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2016 Smart Fortwo Release Date, MPG, Price, Specs – What has been barring you from buying the previous Smart Fortwo miniature car, America? Is it the woeful steering? The lurch-prone gearbox?  Or maybe it’s because of its tiny room that can make you smell what your passenger took for breakfast?

2016 Smart Fortwo
2016 Smart Fortwo

Well, now you should cease your complaints: the automaker has diligently addressed almost all of the pertinent issues during the engineering of the 3rd generation Fortwo model and the great news is that you will be getting it before the fall of this year.

With the improved changes in the new 2016 Smart Fortwo, you should now head down to your local Smart dealer to get one of the emerging auto sophistication. All the credit goes to Daimler who has kept the faith growing. It is as innovative as before, however it might not have gotten any substantive changes to the most fundamental propositions initially made.

It still comes with its miniature powertrain under the trunk floor where it drives the RWD. We must acknowledge that the new Fortwo is now longer and wider than its tight fitting predecessor.

Price and release date of New 2016 Smart Fortwo

The pricing details have not been diverged to the public, however, we think that the new vehicle will retail around the same price as the Mazda2. The car will probably be released in US before the fall of the year or early next year.

2016 Smart Fortwo release date
2016 Smart Fortwo release date

2016 Smart Fortwo engine specs

The newly updated 2016 Smart Fortwo will come with improved performance, however your praise might falter when we get into the engine. The North American market will be taking the powerfully regarded 89 hp turbocharged version of the transverse 3-cylinder engine, and we must admit that it felt rather excessively gutless and laggy at lower revs.

The engine will be paired to a five-speed manual transmission system. But for the first time in the American market, buyers will now be able to choose their preference of either a five-speed manual or a six speed dual clutch auto.

We also managed to give the naturally aspirated 70 horsepower model a test drive. Which, in spite of taking an extra 4 sec longer to reach 100km/h, felt barely slower and smoother at urban speeds. However, the model will not be coming our way, but the electric savvy clientele can now look forward to the upcoming new full electric version.

The all-electric model will come sometime later next year, and so as the Cabriolet model. In overall, we can say that the new 2016 Smart Fortwo will indeed be the car to watch out for.

Interior changes & redesigns

After having taken a test-drive in the new Fortwo, I must admit that a lot has improved. It looks and feels great to drive in, and as already mentioned, it will now be a bit longer and wider than its predecessor.

The extra width will now come handy for both the passengers and the driver in terms of alignment, which, in comparison to the previous model, the passenger seat was placed slightly behind the driver.

2016 Smart Fortwo interior
2016 Smart Fortwo interior

The updated seating configuration is now substantial, at the front fascia, there are attractive LED daytime running lights which give it a clean and modern appearance, while the revisions made at the refreshed grille makes it fresh and sporty.

2016 Smart Fortwo front
2016 Smart Fortwo front

There appears to be a seemingly endless way to personalise the car, perhaps it might borrowed some ideas from the Scion, and Smart has gone all the way and called this programme ‘Tailor Made’. The programme will now cater for more than forty different exterior bi-colour palette combinations.

And this will be regardless of the choice of the trim model, and, by the way, talking of the trim models, the new vehicle will now come with three trims which will be known as Passion, Prime and Proxy. Whichever model you choose, you will be certain of getting a colourful and clean cabin that will thoroughly give you a playful and modern impression.

A novel woven neoprene (mesh) material will cover the dashboard and will offer it a unique touch. Moreover, both the tachometer and clock will be housed individually on top of it.

A large and beautiful navigation screen which resembles a 7.0” iPad Mini has also been plopped on the side of the dash. The screen is intuitive and you will feel at home whenever you find yourself inside the vehicle.

The 1st edition model had a large sunroof that generously let in significant light and air into the cabin of the car. Sadly, the sun’s visor doesn’t slither, and this has proven to be an oversight.




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