2016 Skoda Superb Release Date, Price, Review, Interior – The new 2016 Skoda will be the 3rd generation model that will derive its design inspiration from the upcoming Passat. The dowdy styling will a thing of the past while new add-ons will include a sleek, roomy and ultra-smooth hatchback sedan that will certainly be a massive splash in the automobile scene when it finally surfaces.

2016 Skoda Superb 
2016 Skoda Superb

Founded on the upcoming novel Volkswagen Mk8 Passat, the new vehicle will be a 5-seater liftback that is aimed at both the large and upper-large segment of sedans. Powering all the variants will be a 2L 4-cylinder engine that will either be provided as gasoline or diesel guises, with FWD and AWD systems provided as options.

With the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon fading fast from the market, there will soon be a call for large family-sized wagons and sedans to fill the void left – which is where the impressive Skoda Superb will come in.

For starters, the vehicle is in some ways a more befitting alternative to the novel Volkswagen Passat that has the potential to give the German based mother company some reasons to worry about.

Specs & Competitors – Skoda Superb 2016

The upcoming new Skoda is deadly serious with the forthcoming Superb model. gone are the days when the Super was just an ugly duckling to the high rated Volkswagen Passat, the 3rd Czech-built generation model will make a debut with a stack of standard features and a level of quality and design that promises to raise eyebrows among its formidable competitors.

Mark my words, the new vehicle is sure to punch above its weight, it will pitch similarly to same-sized rivals that are more costly and considered premium in the automobile scene. According to our own ‘All About Cars’ assessment of the new Superb, plus features will include its elegant design, punchy engines, cushy ride, massive interior and quieter cabin.

Notwithstanding, auto pundits argue its dull steering, derivative dash, fat pillars and hard middle rear seat will be a big downside on its part. Main rivals the new Superb will most likely encounter in the market in pursuit of market dominance will include the Ford Falcon, Holden Calais, Chrysler 300, Hyundai Genesis, Volkswagen Passat, Volvo S80 and Mercedes E-Class.

2016 Skoda Superb Combi Interior & Exterior Design

Interior wise, the new Superb is supremely roomy. Essentially, the new vehicle has grown remarkably in comparison to the previous model. With the updated dimensions, the vehicle is a bit smaller than the Commodore, which is a naturally big sedan.

2016 Skoda Superb  interior
2016 Skoda Superb interior

Spacious in every angle, the comfy back seat has a massive 625L of cargo volume behind it – that’s significantly larger than Holden’s. Coming with an electronic liftback, the new vehicle will be easier to use than ever before.

2016 Skoda Superb  front
2016 Skoda Superb  front

In the cabin, the well-shaped and supportive anterior seats, infotainment system, neatly designed and high quality dashboard will sure prove impressive to potential buyers. Skoda, wholly owned by the Volkswagen group, draws heavily on technology developed by the Germany based automobile giant.

2016 Skoda Superb back
2016 Skoda Superb  back

That said, the vehicle will come with latest safety features and driver assisted features. With the company already planning to increase its market entry price in Australia, and India, the car will most certainly come with almost all the coveted luxury and convenient features that have always remained a mirage for most people in those countries.

2016 Skoda Superb Engine Specs

The new Superb model is set to put in place a division in performance. With the Skoda Australia already expected to drop its low-power 4-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and turbo diesel powerplants.

Replacing them will be three 2L 4-cylinder engine. The first will be a 140kW turbo diesel engine, 162kW turbo gasoline engine and which is expected to be a hit in the Australian market, and 206kW turbo gasoline engine.

All the aforementioned engines will be mated to a 6-speed double clutch auto transmission system. The latter drivetrain is expected to be paired to an AWD system. Owing to the fact that the new Skoda will be lighter and smaller in comparison to the outgoing model, during an exclusive ‘All About Cars’ road test, we noticed that the engines felt punchy on the backroads and motorways of Italy.

Despite the hitch, the standard suspension system, according to Skoda, brings some firmness and discipline. This might be the missing feature that held up the Superb in terms of offering a pleasant drive in the current model but not anymore.

Price & Release Date of 2016 Skoda Superb Estate

Our price estimate for the new vehicle is somewhere around 42,500 USD for the base model. And as for the release date, expect the vehicle to go on sale March next year.

2016 Skoda Superb  release date
2016 Skoda Superb release date