2016 Range Rover Release Date, Specs, Review, Price – The new 2016 Range Rover Autobiography promises to be the leader in providing luxury, comfort and power than any SUV in the market today. There aren’t many Sports Utility Vehicles that can match the feature list of the new Autobiography, let alone compare.

It will available only as the long base SV edition which is almost 200” long in length. It will feature a boxy design just like most models and will use plenty of chrome on its exterior.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography
2016 Range Rover Autobiography

The vehicle comes with much hype and expectations from buyers who want to see what the Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations technical centre based in the United Kingdom has to offer.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography interior

The image of distinction continues with the driver’s switch gear and foot pedals, including the rotary controls and the start-up surround, which have been made of aluminium to form a knurled design.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography Cabin
2016 Range Rover Autobiography Cabin

The interior of the new 2016 Range Rover Autobiography attracts very rare questions and is considered elegant through provision of leather covers throughout the cabin. Exclusive features include a panoramic sun roof, cabin’s utter spaciousness and natural wood accents.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography Seats
2016 Range Rover Autobiography Seats

The Black edition comes with a couple of spacious rows with all having their own memory. Moreover, there are a number of seat mounted entertainment screens measuring 10.2” in diameter.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography - windsor leather seats
2016 Range Rover Autobiography – windsor leather seats

The vehicle’s sheer height and weight guarantees security for all passengers on board. Advanced high tech features include a rear view camera, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitors, lane departure warning system, parking assist and plenty more which come standard in the SV Autobiography.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography exterior

The new 2016 Range Rover Autobiography comes with a specially designed front grille that is graphite atlas and chrome finished. It comes with an embedded ‘Range Rover’ logo on it and another lettering SV Autobiography on its tailgate.

Front view of 2016 Range Rover Autobiography
Front view of 2016 Range Rover Autobiography

For the first time, its exterior will be available in duo-tone body colour options which will enable a combination of a variety of nine palette of colours. An official was quoted saying “…..the combination of Santorini Black upper body and nine color choices for the lower body will create a true distinction and individualism”.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography engine

Engine wise, the new 2016 Range Rover Autobiography will come fitted with a powerful supercharged 5L V8 engine which will be able to produce a whopping 539 bhp of towing power which is equivalent to five Ford Fiestas.

This kind of power is mainly found in Italian super cars and it will be able to give the off-roader a top speed of around 150 mph. it will come with four engine options with the smallest being the 3L diesel engine which will make 254 hp and 443 pounds of torque.

A hybrid diesel engine will also be available and will generate 335 hp and 516 pounds of torque. Another one is a 4.4L diesel V8 engine producing 335 hp and 546 pounds of torque. All the aforementioned engines will be mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission unit.

2016 Range Rover Autobiography price and released date

This will be among the top most vehicle anyone could ever wish for in a street cruising adventure. While the 2016 Range Rover Autobiography SV model will come with a price tag starting from 100,000 USD, the Black Edition version will go for sale with a price tag of at least 185,000 USD.

Expect the performance monster to go on sale during this year’s summer.

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