive versions make 17/21 mpg.

Exterior design

As we mentioned, the 2016 Toyota 4Runner  has a traditional look which greatly distinguish it from other vehicles in the segment. This model is greatly different from anything else that you might see cruising down the roads now. The car has a wagon like look and the enhanced features are made to the front side of the car as well as some chrome details placed here and there or the places where the paint could be scratched when driving through some rough terrains.

The front part of the car has been immensely enhanced, to almost cartoonish like features, as it has become more aggressive with the minor details that were placed. The silhouette on the other hand is a whole different story and it has not changed for a long time now. The side view of the car remains the same as it was the previous years and does not car for sleekness nor any other type of modernization. The back side also sees a more conservative shape and design with a downward-sloping C-pillar  that is transferred form the previous cars that are in this segment.

2016 Toyota 4Runner front view, headlights and grille

The TRD Pro Series actually takes the aggressiveness a bit further as it has some distinguishing parts added to its design. The unique elements made here are the unique grille which has the Toyota signature to the front and TRD skid plate visible underneath. The TRD Pro comes with an exclusive color option which is not available for other trims, the Inferno.


The inside of the  2016 Toyota 4Runner has a traditional look as well, but with a fine eye for details. It is refreshingly designed with a lot of newly added and made additions that make the car useful and also modern at the same time. It seems similar to how the Sequoia SUV or the Tundra have been design but with more fresh new looking details that make a whole lot of difference here.

2016 Toyota 4Runner interior, steering wheel, dashboard, gear shift knob

The controls on the dash are very chunky of course, but it is the precise way they are positioned and the way they are designed that makes everything seem much better looking and highly functional. The off-road related controls are positioned in the overhead console, which makes the center stack of the controls more accessible. On the center stack you can also see the secondary display where also the steering wheel controls access audio is paced and some other controls as well.

Price and release date

The model is getting its release this year. The  2016 Toyota 4Runner has been scheduled to appear on the market around the second part of this year and the base price is going to be 33,810 USD. Of course the price is for the base RWD version.






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