2016 Tesla Model X Release Date, Price, Msrp, Engine – The Tesla model S sedan is sleek and seductive, and with a luxury, price and performance that goes beyond any other electric vehicle on sale today. And with that said, the automobile company now wants to extend the successful streak to the all-new 2016 Tesla Model X which is the crossover style of the popular sedan.

2016 Tesla Model X
2016 Tesla Model X

Users of the S model find it too small, too low and will definitely look out for the upcoming new 2016 Tesla Model X. the new crossover will come with a standard third row of seats which will make a comfortable seating arrangement of up to seven people in comparison to the optional rear-facing jump seats in the S sedan.

The upcoming new 2016 Tesla Model X will be built on the same platform as that of the sedan with only few adjustments that will be made. The alterations will include a taller and longer Model X than the S sedan, but it will not grow any wider.

This will Tesla’s first ever Sports Utility Vehicle and has been prepared as a production model for this year. This SUV was scheduled for production by the fall of 2013, however it postponed it as the company wanted to sell over 20,000 models for the Tesla Model S version.

2016 Tesla Model X exterior

The production model will most certainly be identical to the concept which was unveiled earlier on. Even the fore selection design looks unchanged to the S sedan. This comes as no surprise as Tesla will be looking to adopt its corporate styling appearance for its upcoming BMW 3 series rival.

2016 Tesla Model X front
2016 Tesla Model X front

The real highlights that will come on the exterior of the new 2016 Tesla Model X will be the Falcon wing doors, which I must admit look amazing. It has been ages since the company had enough guts to pull out something such as this.

Fortunately enough, Tesla looks like it will be keeping these doors even on its production model. This will certainly be a bold move for the automobile company and will attract legions of buyers who are looking for something funky for their new Sports Utility Vehicle.

2016 Tesla Model X back
2016 Tesla Model X back

Another spectacle that will be forthcoming will be the extended glass roof. This glassroff will extended all the way from the dashboard to the rear spoiler, which admittedly is a rear phenomenon for a production car.

All eyes are on the new 2016 Tesla Model X production model, and if the automobile manages to stick on the same script as the concept, then it will certainly turn a lot of heads.

2016 Tesla Model X interior

The interior of the new model will undoubtedly be spacious. There will be three rows of seats that will be capable of accommodating up to seven adults. There will be the captain seats in the middle row that will offer the passengers their own space.

2016 Tesla Model X interior
2016 Tesla Model X interior

Even if the SUV gets fully occupied, it will still be able to provide adequate cargo space, which will further highlight the vehicle’s crossover credentials. Moving on, the dashboard will come with a woodgrain design that will complement the enhanced Tesla’s infotainment screen. The touchscreen display will essentially function as the brain of the vehicle, allowing the driver and the front passenger to control and access a huge amount of information and entertainment features.

Of course, some changes are expected on the production model, but I still expect to see some improvements in the 2016 Tesla Model X.

2016 Tesla Model X engine

The new 2016 Tesla Model X will be a fully electric vehicle, with no gasoline engine. Much like the model S, the new vehicle will come equipped with a pair of electric motors on both the anterior and posterior ends of the vehicle.

According to unconfirmed reports, the new 2016 Tesla Model X will come fitted with the same battery packs as the Model S, which will include but not limited to the standard 60kW and a more powerful 85kW battery.

The output of the aforesaid electric powerplants will be 400 hp and in excess of 200 miles for both the models. The drive systems have not been officially released but you should expect the p85D AWD to have a range of up to 253 miles.

2016 Tesla Model X price and release date

No pricing details have been released so far, however, we should expect the base version to retail for about 82,000 USD, while the top model of the 2016 Tesla Model X might set you back by about 115,000 USD.

2016 Tesla Model X  release date
2016 Tesla Model X release date

Deliveries to dealerships is scheduled to commence towards the close of this year (2015).